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Canada - My unending nightmare with Olds Child and Family Services Authorities (CFSAs)

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on Mon, 02/18/2013 - 14:55
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Canada -  My unending nightmare with Olds Child and Family Services Authorities (CFSAs)

It's been almost 4 yrs since Olds Child and Family Services Authorities (CFSAs) office went PGO. I would like to bring it to your attention a lot of lies, false reports, laziness etc. Etc. I'm still upset, angry, and hurt by the way I was treated, each day is a struggle to get through without my children.

I feel it's high time you knew what the Olds Child and Family Services Authorities (CFSAs) office has done to me. I know I'm not going to win the mother of the year any century soon. Personally you people should do a background check on people who phone in and gives you the problem or allegations being made against that person. Case in point, I was accused of beating my oldest son and when the allegation was made the old office believed the person

Little do you guys know, but Lloyd white is always drunk. When my brother lived above Kings Chinese restaurant Mr white asked one of my brothers friends who was 14 at the time for sex. When my brother's friend told him what he did my brother went and confronted Mr White. It turned violent really fast Mr white took an axe and tried hurting my brother. When my brother complained to Janet (she and her hubby run a successful Chinese restaurant) she said she was going to evict Mr White but he somehow talked his way out of being evicted,

He's approached me when he and his former common law rose were together. Mr white was beyond drunk and he says to me 'would you like it if me and Rosie had sex in front of you'.

I was beyond creeped out and disgusted. Other incidents occurred while I was preggo with my second son at the time. He'd come romping into my place in his underwear drunk like always.

Fast forward to 2008 I was at home doing the dishes my oldest son was watching cartoons and my second son and daughter were napping, he entered my place without knocking my oldest son Brandon said Lloyd's here mommy. I thought Brandon was kidding until I heard his voice, then he goes right to my bathroom

I started freaking out. He woke up my son Austin and daughter serenity. Brandon asked if he could play outside I said yes let me get your sister ready wait for mommy and then I went upstairs to get my daughter ready.

When I came back downstairs my sons were gone. mr White took them to Brandons friend Austin who lived across the street from me and my kids. I was frantically calling their names as I was searching for them. When I entered the back alley right beside Braeburn estate I heard Brandons voice and I calmed down a little bit and spoke to Brandon privately.

While me and Brandon was talking mr white walls in Brandon's friends' place and used their bathroom from there mr white tried groping Austins mom. She secretly called the police and they arrested him for public intoxication and riding his bike while he was drunk.

After I was accused of beating Brandon he went to stay with my sister since the place I was at was not safe for children. I learned I was pregnant with my son Austin shortly before I gave birth to him. Both me and my sister spoke to the supervisor who told us there was no case file in regards to my oldest son. We both triple checked with the supervisor.

So I had Brandon back in my car when I went into labor with Austin the Olds Child and Family Services Authorities (CFSAs) wanted to apprehend Austin they didn't state the reason why. In 2005 Nov 30 Olds Child and Family Services Authorities (CFSAs) apprehended my sons because of my parents were hoarders. They also used my head against me (I was diagnosed with fibromayalgia I have arthritis in both knees and I'm a migraine sufferer) by saying I wasn't properly taking care of myself the first weekend my sons were gone me,

My sister and some of my friends and my daughters dad came to help me clean when it came to my court hearings, I was told I didn't need to appear and say my piece when I got the t.g.o court documents child. Servs said I wasn't complying with their rules kinda hard to follow their rules on what I needed to do to get my sons back I was told to get some counselling I went to see Dr Wayne Abraham at the old neighborhood place I felt comfortable opening up to his child. The service told me you're still not complying because we didn't approve of mr Abraham to be your counselor.

Shortly before Christmas I was happy I got to hear my sons' voices the foster mom asked me 'what kind of formula is Austin takes?' I was dumbfounded and my sister asked me what was wrong and I told the foster mom he was being breastfed it turns out when I pumped out milk in the hopes Austin would get it he didn't receive it I was livid and I asked the doc. Worker where was the breastmilk you were supposed to take to Austin? And she says to me 'oh well I let it stay here because I didn't feel like driving all that way just to drop off his milk so I left it here at the old office and I let it go bad on purpose by leaving it on top of the fridge

My sister Erin who was present at this meeting was just as mad as I was. In Feb 2006 I became pregnant with my daughter serenity I didn't know I was pregnant with her until I was 23wks and 5days there's something you should know about that with my previous pregnancies I didn't start showing until the third trimester I was also introduced to my sisters ex common law's aunt Kate Westman *god rest her soul she had mastitis and her cancer went into remission but returned and she passed away on her body in 2008*

Who was a child. Servs worker she went over everything I was given about my case she was very disgusted with conjured up nonsense to not give me back my sons she became my advocate and told the old office what they were doing to me was wrong, horribly and crap. While I was pregnant with my daughter I decided to attend parenting classes to better not just myself as a person but more importantly for my children I attended all the classes and I learned a lot from other moms as well who were wonderful towards me and started giving me things for the arrival of my daughter like a crib, little girls clothes and so on.

Shortly before I learned I was pregnant with my daughter child Servs had their own expert to determine if it was safe for my sons to come back into my custody apparently Dr Li was the best in Alberta and he said these kids clearly show that they're happy, and corresponds well with their mom so it's safe for them to be back in her custody. Shortly after that I had a meeting with the old office and it was brought to my attention that Brandon was acting out things he did over at the foster mom I was asked if that was Brandons typical behavior my sister Erin who attended all meetings with me and we both told everyone the truth Brandon has never acted out while he was in my care

When I got my visits with both my sons with me and my sister noticed he was attitude was changing both me and my sister wanted to get him help and it was stated in the supervision order that child. Servs get him the help he needed but they didn't instead I got blamed for their shorter miscomings they also wanted me to see another doctor because they said since I was pregnant with my daughter Dr lai's decision should've been tossed out and declared invalid because being pregnant changes a person's behavior due to the hormone express.

