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Bring Them Home! Heartbroken parents fighting for the return of their children

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on Sun, 02/12/2012 - 02:52

Nothing can be worse, to a child or parent who occupied a loving home. It does not take much for the full force of the child protection machine to unleash it's evil upon an unsuspecting family.

Many of the families actually approach the department of community services, social services, human services, child services, DCS, DoCS, DSS, DHS, their name does not stand for what they are.

They are the destruction of families, an evil entity operating unchecked, and unlike any other department, operating without a watch dog, and unanswerable for their actions.

Please contact these families with words of kindness and support. Sign their petitions, contact their local governments. They have absolutely nowhere to turn,
Yours Sincerely,
Michael Borusiewicz.


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Hello me and my husband our fighting to get our kids back. They were removed from the home two months ago and placed with my husbands parents. Then my mother in law wanted  to have my 12 year old daughter check out by a doctor because she had some irritation on her vagina. CPS thought they should remove her from grandparents home .They made a false acusation about my oldest child and  placed my daughter into foster three weeks later after they had proved the allagation was  false .The case worker picking up my daughter and oldest son gets into a car accident and the air bag deployes on my son.[In front of the school] My son has some bruising daughter not harmed.Case worker later when I asked what happened she tells me that if it had happened 2seconds later that my kids could have been T-boned. Then joking about it being a company car.Not comforting at all and this whole case feels like a bunch of  young collage kids with no kids of there own who have  been given the power to remove kids  from there homes for ANY reason. Whether true or not. We miss our kids and want to protect and enforce our rights as parents .Thank you for having this site.Moffit family.

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Welcome to LukesArmy Moffit family...I am sorry you have had to endure this ordeal...First, you are not alone..You have come to the right place for support and some advice. Thank you for sharing your story with us. As you can see by this site, there are quite a few of us who have been sent into this spiral of despaire..

Have you sought legal advice over this...It really dosent surprise me that they were not forthcoming in comfort after the accident. 


AM i right in thinking your children are still in the custody of foster care?


May i also ask what area/country you are in?  

Please have a look around the site as there is a ton of useful information here and you may find some help in the meantime until LukesDad pops in to talk to you...My name is Kirsty and i am the meet and greet wagon!

I also had a child stolen and know what you are going through..

Untill we speak again Moffits, stay safe....x



All the best, 


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A few years ago a caseworker from Strawberry Hills crashed a DoCS vehicle with two children inside.  One child had a broken back and fractured skull, and the other child had two broken legs. The parents weren't even informed.  Furthermore the DoCS worker was not drug and alcohol tested by police.

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Hi, my story is tough to write. i HAD 2 beautiful autistic boyz (nearly 5&6yrs). I am a single parent who succussfuly raised my now 23yr son & 20yr daughter alone. They are stable & my lovely daughter &her hubby are raising their 2 children very well. I found myself at the bottom of my emotional pit of despair. Agencies telling me "we can help u & your boys with 1...2....3.... (computer, special schools etc... )of course, nothing happened. My boyz symptoms were getting worse, my youngest is non verbal & we were experiencing the best autism can throw at us. Then DoCS arrived (many, but at the wrong times in our past) to inform me that my 5yo was touching his penis alot at daycare. ok, I said. "What can I do? "well u better stop him or we'll be getting complaints from parents next!" ok, "What can I do?" Oh, we dont know... THANX Then the special school that was supposed to be organised for master6 to attend this year had no idea what I was talking about when i called them & maybe master5 next year! HUH???? I was told they were enrolled???  They say 1 bloody thing then either nothing occured or Id have to find out everything myself. Remember the pit of despair? By 6th Feb 2012 (me very drunk & perscription medicated) DoCS decided to remove my boyz form my care!!!  I have 2 lousy hours a week in a DoCS office SUPERVISED with my precious boyz. I have a lawyer who spends 90% of our time making sure she gets legal aid, filled the forms, approved, court on 12th April, we met at my latest court apperance, spoke for 8 minutes before she shoved another legal aid paper at me. I have been told by DoCS THE ONLY WAY U WILL HAVE ANY CHANCE WITH UR BOYZ is if u ENTER REHAB!! Done the many many calls & found ONLY1 that will accept me! They have no room for a couple of months. DoCS agreed they will transport my boyz 250ks every week to maimtain contact in rehab. (that is so unfair on them, they dont travel well) I will jump thru burning rings of fire if thats what DoCS want me to, NOT MY BOYZ. Now I just found out their sperm donor, who lost all parental rights in ACT Family Court just months ago, (who is also facing some serious weapons charges) has been INVITED by DoCS to visit the boyz (he  has NEVER had time with them, nor seen them in 3years!! Im so lost & confused, extremely sad, missing my boyz so hard my soul aches for them!!  I have kept away from alcohol, ordered my GP to NOT perscribe to me again, I need some advice please & Im prepared to answer any questions truthfully, I cant see any light at the end of the tunnel since DoCS in their wisdom let my boyz (recorded sexual abuse, guns, recorded physical threats to us before i left him while pregnant to Master5)

