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All about Luke.

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on Fri, 02/10/2012 - 15:35

Funerals - The Cairns Post|23 January 2009
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 02:51:09 -0800 (PST)

BORUSIEWICZ,.The Cairns Post|23 January 2009
Adored, loved and treasured son of Michael Borusiewicz & Jackie Hurlstone, who left us tragically on Sunday 18th January 2009 aged 2 years. Brother of Kayla and Jessy, Great Grandson of Tamara Borusiewicz, Grandson of Tolly & Christine Borusiewicz and Niree Hurlstone. Loved nephew of the brothers of Michael Borusiewicz & Jackie Hurlstone and their respective families.
We will never forget you.
The relatives and friends of Luke are respectfully invited to attend his funeral service which will be held at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Gatton St, Westcourt TODAY Friday, 23rd January 2009 commencing at 2.00pm. Following the Church Service, the cortege will proceed to the Martyn Street, Cemetery, Cnr Martyn & Anderson Streets for interment within the grounds.

I guess I should get used to typing again.I can see I have my share of it ahead of me. I tried my hand at a few web sites a couple of years ago and put it down to experience and decided to concentrate more on Luke.
Weird how we all have senses but nobody really apreciates them til they are gone. I say this as I just found a pair of little Lukes socks. Thank God they were dirty. He left his physical body on the 18th of January, 2009. A month and a half ago. I can no longer experience the joy of touching him, hugging him, kissing those big beautiful cheeks. I can't gaze at him in wonder, pride flowing from my heart.
I can't sit down and enjoy a meal with my boy and throw most of it to the hungry seagulls that would gather into a flock, audienced before my son and I.
I will never hear him in real life again, except for the few videos I have preserving his memory. But what I really wanted to hear, what I had been longing for since his birth, was to hear my little Lukey boy say "I love you to Daddy."
I had the privelige, the luxury, the honour of hearing him say that to me once over the phone, when Luke had another little boy who was fostered together with him, and used to help him talk on the phone. I said "I love you Lukey", and the little boy said "Say I love you to Daddy." Straight off Luke said "I love you too Daddy."
I wish I could thank that little boy for helping my son make me the happiest I have ever been in my life. Luke gave so many of those "happiest I have ever been" moments.
Still plenty of smell in those socks, thankyou Lord. I have to become more staunch a Christian now. It is the only way I can ever be reunited with my son, and the best way. I cannot live with the thought of not spending eternity with Luke, or never seeing him again. When they took Luke from me in...
Each time I break down crying I go back to photocopying. Two copies, originals one pile, copy for solicitor and back up copy, so child safety cant pull a shifty or in case they get lost or something. I have a lot of nice people helping me, and some nice ones inside child safety too, although they aren't permitted to show themselves.
Anyone can see this was a misjustice. They are so used to playing god that they believe within themselves they are infallable, never wrong, they are the law. I keep saying it, I prayed for that boy for 20 years. I wasn't worthy of being his father, but that was not my decision, it came straight from the Lord above and who am I to question his ways. He let me have my dream for two years and four months, and like his son, my son was tortured and tormented to his death.
Luke was terrified of being taken from me, so much so he would never leave my side and hung onto me always. It was sad indeed, but it also meant I had endless hugs. He was so gorgeous, everyone wanted to pick him up but he only wanted to be with his Daddy. What worried me about this was how he would be when he started school.
He was probably a bit spoilt. I tried to compensate for what child safety had forced upon him, in my view that is, which is to be removed from the person who always put Luke first, protected him, rescued him from danger, Loved him passionately, compassionately, loved him like only a father can, not that all fathers shared my passion for being a father.


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Hi Michael,
Words can't describe your pain. I have a 2 year old boy & 1 year old daughter & the thought of losing either of them would fair dinkum kill me. They mean the world to me as your son did to you. I hope you have some success in catching these scum DOCS workers who put your child in such a dangerous situation. All the power to you - I know I would be doing the same. Best of luck.

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Thankyou for taking the time to post on the site and read Luke's story Luke, I appreciate your support, yours sincerely, Michael.

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there are repulsive disgusting swine involved in all levels and particularly involved using this filth even on children


they procure their data by the usual government "mafia method" people in one group don't know what happens in the next and the next and so on in a real chian methid they are merciessley cruel and evil down here in australia while they viciously source targets including innocent children which can sadly end in sdeath for people due to their major and very lucrative experimentation on people down here its a very cruel and evil thing they are doing


they have not only contributed to sending the country into the poorhouse but they are cruel enough to destry human lives for their own greed


they are a collusive lot of swine connected to german nazi progeny helping them depopulate us and ruin us down here


children even get programmed to commit suicide and murder and the epidemic of mental diseases including dementia  and cancer are to be comfortably attributed to these disgusting mass murdering swine


some of them even impersonate police and childrens safety and human resources people


they help arrange abductions of children too


follow the patterns in the media and madness for the last eight years


they got really active then


they are nothing but murderers and terrorists look up mind control anywhere in the world and ask why people here are SO IGNORANT of it its very lucrative and they are al;l amongst us these stinking swine undermining us

germans mercilessly murdered children in their war and they are the biggest LIARS on earth


most germans were jews they murdered their own!! germans are still the most sneaky and evil ,people and they have been wreaking sneaky havoc on us for years because we are too dumb and too poor and too soulless to notice !!!



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I am a mum of two teenagers and also a registered foster carer and had your little boy been placed with me I would have cherished him. I'm so very sorry to read about your precious little boy, who now sleeps with the angels xx

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Thanks for your kindness Leah, and thankyou so much for posting on the site.

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Firstly, I am so sorry to read about yours and other stories on here. I couldn't help but shed a tear when I was reading. 

Secondly, I am currently undertaking my degree in Social Work, hoping that one day I could help children and adults who really need it. But after reading this I am a bit confused. I would never want anything I do to result in a beautiful child being hurt, or worse, murdered. 

Would I really want to be accosiated with an organisation that causes so much harm? Or could I fight for the children who really need it? 

Your site has certainly made me question future. I have 2 amazing children of my own and the thought of anything bad just makes my heart scream in pain, I always told myself I could make a difference, and I knew that there would be a certain amount of corruption in DoCS, but would I be causing more harm thatn good?



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I, like others wanted to be a foster carer. After my recent  false accusation I no longer want to involved with such a badly run system. I am now in the fight with you, and my child was not taken, because the allegations were untrue. It is still on file though, and that is wrong. When I told them I was seeking legal advice, they seemed to calm down a bit. But the power they seem to want to throw around is discusting, like they always wanted to be school captain, and now they are. My strength has returned after a few days of being totally overwhelmed, but now I am that Mother Bear who is going to ROAR till she is heard.