On Oct 10 2007 I went into premature labor with my daughter I knew something was wrong because I started having contractions while I was in a counseling session with deer when we stopped a little early that day I walked home and went to take a nap when I awoke I knew something was wrong so I phoned my dear, who was at home and I explained to him what was going on and he told me to come to the hospital my ex bf Dan drove me to the old hospital

no sooner I stood up I thought my water broke but I was wrong my membranes ruptured and uterus tore from the outside I tried calling my friends and I got ahold of my sister and dan went to go pick her up dr weiderich and dr wray were deciding what to do next I was losing blood and it was agreed I go to red deer dr wray was inside the ambulance with me we were still 15min away and by this time I was saturating those pads and my contractions stopped dead when we arrived at the red deer hospital

I had to have an emergency csection serenity was born at a very decent weight 6pds 13.5 ozs but she wasn't feeding well so she was kept in the nicu I told the nurses to come get me for her feedings because I wanted to breastfeed her but she wasn't feeding well I wanted to stay with my little girl when I was discharged I did not want to leave my little girl it broke my heart I went to go see my daughter and that;s when I was served my papers notifying me that they were apprehending my daughter the reason:

I neglected her as we all know it's the babys decision when they want to make there grand entrance not the parent. shortly after being discharged I had to cancel my visits with my sons when I was well enough to see my sons brandon did his fav. ritual he loved lifting up my shirt and talked to his baby sister I had to pull my shirt down and explain to brandon there was nobody inside me now I explained to him his sister was here. I successfully got my daughter home first the day before she turned a month old I got my sons on the weekends brandon was hurt that only serenity was allowed to come home first. when serenity was 5mths old the olds office closed her file because she was growing,

she was happy they had no reason to keep her file open with my sons that was a whole other story due to there procrastinating brandon never got the help he was supposed to get and child servs were supposed to step up and get my son the help he needed so they kept extending the supervision order on both boys I had to see there physcologist and he prescribed me meds that made me beyond sluggish and under a heavy fog I knew if I stopped taking those meds the olds office would use that against me and take my boys for failure to comply with the supervision order.

when it came to interacting with my kids I'm not a big fan of interacting with my kids in people I don't know I'm very private about my feelings. wjs from red deer came to my house twice a week they hired cleaners to clean up my parents house brandon was in school and would be going to his sunday school teachers house and my sister would be watching my youngest 2 while child servs took me to see there physcologist before cleaning commenced I had a bad feeling about it my step dad told the cleaners don't pile boxes around the furnace and breaker box they ignored my step dads wishes so when

I was about to go home I didn't have serenitys or austins carseats karin said it was ok for me to hold them on my laps I felt very uncomfortable when we arrived back at the house I was happy for what the cleaners did but I knew when my mom step dad and brothers came down for christmas I would get in trouble for what the cleaners did child. servs ok'd the cleaners piling the boxes around the furnace and breaker box. when the fire happened on march 16 2009 child servs threw me under the bus and allowed the fire fighters to drive over me

karin tried denying that her and her supervisor had no clue the boxes were piled way up to the ceiling and the fire marshall had to climb over everything to turn off the breaker box I got blamed for that there are several things wrong starting with the fact I can't life anything heavy due to fibromayalgia things like that would tire me out to fast so karin and her supervisor todd tried denying everything. recently I was informed that because the filter to the furnace was badly cracked atco gas suggested the landlord replace the filter truth is the out of the 11yrs my parents rented that house I only met the landlord once

this guy only cared about money and being a slumlord child servs were supposed to come to the house twice a month the last time they came to the house was a few months before the fire after the fire when me and my sister had meetings again the supervisor said to me 'well we expected wjs to do our jobs for us'. let's also not forget me and my ex dan were accused of smoking dope I don't even smoke ciggerettes both me and my ex wanted to do a drug test and todd said no because it'll make us look bad,

I was also accused of allowing my kids all under the age of 6 to play outside at 2am when it was my neighbors teenage kids I know better then to mistake crazy for stupid by allowing 3 small children outside at that ungodly hour and unsupervised unbeknowst to you and the olds child servs I recorded ALL my meetings I've decided to share my story so no other parent has to go through the horrifying life ruining event because nobody deserves to be robbed of there children you think you're saving kids?

truth is you're not you're scaring them and you guys don't care and you consider that helping them after the fire child. servs took me to another shrink where he determined that because I have trust issues it makes me a high risk to not raise kids after what I've been through with false allegations, by nosey, gossipy, drunken idiots you don't bother to see if these people are playing with a full deck of cards in there heads for brains instead you believe anyone who's i.q. is between a pickle jar and a french fry

I'm not going to go into details about parents who really are awful to there kids and they don't do anything about them until it's to late please be aware that alberta has the highest aprehension reason being is they have a quota to fulfill a hundred kids a month in order to get there paycheque which makes me really wonder how the hell they sleep at night knowing they took kids from a good home just to collect there lousy paycheque interestingly enough when when that lazy moo cow of a social worker who was to lazy to take my sons milk to him

I yelled at that woman so bad I was her first last and only case she quit working for them packed her shit sold her house moved out of olds moved to camrose when it comes to right wing nut jobs alberta takes the cake