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Corrupt DCFS - Melissa Ealba, Ron Oroz, Loraine Garcia, and Phillip Browning

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on Sun, 02/10/2013 - 16:35
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Corrupt DCFS - Melissa Ealba, Ron Oroz, Loraine Garcia, and Phillip Browning

I am forming this complaint against: ***, Melissa Ealba, Ron Oroz, Loraine Garcia, and Phillip Browning.

I will start with the first visit “this round” as this is not the first time DCFS has involved their selves in my life. Around 7-28-12 I received a call from Melissa Ealba. She would only say it was about my son Phillip. I demanded by phone to know if he was ok. I have cause to worry that he may have been hurt in his father’s (Joshua Blakeney) care as he has numerous controlled substance and DUI charges. He also had a 72 hour mental health hold on 11-25-02, 10 days after becoming a parent.

His live in fiancé Mary Werner has also been convicted of manslaughter in 2005, she had been involved in a DUI accident. Mary Werner is also taking prescription drugs. Both Joshua Blakeney and Mary Werner had substances in their systems on 8-13-12. Melissa Eabla did not inform me the investigation was on myself or would not have been invited to my home. I feel she used trickery to gain access to my home without a warrant.

She had in a sense, Implicated on the phone my son was in immediate need. I thought he was hospitalized by the way she had come across. I have been informed she should not have crossed the county line into Riverside. When she began her “investigation” she passed a sign in my window that states. Live Streamed surveillance in progress smile you are being watched and recorded.

I have posted this sign to warn anyone my house is being recorded, and have been told by law enforcement it is my right as long as there is disclosure of recording in progress. I will send a copy as it is in my files in case I needed to reprint. They stated the camera was outside; this is false. The camera with microphone is located inside my window; the microphone is built into the camera. I will supply a picture of the location.

This brings the statement in the report “I am paranoid because I have a surveillance camera, “Time warner offers the same service to any residents for $33.00 a month. How does this make me paranoid? This is a regular service offered and used, by any resident that cares to use it these days. I would like the statement I am paranoid stricken off of their reports.

The reason I ended the investigation with Melissa Ealba, she mentioned something to do with child care and her foster children. I do not remember exactly what the statement was as I was dumbfounded she admitted to me she was a foster parent. At that point I no longer felt comfortable with her being in my home. I am a former ward of the court and had a very bad experience in foster homes. I was not nice when asking her to leave either. I am not a dishonest person; in fact I have been told I am the honest type.

I knew by 16 these people who “cared for me” actually cared for the mail once a month which contained a nice non-taxable check for the “foster children.” None of which had ever been spent on the kids. This is why I do not like dealing with these services, social workers or any reminder of foster care. I know what they will do with my children if they have the chance. I lived it, 12 foster homes and a group home in a 5 year span.

I fell behind in school and ended up a drop out. I blame the Foster Care System, for not helping to secure a better education for kids, and myself. After her visit I formed a complaint and sent it to the Board of Supervisors Los Angeles County, one to the DA’s Office, and one to Senator Feinstein’s office. This was done 8-3-12. I received a call from Ron Oroz shortly after this had been sent out.

I am not sure on the date as he said “we were through with the investigation,” but never sent a closing letter as he stated he would. I was then refused visitation with my son by his father. Joshua Blakeney stated via text messaging DCFS provided him an affidavit to keep my son from me for visits. I then made a call to the hotline, to report my son’s father for not letting me see him and that my son is a victim of “gas lighting” a clinical term for “brainwashing.”

I have recently discovered the two of my ex’s are doing their best to work against me. One of my ex’s Michael Mc Kinney, pretends to be my friend to gain access to my life- reports what is going on in my life to Joshua Blakeney. They are both aware my husband might be entitled to a large settlement after his accident. My husband has already had taxes of his collected for children he did not father. Both of these men are upset they had to pay court ordered child support.

In my opinion, they are not happy that I am gaining stability, and are taking steps to destroy it by interruption of DCFS investigations. This is a pattern that follows the years I have tried to obtain steady employment to break free from Cal works. They are also both aware that if I am not the main source of income in my household, they can try to garnish my husband’s money.