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Hi there, i am reading your story now...I will get back to you ASAP....x.x.x



Ok...Phew mate. ...You must be in a state..

.First your wellbeing is very important at the moment..Are you sure you can go off your prescriptions?..Give the grog away first if you need your must look after yourself...Its very easy to let go when this stuff happens...Is the medication necessary?

Its an absolute farce that they have invited your ex husband/partner to get involved with them..

If you need immediate support and would like to meet others who are in similar positions to you please go to:

There you will meet LukesDad, the founder of this site.

Thank you for sharing your are not alone. 

Please check this site often for updates and comment/suggestions for this post.

All the best and stay strong...I can re-post this on the above facebook site to save you doing it if you like?

All the best, 


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they kidnapped our three children  last friday night now we go to court on the18th of june 2012 their paperwork is full of outright lies and misstatements its june 12th now and i dont even know who my court appointed lawyer is they gave me two names i called they said they knew nothing about it  we are poor and that equals in maine to no justiceat all dhhs rules this state with an iron hand they lie and use missleading documents and false claims the dhhs worker told me that i couldnt talk to my boys in her presence i told her it wasmy house i could  we homeschool and the childrens mother has lung disease and they took our children because of this and i yelled at the social worker .

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Don't ever give up! Fighting for your children is the only thing to do. Docs are the dregs of uni they are trying to save children but need to take a look At themselves . They are C***S . They have no clue don't check facts and are power trippers .

I to had my children taken in July 2005 . The people who made up The notices about me are the ones they spoke to to get evidence. My family railroaded me . I was asked to write lists of people who could verify everything I was saying was the truth. Docs never spoke to anyone on my list .

I had bad legal advice at the time and was told to take the order get my boys back in a year and move on, the court system Is too slow. How wrong I was to do that .i was due to get my boys home and then was told they wanted to keep them until they were 18 .

This time I went to trial. Many court ordered conferences and meetings with docs and I and they were adamant I was not getting my boys back . The trial Day July 2 2007 cost $10 000 which had to Be paid in advance to my lawyer and barrister. The night before the trial the barrister for docs said that they didn't have a case and there was no evidence to keep my children from me .

Those docs c***s had no case . We all Signed a deal and my boys were to be home within months but they never gave them back. I never did the wrong thing, I never did what I was accused of doing and I never admitted to Anything I didn't do.

They want you to say you've been bad and it won't happen again. My eldest. Son came home in '08 but my other son wouldn't, he still lives with my parents . I cried for years, the distress it caused is heart wrenching . They split my family up and have caused soul damage to my children. I've thought of writing a book and I just might .

My story is no different to any I Have been reading . They don't check Facts and treat us parents like dirt. So To all of you ugly lowlife owner tripping loser c***s who work for docs . You have no life skills and you have a lot to answer for .

