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Legal threat against our friends at alecomm

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on Wed, 03/20/2013 - 16:36
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

From:Michelle Brereton []
Sent: Monday, 18 March 2013 5:48 PM
Subject: Name and Shame Register - criteria to lodge complaint

Dear Sir/Madam

We have recently become aware of your website.  Whilst it is obviously a good tool to provide awareness to the community, we question your policy of 'anyone' being able to gain access to your site and use it as an opportunity to blatantly defame.

For all you know, someone from jail could be lodging complaints on your register.   The fact that there is no responsibility whatsoever or check in play is totally irresponsible and opens the door for legal action.

For instance - spot the difference:

There are a string of offenders with factual situations in regard to legal representations - then you have Kirsty Doran from Uniting Care Cairns listed as 'Takes Drugs sells drugs and LIES about people and their children'.  For your information Kirsty has been dealing with a stalker the past 3 months and your site has provided an avenue for this person to defame her character and put her job at risk.  There is police involvement.

I would suggest unless you wish to engage in legal action you remove Kirsty's name from this site immediately and offer an apology on the home page of your web.

Furthermore it cannot be stressed highly enough that allowing such defamatory comments go unchecked is extremely irresponsible.  To suggest responsibility is shifted back to the anonymous register by stating that a report should be 'made in good faith' is ridiculous.  Either you are responsible or it is your responsibility to provide details of this 'anonymous person', especially where the police are involved.  No doubt a warrant could be issued requesting for this information if required.

Please respond within 3 days.

Yours faithfully

Michelle Brereton


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Date: 20/03/2013 12:09:47 AM
Subject: RE: Name and Shame Register - criteria to lodge complaint

Dear Michelle,


1.      We have absolutely no intention of editing our registers for your benefit.  If we were to ring DHS and complain about risk of harms reports that are false, we would be told exactly the same thing.  This is our point.  However our registers are set to exactly the same standards of reporting that mandatory reporters are – so we do not see what your issue is?  Unfortunately, the registers at DHS are used to remove children without evidence and destroy peoples live permanently, our registers are only used as reintegrative shaming measures, with which our government introduced some years ago now.  Feel free to research.


2.      Many parents also, are truly stalked, by what people consider child protection workers.  And unfortunately, due to the amount of evidence we have seen in so many cases, it is highly likely that this person you are protecting has brought on the unnecessary attention herself, by committing numerous offences that she is currently unaccountable for at this present time.  This is what we are working to change – then, with child protection workers not lying and committing perjury in court, just for starters, there would be no reason for us to have these registers.


3.      Feel free to submit the warrant, as we, unlike the caseworkers our clients deal with, do actually obey the law.


Kind Regards,

The staff at Alecomm.

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lets start by saying this these pages are here for a reason to name and shame scumbags who choose to do wrong n then continue to lie about n also cover it up and that includes all child snatching offices over australia and the world. dont u dare start with ur legal threats ok michelle brereton i had the same issue i almost got arrested because my story went public here thanks to the people who run these two sites including if it wasnt for these guys opening more doors for me into the the amount of abuse neglect assaults n medical neglect into past n present FILTH my son is with now n has been in the past there wouldnt now after over 3yrs after my cheeky little boy callum was taken from me finally be a investigation into the continued lies false eveidence and perjury corruption threats abuse & assaults on me my son and my sons maternal grandmother and other people by past n present workers n a assault done by a Alcoholic  DHS Manager Heather Podesta of one of the worst named CHILD SNATCHING OFFICE'S in Wodonga Victoria . so stick ur threats where the sun dont shine it aint welcome at all ok!!

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Ms Brereton obviously is a bit worried,threatening use of unsubstantial warrants & the like,this should be & will be in time be directed at every caseworker in every state in Australia,but the difference being,they will be substantial warrants to arrest their caseworkers for purgery,abuse,stand over tactics,neglect,cover ups,failure to adhere to their own guidelines & procedures,illegal adoptions,illegal removal of children,false affidavits,false statements in court,breaches of childrens rights,breaches of parents rights & breaches of Human Rights,etc.They obviously can give it,but don't want to take it.Well DoCS/FACS/DCS,be warned,the public soon everywhere will become aware & not be blinded by the propaganda that all is well with Community Services & then you will see who is kicking arse.

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Thanks for the laugh guys, stalked and In Good Faith, I feel like this was put here for me.

DoCS/FaCS stalks families and kidnaps their children even from school. 

DoCS/FaCS sends the police to your door when you disagree and get angry at them for denigrating you and your family. 

DoCS/FaCS does not come IN GOOD FAITH. Then they use the term when you complain and also so do police who side with them. 

DoCS/FaCS call themselves a community service but they give parents extreme stress and then when they are broken DoCS/FaCS leave them with nothing except a mental health problem and totally embarressed and shamed within their community. 

DoCS/FaCS lies to the courts and no one ever is held accountable the victim parents never get a chance to defend it, and the whole time DoCS/FaCS drags you throught the courts they have kidnapped your child/children.