Michael and Joshua are aware of my health issues and the types of medications required for treatment of my condition. Michael Mc Kinney has even taken me to the hospital due to my spinal issues in 4/06 at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia CA. Michael’s mother Anna Mc Kinney works in that hospital and has access to my medical records, prescription information and I had even requested she stay away from the maternity ward while I gave birth to Kaylynn Mc Kinney but did not respect my request.

The director of the hospital at that time and I had spoken of this issue. Both of my ex’s have family’s that are well off, can afford attorneys and have called me “white trailer trash” on numerous occasions. I cannot seek assistance from parents as a former ward; as they can in their moments of need. Each of these men preyed on my bad situation, due to lack of family.

Anytime I have attempted employment or educational courses, one or the other files a complaint or a couple to DCFS hotlines and an investigation begins. This has happened for far too long. This is why I went to the UK, it was the only way I was able to live in peace, without false calls to DCFS by them. I missed my children and wanted to come back.

My husband agreed and we came back so he could continue with a career as a commercial helicopter pilot. He had started the enlistment process with SGT Tomia located at the recruiting station in the Northridge Mall. It is not his fault he was hit by a truck. This has caused a loss of income, and ability to continue certain paths.

This also brings up the fact that I was the victim of domestic violence by both Michael Mc Kinney and Joshua Blakeney. This is why I did not marry either party. I will not marry a man who is violent. Christopher Martin and I have known each other almost 14 years. He has never called me out of my name, demeaned me, or placed hands on me like the other two had. I am upset they called me the violent one.

I had been protecting myself from these 2 characters on and off. DCFS has called me a criminal but has not provided proof of formal charges against myself. The fathers of my children have both suffered formal charges. I have already explained Joshua’s in an earlier paragraph, Michael Mc Kinney was charged with spousal battery against his ex-wife Alison Mc Kinney(Rex Maiden Name)

The next issue is having medications used against me as I am under physician’s treatment for a spinal cord injury that requires surgery. One of the medications is controversial but I had been cleared in 2002 for use for myself, and they have used it against me once again. The clearance is even mentioned in their reports for 2002. It is for medicinal cannabis and it cannot be used against me further, as I sought clearance and gained clearance since 2002. I would like to know how it is DCFS is using this against me once again. It is considered a medication by Dr Abassi, located in Tarzana CA, who did not even agree with it.

Obviously, if a Doctor who does not agree with the use but had cleared me saw the need for it. I went for a second opinion which is my right correct? I keep a recommendation with me and even police officers have not sited me for my medications. I have never been seized of my medications. Why is it being used against me?
Next *** called to make an appointment for a home visit. She also crossed the county line into Riverside. She had been a couple of hours late so I called the office to see if she was coming at all.

I am now wondering if she had some sort of disciplinary action taken against her for being as late as she had been. This leading to the falsifications of my report.
When she got here, she began to receive personal calls. I could already tell she was not very professional, personal calls and late for an appointment. ** also just left trash on my table, which I immediately picked up to through away.

Being in foster care - gave me a constant need to be clean, as a former ward of the court in foster homes they expect you to clean or babysit. She immediately in a sarcastic tone said “Oh you have a couple of cats.” I said I can put them away if they bother you. She pretended she liked them. If an animal was surrounded by constant screaming, or domestic violence I doubt they would come out to see the new person in the house. My cats are very friendly and outgoing.

This is not a sign of a house that yells all the time. If that was the case they would be hiding and scared of humans. I happen to rescue animals and can tell when one has suffered abuse. I could see that obviously *** had been allergic, as her eyes began to water and turn red, symptoms my son suffers with his allergies. She proceeded to push me to sign a bunch of documents, quickly not really explaining in detail what they were.

She explained in laymen’s terms. Then she began to grill me about my past as a former ward, family, my father, mother brother, and children so quickly I don’t know how she had a thorough investigation to find substantiated evidence of abuse. It is my belief they bring up old wounds from foster care to agitate me before continuing with their investigation.

