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Baby Bree - Stolen by CPS because parents are medicinal marijuana users

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on Sun, 10/27/2013 - 02:30
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Baby Bree - Stolen by CPS because parents are medicinal marijuana users
CPS stole my infant daughter because my husband and I choose a natural medicine over pharmaceuticals. Share and stop this injustice from happening again!

Visit the official "Free Bree" website and help stop CPS removing children from parents who are medicinal marijuana users

After the State of Michigan violated the People's initiative to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes by removing 6-month-old Bree from my home, the community is fighting back.

Bree was in no danger, I was not using my medicine during the time I've been breastfeeding, and the children cannot access the medicine or the plants. Help us stand in solidarity to tell the State to stop stealing the children of sick people! Honor our Laws!

California Court Rules Medical Marijuana Is No Reason To Take A Child Away

Attorney: Baby Bree to go home to marijuana-growing parents

Attorneys for Steve and Maria Green say their 7-month-old daughter, Bree, could be coming home soon as charges against them are being dropped.
Child Protective Services took the baby more than a month ago after learning the parents had a license to grow medical marijuana.
At the time a state referee said the family's Lansing home was dangerous because the couple grow and use medical marijuana in front of Bree and an older sibling.

The couple argued they legally grow the drug to treat Steve's epilepsy and Maria's multiple sclerosis.

Maria joined a recent Let It Rip panel here on Fox 2 and admitted to having used the drug in the past to treat her multiple sclerosis, but that she has not smoked it since getting pregnant and giving birth to Bree.

Now charges that they violated the state's medical marijuana act are being dropped.  

The Green's must agree to in-home visits and parenting classes, but they say Bree could be home as early as this week.

A judge will review the case in 30-days.

(WJBK) -

After almost two months of waiting, the moment Steve and Maria Green have hoped for is finally happening: their now 8-month-old daughter, Bree, is coming home.

"Bree will be in her own bed tonight, and we will be able to read to her tonight and hold her and love her," Steve Green

Friday after Ingham County court a compromise was struck with Child Protective Services that prevented a trial and granted the Green's custody of their daughter. The parents agreed to a 30-day period of in-home parenting sessions and a review in January.

"As long as we can be reasonable, and they can be reasonable, then this will all go away," Maria Green says.

Bree was removed from the home after a court referee deemed the home too dangerous, believing the marijuana grown inside to treat Steve's multiple sclerosis promoted theft. The Green's have a license to grow and use medical marijuana.