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Baby stealers want no repercussions for their corruption and child abuse

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on Wed, 08/15/2012 - 10:01
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Note: What does this mean? DoCS are starting to be exposed for their crimes and need more laws to hide their corruption? Will web sites like Luke's Army be taken down and people like myself persecuted for exposing these animals? Clean up your own back yard first and stop blaming parents for everything.

Inquiry told of parents death threats to child protection staff

An inquiry into Queensland's child protection system has heard child safety officers are regularly assaulted by parents and subjected to death threats.

Youth advocates say the state's child protection system is in crisis and in urgent need of reform.

The Commission of Inquiry is conducting a full review of procedures, to chart services for the next decade.

The inquiry has heard there were about 8,000 children in out-of-home care last financial year.

The executive director of Queensland's Child Safety Department, Brad Swan, told today's hearing child safety officers are forced to deal with complex situations every day.

Mr Swan said they face a difficult task, dealing with young people who have been severely abused or traumatised in their parents' care.

He said officers are being regularly assaulted by parents and subjected to death threats and stalking.

The commission will hold hearings in Brisbane for the next three weeks before moving to regional areas.


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was just gunna blog on this, can u believe it Michael?

wat a crock!!!

The CEO tells the inquiry all about an Aboriginal child abused by his parents until his teens and now he is doing so much better!

What an absolute deflection! The inquirey is about how you and the rest of us have been treated isnt it?

What about how they have abused us?

We all know that there's people out their who abuse kids. We get it!!!

This is not meant to be a blab fest of we looked after this one and that one.

This is about your child and many others dying because the DEPARTMENT has been negligent and the repercussions of their negligence. Not ours.

Isn't it?

How do we ever make blind men see?????????????

Arrogant men see beyond themselves??????????????

Rid a country of the US and THEM mentality??????????

The inquiry is allowing them to offer more insults and abuse to traumatised people, this is about the wrongs in the system, not how they "saved" one kid at the expense of thousands...............

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Yep, it has turned into nothing but another cover up with docs summonsed experts blabbing their lies and telling us how perfect their system is

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So sorry they don't wanna know.

They are a bunch of cants...

We cant listen to the parents!

We cant give your kids back!

We cant help the kids who need it!

We cant survive without our incomes from trafficing in your kids!

We cant care less about how you feel about it!

We cant care less about how your kids are feeling!

We cant  care less about any one elses mental health except our our!

cant cant cant cant cants

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... if there were no parents with kids to pick on, they'd have to get real jobs. Maybe even jobs without the government to sue if they lost their employment. No stop-gap. No security. No-one to sue and no-one to bully. Shock horror.

instead... Its all about security. As long as people procreate there'll be kids to hold ransom to justify their jobs. Plain and simple. 


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Anytime we see an injustice, or should we say mostly whenever govt endorsed captive involuntary recipients of 'services' are maligned (which is often) always remember Luke, and always remember that just because some statutes represent the law as it stands at the moment doesn't necessarily mean that it's right or moral or ethical or justifiable.

In thirty years or so, there'll be the obligatory 'apology' from the govt at that time to people like Michael. Until then remember that the law is changeable and that it is NOT always 'right'- just that we have to work within the statutory framework at any given point. And Luke's time will come. 

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Thankyou Kimba, I will never stop exposing the corruption in DoCS, and they will never stop the corruption so our numbers can only grow.

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This is the new stolen generation- kids 10x more likely to suffer in foster 'care'. Sure there are some fantastic carers and no doubt there are some dubious parents, few and far between the plethora of great parents entrapped within the malaise.

We are always being reminded by the militariat to accept people with differences and to help the abused stand up for themselves... then people are hit over the head for being different (think of how autistic kids are the classic 'square pegs' being 'molded' to fit into the 'round hole of society'), and the abused are revictimised and given the 'stupid treatment' when they DO stand up for themselves...

The dichotomy of such an adversarial society reminds one of the snake which devours it's tail...  social engineering at the worst and most flagrant. Something will 'give' and sooner or later it will be that we look back upon this time as a dim age of social regression.