It is always one of the first matters brought about. She was only here 20 minutes, most of the time looking around my house, to find things to pick at. I had just painted the whole unit on 10-26-12, she falsified and said it was moderately clean. This house had been spotless. I had told her since the duration of being here we have not gotten along well with the managers, and walk on eggshells until my husband’s accident is settled out.

We expressed we would not be here if we had a choice in the matter.

She had also been asked if she wanted copies of my medical information to support the medications I am taking. She refused and told the courts I am a Pill popper, and Alcoholic. She asked if I drink, I replied “Alcohol ruined my life and I do not drink because my mother was killed in a drunken driving accident in 1986.” She lied and called me an alcoholic??? I do not understand how she had the right to file against me after one brief, and I mean brief visit to my home.

I am disabled and had been hospitalized on 4-15-12, 8-2-12, 9-26-12, 10-15-12, and 10-23-12. If you look at the dates of ER trips she saw me less than a week after one said trip. That is five times to the ER this year. I have lost weight and do not feel well and probably look like I feel. I am 32 on a cane, and have been told by physician’s my spine is as bad as a 70 year old.

My physician’s also did not want me out of bed or dealing with stress until 11-15-12 and I have that letter which had been shown to ***.

*** claims I refused to drug test when I told her I will have to speak to my physician’s as far as what my rights are because they have told me numerous times that my medications are protected information via HIPPA, as I grill them for what they prescribe in fear of a label such as *** has provided “pill popper”. I have expressed to my physician’s that DCFS has always tried their best to use my medications against me. She falsified my refusal to drug test. This woman portrays my character as someone I am not at all. I want to know why my medical information was not submitted when she made these horrible accusations.

*** had also been shown video of Mr. Blakeney Binge Drinking. I showed her text that he had been calling me names like “white trailer trash,” and other various names and demeaning statements by my ex Joshua Blakeney. Why did she not refer to this as well?

I feel as though she did not include this as she may have felt Joshua Blakeney’s statement was true of being ”white trailer trash”, due to my husband, self and ***’s ethnicity differences, and I am not rich. My text messages to him where demands to see my son, of course I am human and said some not so savory things as well. My ex Joshua Blakeney had been taunting me about an affidavit provided to him by DCFS, I requested copies of this. DCFS refused they had provided one to Joshua Blakeney at all.

This was asked of Ron Oroz, ***, and Mr.Santa Cruz., Loraina Garcia hides behind her voicemail, every time I have called all I have ever gotten is that.

Another thing I caught *** doing is going beyond what I had approved her to look at in my phone. She was allowed to look at the text messages from Joshua Blakeney and self. She took it upon herself to get into the text messages from Michael Mc Kinney and self as well. Michael and Joshua both have created false reports, as they work together to attempt this.

She did not include the reading of the names I was called in her report, I fear my son is hearing such statements made about me in his presence. **** also told me not to send home anything I buy Phillip which was turned around to make me look like I was attempting to buy him. He had asked in July for a tablet for his birthday. It is not unusual for me to get Phillip things like a Nintendo DS, WII, and other various items requested for birthday’s or Christmas. My husband and I have both purchased clothing for Phillip, but never see him in the good clothes purchased on him, by us.

I was also so told “sandblasting my face wouldn’t work.” I am working on getting a print out of the text messages *** viewed the ones she had permission to, and the ones she did not. I had also informed her on 10-29-12, of a confirmed appointment for surgery consultation on 11-6-12 and an appointment with my primary care on 11-15-12. Why did *** file to strike my rights on 11-9-12 knowing I was setting up my surgery 11-6-12? Is she picking on me because I am disabled?

The three days after my surgery consultation was held? I have still been unable to continue with the requests of the surgeon as I have been dealing with this false report by Glendora Workers.

