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Canada - Child and youth advocate releases reports on system failures

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on Mon, 03/18/2013 - 12:36
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Canada - Child and youth advocate releases reports on system failures

Carol Chafe, Newfoundland and Labrador's Child and Youth Advocate, has released three reports on shocking failures in the province's child welfare system.

Chafe said the problems which led to the failures in the three reports, despite the creation of a new department of Child, Youth and Family Services, still exist today.

"The change itself has not happened, and that's why I feel it's necessary for people to understand, while yes, change takes time and the structure is there, and I know it's going to get better, it's still not better now," said Chafe. "And therefore, children are at risk."

Office of the Child and Youth Advocate Investigation Reports

Three tragic stories

The reports are focused on flaws in the system that allowed the abuse and neglect of children in three separate cases to go undetected.

One report tells the story of the neglect of four children with one child ultimately becoming permanently developmentally delayed.

Another report tells the story of several children who suffered abuse at the hands of their mother over the span of 13 years.

The third report addresses the situation of two families with children who suffered neglect for years, with two children dying and another child injured in a house fire which also killed three adults.

Chafe said those investigations were already under way when she took over the office in 2010.

Lack of communication, says advocate

The biggest failure in each case, Chafe said, was a lack of communication and documentation by social workers.

Chafe said the reports have been presented in a way that the general public can read and understand.

She said she hopes the public release of these reports will push people inside the province's child welfare system to change their practices.

The reports are available on the Child and Youth Advocate's website.