To all of you parents who have had your children kidnapped . Keep fighting never ever give up and play their stupid game, tell them what they want to hear and get your children back .

Go to trial immediately they need evidence in a courtroom Not just heresay and gossip from their incompetent workers . Get all your files from freedom of information and take them on.

When I obtained my files there were accusations that came from case workers emailing each other, making comments about me that we're false and even commenting that there was no evidence to make that comment.

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Over the past 11 years I have been falsely accused of abuse or neglect, never based on anything four of five of my children have been taken from me and my famiy.  My fifth chid is ten month old and his safety with me has already been threatened numerous times.  Thoughts about where my children are and who is caring for them are never out of my mind.  I am fighting this system the best I can, on my own and alone, not with a legal education or even any money.  I would appreciate any advice, guidance BEFORE my children are hurt further by CPS.


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I have collected the helpful links, people and information I come across for parents who are fighting CPS for the return of their children, there is also a Luke's Army support group on facebook, and I have also started forwarding parents dealing with CPS in the United States onto Robert Coleman.

I hope this can be of assistance to you Cynthia. Thankyou for posting some of your story on the site, please keep us updated and let me know if there is any more I can do for you. So sorry you and your children are having to deal with the evil vermin that is CPS.

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Please Help.

I shot this video of my DSS worker passed out on drugs because she insisted I'm such a danger to my children that my visits need to be "supervised". I have 3 eyewitness video interviews of neighbors who frequently saw this. I have one letter from another witness. And this had been going on for almost an entire year of her sleeping in my living room on my sofa or in her car in the driveway. Since I released this video DSS has since court ordered me to consouling twice a week in charlotte. I'm court ordered NOT to wear t shirts that say "Send Edi and Ray Holmer Home" even though it directly violates my first amendment rights. They have lied and been extreamly neglegent throughout this case. I belive this video to be proof of that...

Please help me.

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Your video seems to be missing.  Maybe you could post it here?

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We have been fighting for three years to get our children home. Children Serves cam to the hospital and took them from us with in three days of them being born, Our daughter turned 2 Sabrna and we have two sons named Thomas and Seth. 1& 5 months old.
We have done everything to get our children home from the being.
We have done counceloring, therapy, psy eval.X3 parenting, realationship, angre managemment classes that was not court ordered we done it for us as a family. We addented all the doctors appoinments,visitations,etc. We have completed the case plans over and over again,they accused us of being homeless yet we have had a homeeverytime, accused my a alcholic even though I dont drink, Cause of my fathers an alcholic I am gona be. Using my soon to be wifes past of being abused while she was growning up in Kentucky by her bio;parents and wasadapted out at 13. Took two of her past children before wemet away for the history of abused . Then took ours cause of the same.
Elizabeth was a young girl that was not raised right in Kentucky. She was ding it all alone, No support. She was trying her hardest to be the mother hers was nt. Children serves took her hildren do to her grandmother accidentally burning her ssons hand by a stove. A pot on astove was hot the child reached out casue of her grandmother in a wheelchair was holding the child. Elizabeth asked herto give her child to her bus she said she can do it. The child was burnt, Elizabeth wanted to rake the child to the hospital but her grandmother threatened her that she and her would be arrested. Elizabeth took the child anyway for the hospital to take her son for neglect. Even though she didnt perposly do harm to her child, Her grandmother admitted that she did the harm not her in court, They put her children in adaption.
After 15 years she finally gets back with me. I take her away from the abuse of her x boyfriend had her move in with me. I knew of her past abuse of what she told me, So I waited fo her to come to me and want a relationship. We were together for about a year. We had our child. The courts took her out of the hospital.
How can children serves use a persons past that was of 15 years prior of us being together to take our children away? They are to blame for not putting her into counceloring, therapy when she was adapted or put into fostercare to give her the help that she needed to deal with and move on from the hellish past she had. They put a bandaid over years of abused and negect and left the wound to be ripped open for her to be abused again. Throwing a wounded animal back to the prey to tear her open again.They never protected her from the abuse. They took the grant money from the tax payers and used it for not the right reasoning .. If they would of done this at the age of six, None of her past would o been the issue. If they care so much about the children why didnt they care enough to get her the help she neede like I did. It didnt cost me a dime but of love. I showed her the way to heal, helped her to and gave her what they never did. They have tried to destroy our realtionship by trying to have her go to a battered woman center lie on me stating I was abusing emotionally and physically and sexually. Take her out a devoted realationship with a man that has gave her a new purpose of life,a family and a person that loves an cares for her unconditionally. I have worked with her from the being, guided her from all the nights of crying herself to sleep, getting her into counceloring and still being here beside her as a man should to fight for his family. Not to throw her back out into the cruel would as children serves did to be abused again. I love her for her not of her past. I excepted her past and watched her become a beautiful little woman thats wants her children home. Shes a good mother,devoted to her children, The system does not care about the healthy things that have changed in the parents as they are together they look at all the negitive things to destroy the structure of a family. The rules and laws of children serves need to changes to keep children serves from getting the grant money to sell our children. They make billions on taking breaking up families, lieing to keep the children and destroying all the structure of a realationship and family. They have more rights to destroy a family by using the rules of the reasoning of children serves, breaking the rules,lieing,misusing the system as they do its a matter that we the people of the United states should not have to go through. The congress and president should make tougher regulations and rules they have to go by, Or have serious concerquense to suffer. I want to see no one else have to go through the hell of fighting for your children as we have.
On the 29 th of this month we have our fist day in trial. Then the 30th of Aug. I have been working on the case plan finding all the lies, and the issues that needto be addressed and I have to deal with the caseworkers that are taught how to use the system,to take our children. They have training cources at the center were they are taught to use and abuse the system.