On 11-14-12 she approached my manager of the complex I live in after I told her I am on eggshells here. I was warned verbally by Carly Sulzman if this worker further involved her she would have me leave. I wrote to the Executive Office on 11-14-12 to notify them of such threats. On 11-17-12, I was served a 30 day notice to terminate tenancy. *** knew I had problems and created a further problem.

I wrote to the Executive Office on 11-17-12. I do not have extended family to stay with, and I will not qualify income wise for another place at this time. I am waiting on a SSI determination. *** was also informed I was waiting an approval, and had a set appointment I could not miss on 11-19-12 at the SSI office. I will probably end up being on the street, no thanks to *** having some sort of conversation with the manager.

I will not be able to continue with medical treatment until I find a stable place. This is causing further damage to my spinal cord. The Executive Office has not replied. I was sent a letter by Phillip Browning about a letter that had been sent on 11-1-12 to his email. This was my son’s Birthday 11-15-12 , it took two weeks to reply to an email? In this letter he encourages me to work with *** and Ron Oroz.

How am I to work with people who are out destroying my good character and purposely leaving out information to paint the picture as they want of me, instead of fact I am under treatment at this time. I think it was another malicious retaliatory act. On my son’s Birthday? They did this because I filed complaints against their services. She also questioned my husband and he will be submitting his own complaint. On 11-14-12 I was not served properly, and I also was not informed of a meeting on 11-15-12

On 11-15-12 @8:15 am I had canceled an appointment to try to visit with my son. *** put in her report I refused, this is another lie. I had told her I would call her the morning of the 15th to schedule a visit. I went ahead and canceled my doctor’s appointment which I cannot gain a new appointment for 2 months, my husband left a message and *** never called back this day or any day after.

In fact she was not even present at the hearing on 11-16-12. She claims she has tried to contact me since the hearing. This is also false. I have not heard from, received a call from Lalisa since 11-14-12. I have received a couple of documents which are post marked 11-26-12. 12 days after the last contact with her. Not once in the span of time was I offered to visit Phillip Blakeney. I did not receive any calls other than one or two from Ron Oroz. One of the calls I had informed him I was in contact with Lynne Condon, he quickly said I’ll have to call you back and hung up on me before I could say anything else. There is also another falsified statement by Lalisa. She claims I said “I feel like I am going to die.” This was twisted from my original statement “All surgeries have risks, I would like to see my son before my surgery in case anything happens. Here are the risk factors for spinal fusion:
Why It Is Done
Surgery is indicated for: A child who has a severe spinal curve that is likely to progress. An adult who has a severe spinal curve that is likely to progress. A person who has a severe spinal curve that continues to progress even after bracing. Other factors considered before surgery include: Age, skeletal age, and status of puberty. Location of the curve. Surgery may be considered in some situations, such as:
An adult who has trouble breathing or who has disabling back pain caused by scoliosis. A very young child who has a severe spinal curve(s). For very young children, the timing of surgery for severe scoliosis is controversial. Some experts believe that surgery should be delayed until the child is at least 10 years old and preferably 12 because surgery stops the growth of the part of the spine that is fused. But in some situations, early surgery can't be avoided.

