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Australia The 10th Best Place To Be A Mother: Except When DoCS takes Your Child

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on Sun, 05/12/2013 - 14:22
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Australia The 10th Best Place To Be A Mother: Except When DoCS takes Your Child

Australia The 10th Best Place To Be A Mother: Except When DoCS takes Your Child

I saw this on the news media the other night. What an amazing place to give birth, one of the safest places on Earth to give birth but unfortunately it is not safe for those of us who have been targeted by DoCS.

If you have been targeted by DoCS you are at risk when giving birth of having your child removed from the maternity ward on delivery. They say no more Stolen Generations and no more Adoptive Practices of the Past, but when the government says this they are actually doing the same thing and creating the New Stolen Generation By DoCS right now on Mothers Day 2013.

I am appalled to think that in 2012 babies are being taken from maternity wards. It is disgusting and a highly charged emotional subject that no one wants to know about or report in the mainstream media.

The fact that we are becoming the media means that we will expose the Child Protection Industry and we will use all our resources to do this, we are here to tell your story and you are safe with us. You are not alone. You are not safe to give birth in Australia if you are known to DoCS or FaCS or any other Department of Community Services Corportate Group in Australia that is being run by the States.

The Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS NSW) in Australia wants to destroy people who have already had trauma in their lives. From being molested as a child to being neglected or even some simple issue you may have had, anything, any reason is a good enough reason to blow your story out of proportion or to intervene in your family situation and to remove a child. It could even be that your child is disabled and you need some help. Help seems to come in the form of removal of the child 

This is because the Child Protection Industry, here in my state known as FaCS NSW or as others have been exposed to it NSW DoCS is a for profit organisation, run by government and organising a child profiteering ring that encompases funding from the State and Federal Government. The funding train also rolls out funding to multiple church and other NGO's to support foster care situations, often leaving the exhausted and devasted parents behind and asking why they asked for help in the first place. When help comes in the form of removal something is seriously wrong with the Child Protection System.

Australia the 10th best place to be a mother: report

Australia has been ranked as the 10th best country to be a mother in a new report by charity Save The Children.

Researchers assessed the health, educational, economic and political conditions for mothers and children in 176 countries as part of the Australian charity's annual State of the World's Mothers report.

Scandinavian countries topped the list this year, with Finland coming in first place, followed by Sweden, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Australia is the only non-European country listed in the top 10.

Save the Children's Annie Bodmar-Roy says there is not much separating the top 10 countries.

"You can think about it like an Olympic race," she said.

"The person who comes in second, third and fourth are half-seconds behind the person who comes in first so it's a very small difference.

"But really I think what we need to look at for Australia is access to education and health for all different groups across the country.

"It would make a difference in getting us back up there."

The United Kingdom is 23rd and the United States is 30th. The Democratic Republic of Congo came in last, behind Somalia and Sierra Leone.

Aussie mums by the numbers

Median age at childbirth: 30.6 years (in 2001, 30 years)

Number of registered births: 301,617

Babies per women: 1.9

Sets of twins: 4,498

Triplets or higher multiples: 62

Pregnant women entitled to paid maternity leave: 151,200

Pregnant women who took paid maternity leave: 131,544

Working mothers reliant on grandparents for child care: 27 per cent

Source: ABS, 2011 statistics


Save The Children says countries in sub-Saharan Africa need better health care and improved educational standards so women can make healthier lifestyle choices.

"One way to invest in women and girls is to invest in the survival and well-being of their children, and the recent story of child survival is terrific nearly any way you look at it," Melinda Gates wrote in the report's foreword.

"Each year, 3 million newborns die."

The report says more than 1 million of those deaths happen on the first day of life, mostly due to preventable causes such as infection.

One of its key recommendations is to target the underlying causes of newborn deaths, especially gender inequality.

"When mothers are strong and stable - physically, financially and socially - their children are more likely to survive and thrive," the report said.

"Educated girls tend to marry later and begin childbearing later in life, when their bodies are more fully developed.

"They are also more likely to make healthy choices for themselves and their babies."

The report recommends a raft of low-cost treatments like basic antiseptic to prevent deadly infections and antenatal steroids to help premature babies breathe

ABC News


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Thank you mate, I loved the video, it was most excellent.

Happy Mothers Day to the scumbag social works!