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Hi my name is Stephen Stuart, I am a father to 2 children and both myself and my wife have disabilities and when our son was born just over 3 months ago Families SA took both our new born son and our 2 year old daughter saying that we are unfit to look after their needs and they also have been told by my wife's so called cousin that isn't even related to her by any form that my wife wakes our daughter up in the middle of the night just to play with her and that there is domestic voilence in the household.

We only woke our daughter up to change her bottom so she didn't wet through and wet the bed and there is no domestic voilence of any sort in the household and now we are going to trial over it all and the main reason that is is because the judge is confused with the fact that there are two reports from mental health doctors saying different things and I'm hoping that we win and get our children back.

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Hi Stephen, so sorry to hear what you are going through. There is now a section in the forums on this site specifically for help for parents dealing with families SA if you would like to ask there for support and advice? Thankyou so much for posting on the site and I hope we can help you in some way.

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My son Kash was taken from me may this year after i contacted them with my worries... after taking my son secretly while he was playing and i was in the interview room they have done nothing but hate on everythig i do. Im 22 im a single mum,my lawyer is Peter Braine and i have had 4-5 case workers in 3-4 months. I have been cut off from visits to my son and now noone rings me, answers me or posts to me. I have started work recently, also enrolled in a positive lifestyles course, quit drugs, got stable housing and put my abusive bf in jail..................WHAT DO I DO??? Im not coping im scared and worried about my son and myself