How Well It Works
Whether surgery is successful depends on many factors, including the flexibility of the curve and the technique that was used. Multiple-hook, multiple-screws (that may also include hooks), and double-rod systems improve the shape of the spine and back as seen from the back and side. The goal of surgery is not a perfectly straight spine but a balanced one, in which fusion prevents the curve from getting worse. After surgery, back pain in adults usually gets better or goes away. Risks of surgery include neurological complications, infection, and lung problems.
Surgery in an adult carries a higher rate of complications and risks than in a child or teen, including blood clots, pseudoarthrosis, infection, and neurological complications. Other risks of surgery Early complications of surgery include the following:
Ileus (lazy bowel) is a common complication after spinal fusion. To treat this complication, the person is not allowed to have any food and drink by mouth until normal bowel function returns, usually within 36 to 72 hours after surgery.
Collapse of a small portion of the lung is a common cause of fever after surgery. Frequent turning of the person and deep breathing and coughing help prevent this. Deep wound infections are rare but may require another surgery. Late complications after surgery include the following: The most common late complications of spinal fusion are pseudoarthrosis and back pain. A rod or instrument that breaks usually indicates a pseudoarthrosis. But if there is no pain and the curve seems stable, a broken rod does not need to be removed. Loss of lumbar lordosis (flat-back syndrome) is characterized by upper back pain, lower neck pain, inability to stand up straight, increasing upper back fatigue with prolonged upright posture, and front thigh and knee pain. Although neurological complications are rare, they can occur. To reduce the risk, most centers use intraoperative electronic monitoring of spinal cord functioning.)
I saw the other family’s with their social workers, letting them interact with their children. My ex would not let me even speak to my child in the court house, although Phillip had attempted to get up to hug me. Phillip was sat back down by his shoulders when he tried to get up for a hug, by Mary Werner and Joshua Blakeney holding his shoulders down. If a worker had witnessed Joshua Blakeney’s action’s maybe they could see he is keeping my son in a state of confusion. My son cannot recall the last time I spanked him, other than what his father had told him. This was the last time I had a talk with my son. He had seen a gun in my safe because he entered my room when he was told to leave. I had been getting a camera out to take pictures of his sister and him. He saw it and asked why I had it. I explained to him it is a mean of protection. It is in case someone where to break in or try to harm us in our home. He asked what the blue thing was on it. I explained it was a gun lock; there is never a “loaded gun” in my home, which is a statement falsified by Melissa Ealba in one report. It is properly and lawfully stored. Lalisa asked to see how it was stored. By this time I had switched the position of the safe to the closet for a not so clear view due to my son seeing the contents one time. The way she had viewed the firearm is how it is always contained.
Lalisa also dug up a report where there were explosive devices disposed of at the end of the report the officer states she can clearly see my husband and self-have medical issues, which cause us to be at doctors a lot. This is the report from 12-14-11. We did not have these on purpose they had been found in a shed after a move from LA to Riverside. If the police who disposed of them thought we had bad intent, they could have charged us. They did not. They found honest people, and our stories had match it was the truth. My husband and I pride ourselves with being honest. My husband is my best friend, we rarely have disagreements. I have a few letters from people who know us, as we are always together. Christopher has always been one of the nicest men I have ever met. In fact after a 10 year friendship, we lost contact for a year or two due to moves. I went to his friend Bart Geisler and asked him to reconnect us. At this time we both decided we wanted to marry each other. I am sorry if other people are not as lucky as I am to have married my best friend, but this gives no one the right to destroy our image.
I was also served improperly, no hearing time or department placed on the documents Lalisa handed me. I could tell there was supposed to be something else along with it, but there were only the staple marks from where it had been. She also supplied me with a disconnected phone number for the court. Ron Oroz contacted me after the hearing on 11-16-12 and was a bit surprised I made it. He asked how I knew to be at court at that time.” I replied “I knew what they were doing by trying to mislead me. I had shown up when the doors opened to the court.” He replied “that wasn’t true” On 11-19-12 Ron Oroz hung up on me when I had informed him I was in contact with Lynne Condon.
Another issue is being referred to as a criminal, I had been arrested a couple of times but NEVER formally charged, and their reports even state no disposition, because there had been no charges. I want the label “criminal” off of their records. The people who have been convicted of crimes, my son is in the care of. Mary Werner and Joshua Blakeney, both have felonies. I have none. Explain to me why Lalisa painted me to be the criminal? The difference is they both come from money, and I do not. If I am guilty of anything it is a lack of family support, as I was considered an orphan and poverty because the foster care system did so little to guide me to a better future.
