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Ayn van Dyk

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on Mon, 05/13/2013 - 06:38
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Ayn van Dyk

Ayn Van Dyk stolen from her mommy and daddy by child protection. This autistic child needs to be returned to the love and protection of her dad.

These people have no conscience, whatsoever. This is the last Dad who should have lost any of his kids. Ayn Van Dyk was ordered back to her Dad on November 30th. Still hasn't been returned.

Ayn van Dyk, you're a lucky girl. I saw this photo and thought what a wonderful thing for a daddy to do, Ayn van Dyk your daddy loves you.

Derek is a real good guy. I watched him take care of his other autistic son at the Vancouver children's hospital for two days. So much love for all his kids. Unbelievable patience and just the friendliest guy I think I have met. His oldest son who is not disabled has such a good relationship with him. It was sad to see the look in his eyes when he talked about Ayn Van Dyk, his daughter.

Ayn Van Dyk is one of many children who have been legally kidnapped world wide. Ordered by the courts to be returned only to be ignored by the child protection agencies. This child was taken after wandering out of the yard one day. A frantic father called police, but all was ok when Ayn Van Dyk was soon found and returned to her daddy's loving arms.

That should have been the end of it, but child protection authorities saw this as and excuse to remove this nine year old autistic child, and two years later they have still not given her back, even though she was never abused.

Bring Ayn Van Dyk Home

Your daddy loves you Ayn Van Dyk.


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Ayn, sweetheart, your daddy loves you. Your brothers, Wyatt and Lyric miss you so much. They all want you home. They are trying and will come as soon as they can. Hugs & Kisses
~your friend~

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How disgusting that they should do this to Ayn Van Dyke and her family. These are nothing but predators preying upon innocent young children.

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Very little can be updated about Ayn Van Dyk's case at this juncture; however, I can relay that a new social-worker will be taking over the case on Monday.
At this point, there is nothing that should prevent the reunion of Ayn Van Dyk with her family. Trevor is correct, on November 30th, just days before the case was to reach court, MCFD (British Coumbia's acronym for DOCS) indicated that no protection concerns existed and that reunification was the plan of action...
Here we are in May (next month will mark 2 years that Ayn Van Dyk has been separated from a father who not only loves her, but is an expert in Autism issues.
A man who puts the needs of his children above all else.) As an observer of this family, it literally breaks my heart personally to witness the injustice they have been subjected to.
Bring Ayn Van Dyk Home.
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Thanks Velvet. I think everyone here knows exactly how this poor dad feels, most of us have been through it or are going through it. A sense of bewilderment at how a bunch of dead set nasty, clueless, government endorsed predators who come into a strangers home and unleash devastation. How do they get away with it???? Because there is absolutely nowhere to turn, and no one you can trust.

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Wanted to give a quick update. As a result of a meeting on Thursday, my visits have been increased to 3 times a week. Though this process is painfully slow, this is the first time I have been able to see my daughter this often since she's been in the foster system. Visits are now Wednesday 3-6, Saturday 9-1, and Sunday 1-6. Ayn and I are still waiting for our sleep-overs. I'm still advocating to spend as much time with my daughter as possible.

Yesterday, Ayn was in a very happy mood. She was requesting more social interaction from me than usual. She sought out a lot of tickles and actively engaged with me more than she would most of the time. Ayn enjoys her time here. We talked about the fact that she would be coming 3 times a week. She told me she wanted a sleep over to which I responded that I do too, mommy's working on it. She then suggested 4 days. I said that was a good idea, but isn't 3 days great? She agreed.

As of May 1st, there will be a new social worker. I find this very disturbing for a variety of reasons. Ayn's case is very unique. It always takes a while for a new social worker to get up to speed.

Meet and greets with social workers can be very stressful. I have to go through the process of proving myself over and over again, I believe this will be the 7th social worker to take the caseload. I've been asked to consent to criminal record checks at least 5 times though I have offered upon being told of its necessity from the day she was taken away. My boyfriend has been asked at least twice. My roommate has done one as well. I'm hoping this time the information will remain on file as I am not a criminal nor do I associate with criminals.

As time has progressed, I have been able to have a more open dialogue with the foster parent. I have been kept better in the loop in the recent past. We are putting together a communication template so that I will have a better idea of Ayn's disposition and the circumstances leading up to my visits. We occasionally communicate via text and as of Thursday, email. Another small step in the right direction.