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What  you  just recently  done for  you  and  your baby is beautiful,  and  thanks  again  for  share it,  I  just  writting  for  you  again   as  is  important  to  let  you  know please  just  do  not  panic  with  that  cruel s ilence, from  this  Departament,  BECAUSE  that  is  what  this  Departament want, they are disgusting.  BUT LETS FOCUS HERE.  Pro-bono solicitor  are  good. I  am not  too  sure  how  you  go  with you  solicitor. BUT  IN  FRONT  OF  ALL  OF  THAT IS  YOU.  YOU  ARE  IMPORTANT  HERE.  YOU  AS  A  MOTHER,  YOU  ARE  NOT  ALONE,  MY HEART  IS  YOU  TOO.   I  SUPPORT YOU  ACTION.  PLEASE  I  BEGGING  YOU  TO  TRY  TO  KEEP  YOU  STABILITY,  THAT  WILL  HELP,  I  WILL  LOVE TO  SEE  YOU  FURTHER.   JUST  IN  CASE.  not  sure  if  this  will  help  but take  this in  case : Agnes Mazur Solicitor-Child Protection  phone: 07-3012-9100  address:2A 1 exile-house-181 elizabeth st Brisbane.  As  far  i  understant  she  win  a  lot  of  cases  on  child  protection, and  she  is very  strong,  well  thats  is what  i  heard. you  can  also  call  Law society,  she  has  done pro-bonos,  in  the  past. So  thats  means  you  no need  to  stress  about  the  money.   BUT  AGAIN  IN  FRONT  OF  ALL  OF  THAT.  IS  YOU,   IF  YOU  SEE  ALL  YOU  BABY  WANT  IS YOU,  ALL  YOU  BABY  NEED  IS  YOU, AND YOU  NEED  IS  YOU  RIGTH  NOW,  BE  STRONG.  YOU  BABY  KNOW  YOU  CAN  DO.  YOU  KNOW  YOU  CAN  DO.  with the heart  and  support  from  other mothers,  we  love  you.   

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the mrons at facs took my kids under the guise of medical mistretament claiming that the docotors were over medicationg and i was mistreating my children under misinfomred medical advice and the usual bullshiut that docs come up with so how come is then if the doctors were so wrong or i was wrong in listening to them that the same office that made all theses allegations has at least half thier staff that i know about attend the exact smane docotrs practice that i do and that my kids were treated under

that leads to to make 2 conclussions eithers the doctors are ev erything the department alledges them to be in which case the FaCS workers are all druggies and cuckoos or the doctors are perefectly fine and competent which i know them to be in which case the lying bastards at FaCs has no justifiable reason for removing my kids and they are just negligent lying bastrds who kidnapped my babies and should be behind bars for their crimes 

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Not a day seems to go buy when they don't come up with some ridiculous new method to steal children and ruin their lives forever.

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I am sorry for your loss I also am fighting DHS here in ok they have costed us a lot so far I cant afford a lawyer all i have is a public pretender that is on their side it seems for the most part DHS all but kicked in my door to take my kids they threatened me they have lied to me it is un constitutional what they have done to my family they have gone against my wishes my religon where do we as citizens of the USA stand where do we draw the line how can we get what is wrightfully ours this dictactiorship they have act as if they are God himself I want the world to know how i feel i love my kids whith all i am i have photos of them with marks they have gotten while in states care our oldest has spent a week in icu while in OKDHS's care i will fight them till my last breath i logged on here and joined you studying law and felt bad for you and what the sobs did to you my name is Edward E Becker

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 A bit over 2 months ago DHS decided that after 2 years my one and only daughter was not safe in the care  of my partner and my self due to some threats by a 3rd  party.We apealed in 5 seconds flat and won temp. custody from the supreme court. 7 days later the supreme court judge ruled that while he accepted that 'the parents of this child has done everything in thier power keep this child safe there are to many what if's. and placed her into protective custody. He granted us visitation 5 days a week at our own home for 3 hours. A court date was set and we were promised by our DHS worker that our daughter would be returned to us. Not just told but PROMISED. 2 days before court we were handed papers by DHS stating that they were going for a custody order. On the day of court DHS got an adjournment because thier witness was ill so my beautiful little girl had to be away from mum and dad for another month. DHS are trying to claim I am violent yet I have no violet history,no criminal record and my parter and I have no damestic history. An AVO has been put in place for the third party and he knows if he so much as looks at my partner or daughter he will be thrown back in jail. We get our days in court next week and Im just hoping and praying the judge can see through these lying DHS filth because DHS are just about extra funding on getting another win. Michael my heart goes out to you my partner lost her 2and a half year old son to his drug addict father and the low life got 5 years KEEP THE FAITH AND FIGHT LIKE A BRAVE