A fact that even has slipped my mind because I have not been able to even tend to them, are my studies. Lalisa failed to report I am a student at Ashworth College at this time. With the termination of tenancy caused by her conversation with the manager I have been packing, and trying to apply for SSI, I’ve had to search for a home who might accept me, because of credit issues and past evictions, usually right after DCFS has involved their selves in my life. I now wonder if DCFS contacted my other apartment managers as well. This is another way I feel violated, in foster care I fell behind in school due to DCFS antics and now, it is happening again. It is as if these services do not want me to further my education, better my life or have a chance at normalcy at all. Why else are they harming me by interrupting my schooling, my medical care, and outright lying about my husband and self? My form of education should not define who I am. I am in school to become a certified motorcycle/ATV/UTV/Water Craft Technician. Is Lalisa discriminating against me because of the line of education I am seeking? Is there something wrong with the fact that I care to obtain this knowledge? I am gaining this certificate to help my husband try to start a shop. Even if I am not the mechanic, I must know how to answer questions over the phone. It is imperative if I am to be the shop manager. DCFS is impeding on every positive route I attempt. I feel this is bias and because “there’s no way a foster child could become something great right?”
I beat incarceration, drug addiction, and I am fighting to beat the statistics of educational issues foster children face. These are all statistics I looked into in 1996. At that time, only 12% of foster children graduate. I did not want to become the other 88% who ended up in jail, addicted or homeless.
I am truly disappointed as a former ward to see there are still horrible people who trick the system, and work it to their advantage, as these workers are doing. I feel for all the innocent parents who are not like me, who are afraid to stand up and say this is wrong. Instead most take it lying down and jump through hoops DCFS requires, as they hold children in limbo until the requirements are met. I am impoverished because I grew up in such an unstable system. I met a lady in the court who has HIV, and very little time on this earth. She had been getting away from abuse, they took her boy anyways, although she left the situation. Her time is precious and short lived. Do you really think she should have to fight a DCFS battle while she fights for life? Yes. I am that woman who will listen to all the wrongs these other parents have had done to them as well. I tell them fight for a change in this system, or it won’t ever change. Some of us have a firsthand knowledge.
I had been brutalized in the care of DCFS, and know what is happening to innocent children every day. Please someone weed out the real workers, I have found a few good ones. The ones, who saw through false reports, left me with unfounded charges on various occasions. There is seriously something wrong this round. My son’s father has started to instead of making false reports, he reports through the hotline, he is using the system and “gas lighting” my child to believe lies. I have not been able to be present in Phillip’s life as I had been in the UK in 2010, and when I returned my husband had been hit by a truck while riding a motorcycle, on 6-8-11. Christopher just took his boot off less than 6 months ago, and is still recovering. I have spent the last year and a half taking care of him. This year I guess it was my turn to have health issues; I have seen the emergency room enough that the nurses know who I am. Even in the reports my son doesn’t sound so sure he believes what he is saying, and is unsure of recollections. The reason I believe is his father. His father did not have a very close relationship with his mother. He demeaned her in any way he could by calling her a drug addict, abuser, and whatever he could say negative about his own mother. This is what he is teaching my son to do as well. I feel Mr. Blakeney also resents me because I did establish a relationship with Becky; I even lived with her for a period of time. If you view the reports there is a lot left out of what had been turned into the court. One is the investigation 2004. They only displayed 2 false calls when there had been 9 false calls in on week. Why did they only put 2 of the calls? It is my belief they did this to cover up false reporting, and they let me be a victim of repeat false reporting. This is as much of the details I can remember. I do know also when I was served there should have been a lot more information of why I was being put on supervised visits with my son. I did not get the allegations until 11-16-12. Tactics used by Lalisa, so I could not appeal or motion to quash. I apologize for the length of this but I was asked to be as detailed as I could.


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The client is entitled to confidentiality. I advocate for family strengths and child safety. This matter is before the court and your posting does not reflect the confidential court records. The court made a decision which is not being reflected in the article, and inherently, this is the issue.

The families I serve have rights and to be treated with dignity and respect. As a professional social worker, I also desire this same respect. While I do not agree with the opinion, the fact remains that social workers have no power. The COURT has all power and authority and the challenge is compliance with court orders.

Inherent opinions need to be stated as such. This article has fraudulent data and as such, this request to have the article removed. If the desire is to keep it posted, have its author provide you with her confidential report to validate her factual concerns. Until this is done, I formally request the article be removed.