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And Justice for All - Commitment to Change and Unity of resources

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on Mon, 12/09/2013 - 12:34
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
And Justice for All - Commitment to Change and Unity of resources

And Justice 4 all provides the resources and tools  to preserve the rights of everyone and every family, With Commitment to Change and Unity of resources & groups....

Visit the "And Justice for All" website.

1-Two Million people, a full quarter of the world’s incarcerated population, are in U.S Prisons and Jails.  (TOUCH Foundation )

2-Title IVD has caused much corruption in the family, and juvenile court system... ( Local & State resource Links )

3- State and County incentives for destroying American Families..
   (Americas Injustice ) ( Project Prevent)
   ( Fathers Supporting Fathers )
   ( Grandparents 4 Justice)
   ( Step-parents supporting Step-parents )

4-Child Abuse and Neglect , Shaken Baby Syndrome, Sudden Infant Death, Child Welfare and Safety, Alcohol and Drug Additions...
   ( Building Safer Tomorrows )

5- Abuse 0f Power, Violation of our civil and constitutional rights, Corruption in our justice system ( Local , State and Federal )

6- Basic civil issues , 100 % success rate  ( Business complaints , Landlord /Tenant )

And Justice 4 All, Is a strictly volunteer foundation, we are a group of tired citizens who want change for the next generation. I am not an attorney , I "Do Not" accept money or any form of payment by anyone who needs help, I refer people to my links for resources, I will go to court with you as support or help you read and understand any forms or paperwork you may have, However, I Do Not represent you.


And Justice 4 all was founded because of the failing and insane Justice System in Lee County Florida aka: The Good Ol Boy system, Which has serious issues in almost every department of government.




In 2005, I started And Justice 4 All in Memory of Kelsey Briggs, Who was let down by the Justice System that was suppose to protect her and failed.


So how am I doing so far since this website started ?


As of  May 20, 2009 , And Justice 4 All has reached a average of 2083 U.S. readers per month, And growing with World-Wide visitors daily

2013 ~ As community Volunteer, I have been a Lee County Court Watcher and Have Consulted on Dependency Cases.
I have 8 yrs extensive knowledge of Florida Statues Chapter 39.
If you need my assistance please email your questions or concerns: