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Angel Eyes Over Texas CPS Reform Group

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on Tue, 07/03/2012 - 03:35

I have associated myself with a very fine group of men and women who formed a group here called Angel Eyes Over Texas under the watchful eye of Mr. Jim Black. This group works tirelessly to improve the operation of the CPS and demonstrates a single mindedness that is needed if we are ever going to turn this thing around.

As I have pointed out on many occasions my personal battle with CPS is over. I lost. However, I rest in the knowledge that my five beautiful grandchildren are safe, and they will grow up with family and each other. This is no pat on the back for the CPS. That organization did everything humanly possible to obliterate our family. At the final point Jackie and I hugged each other and realized we were at the Alamo, and someone else would win this war. We gave the CPS their pound of flesh and they ran off, foaming at the mouth. The babies are safe!

During our fight we learned a lot. I began to write essays and hopefully won a few hearts and minds out there who previously had no idea of the internal operation of the so-call Child Protective Services. I, like most people, believed at one point that if CPS came into your life there had to be a reason. I discovered the first of many flaws within the system. Anyone at any time can call a CPS hotline, make any accusation, no matter how ridiculous, and the CPS will come running like a pack of wild dogs because "It's all about the children!". And when they recite that mantra most normal, decent people will accept it and think that it must be all good, after all, it's all about the children. That is until they correct a child at a grocery store and the CPS shows up at THEIR door, and all the neighbors are saying, "There MUST be something! The CPS doesn't just come out for no reason."

But there is a reason friends. It is called perpetuation of the bureaucracy. All good ideas start with a single purpose. Let's pave all these gravel roads so Grandma can get the grandkids to church easier Yeah! Great idea, right? Hey, let's make roads going from state to state that run all the same so folks can drive all over America with ease. Fantastic! Hey, Washington, why don't you chime in with a few bucks and we'll even call em defense highways so the Army can ship men and materials from post to post. Damn! I feel safer already. Now let regulate the crap out of the truckers so the price of toilette paper goes through the roof and, as an added attraction tell the states how to run their local schools or we will pull back those federal highway funds they've grown to love so much. Wow! What happened to the original idea of helping grandma get to church?

CPS is like that. What started out as a pretty decent idea, just make sure some farmer doesn't beat his three year old in the face with a knotted plow line grew and grew until some clerk walks into your home and removes your child because the kitchen floor has dog poo on it. In central Texas there was an experiment. Law enforcement took it upon themselves to accompany ever CPS worker on every visit. The experiment failed people. I have spoken with men and women who were involved and they told me that when they went into a home, frankly they didn't know who to arrest. They had to sit idly by and watch outright felonies be committed by state employees or just leave. They finally gave up in disgust and left. I have yet to speak in private to anyone in law enforcement who has anything good to say about the CPS. Fact!

Jim and his group are working hard to turn this around. It won't be easy. The CPS is monster corporation that feeds on human misery. It doesn't make anything, it doesn't heal it divides and conquers. The people who reside within its confides have grown fat on state and federal funding. these people don't want the system to change because they are fat, dumb, and happy and when anyone raises a finger to stop them they will play the chess game with you children as pawns because, like the mantra IS all about the children. YOUR children. Join our fight against the CPS. The child you save may be your own!