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Australians all let us rejoice's picture
on Fri, 03/29/2013 - 12:34
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

We wonder as parents why we are not listened to when we plead to DoCS/FaCS about being good parents to our children. 

When I saw this, I wondered about the levels of involvement of the press, I have talked about this before on but well this sure makes me wonder that little bit more. Why do the press only investigate and show those cases of parental abuse and exclude the abuses by DoCS/FaCS and the agencies involved in child removal?

I am not sure why someone would want to have/take someone elses baby/child, that is a question that boggles my mind. To me it is as though the child is a commodity. The parents non entities to the whole process, who receive the crumbs if they are lucky.

This picture reminded me of the series Paper Giants, all about Kerry Packer, it featured Ita Buttrose. It was full of drug scenes, and partying, and how Ita was a single mum who ventured out and became a success of her own. There was talk of Ita and Kerry having an affair. So that is then a leading statement about which kind of woman makes it to the top, but hell, I am not one to judge others.

My concern is that I believe that DoCS/FaCS and the government agencies that work with them are involved in activities that are horrendous and leaving a trail of victims who no one listens to because of the way they present, that being as traumatised individuals. These cases are then ignored by police or used as ones under the banner of not coming in good faith. A legal term police use to not investigate cases of sexual assaults, rapes, and well anything really. 

My concern is that there are people with a lot of money to spare that they use for the horrendous activities as mentioned above.