And stalked,,, my God,,, DoCS/FaCS workers get a healthy package to build their fortresses and they work in buildings that are nothing short of complete secure buildings akin to the jail system.  

Kidnappers, child killers, child abusers and people who support pedophiles deserve nothing short of lengthly prison sentences, with those working for DoCS/FaCS looking at a double or triple sentence depending on the crimes, until that day comes there will be no peace of mind for victims.

People who have been victimised by government need social and financial restitution there is no point in sorries that have no substance behind them, no point saying sorry when you dont mean it. 

IN GOOD FAITH as always.. let the truth be told, let them be named and shamed, they did it to so many innocents, we are not responsible for the abuses of others but you are responsible for your abuses on us.


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So what do you call DoCS Qld, FACS NSW, Families SA, Victoria DHS? If you don't work for this heinous organisation, you have to go to the trouble of making a phone call to blatantly defame. If you work for them, just write out a false affidavit, back it up with a fake psych report from one of your psycys who is soon moved on if they don't provide the lies that are demanded of them.

You are sick bunch of animals. So someone made up some lies about one of them, don't expect any pity from any of your victims you bastards. All I feel sorry for are the honest people at the bottom of your organisation, or the ones who quit because of the corruption. The managers, and your sidekicks, you deserve everything you have got coming to you.

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I would like to comment to this post.

 We will be reporting to the police like many others have  to which  K Doran has abused her own privileges and accessing  files for her own benefit. This  information was given to her own partner  to actually stalk an innocent family & children.
My own boyfriend is working with her partner and hears all the crap that is going on. He has heard  information been told about this girl & her children.  This family has been a target of both K doran & her partner. Ive met them before & all i can say she is nothing what you have tried to make her to be.

You have also tried to make my partner & other people to do bad things against them.


Dr Weazel



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For a Start we all know Miss? Michelle Brereton / Kirsty Doran that yourself Kirsty wrote this letter , you spoke about it at work.

These people have a right to complain ( parents) about useless corrupted child safety workers. Why wouldnt they?

You do it to your own work collegues too, REMEMBER that time?

Whats wrong with people exposing the truth about someone about drugs? Its the truth . Dont you take children away from loving parents for drugs? Why not expose the truth about  you doing drugs yourself.

Come on now Girls of recent happenings lately your very limited to any friends who would actually support you anymore.

Lies is what your good at.

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A DoCS Cairns North worker K**** D***** accused of being a drug dealer, I remember this. Every other work place is drug tested, not the govt department that works with children. Why's that? Maybe they have something to hide hey?

No instead they follow their usual MO and point the finger at others. What is the worse crime, speaking out about these drugged up child stealers or stealing children from loving parents while your drugged up?

Shame on the police for terrorising the people that have enough guts to speak out about them. The police should be investigated by the police integrity commission for their failure to investigate and for terrorising witnesses.

When will they investigate these matters by instigating random drug tests for all child protection workers Australia wide?

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Wow. Really alecomm? You guys were the first one I wrote asking for help  about my case, which was a massive false allegation. What happened? Where was your reply? No where. All that happened, as far as I can see.......information that I had given you was passed on to the family that accused US so they could cover up their huge unethical behavior, including trying to put up a fake Facebook account under my name and email account on which I sent you a letter through.  I am also confused. You have a name and shame register on your page. ???! The only one that wrote back to me and helped me was Michael and his army. In a very short time. I will be passing on this site as a place to come for help, not the so called "Australian Legistative Ethics Commision". Oh and as far as drugs.....I too know of workers in the child care area that frequently smoke marijuana. They should all be tested, they way I was, and I passed.  But lets get them to do it after a weekend. All at the same time, all over Australia. Then see how many stupid decisions are made on those days, and see them call it "the stress of the job". I have no doubt their job is awful, but to have so much power, comes great responsibilty. A role which many of them abuse daily, then use excuses which are eaten up by their co workers, but would be grounds for taking our children if we gave them.

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Workers are exempt because they wouldnt have any workers left to run the child stealing because of the drugs.

I know personally that this complaint is from Kirsty doran herself she made me write the stupid thing standing beside me. Not only did they put me int he spot but it exposed my my whereabouts from my email. So go figure .

Maybe Kisrty not so much but her partner does.

They are not nice people to deal with very hard core indeed


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This person in question is nothing but a drama queen who craves and needs Attention 24/7.

I was told about this site Lukes Dad over the weekend / I dont have children but I can backup everyones comments including your's Lukes Dad about this EVIL person. I couldnt be any more happier that Miss Doran ( queen cow) FINALLY their fake persona is cracking around them. Over the weekend  I found out I was not the only one that has been attacked verbally physically by this woman. . This pair have a lot to answer for, they made a lady try to commit suicide with their blantant lies and still it continues.

The police do have a lot to answer for . Looks like they stepped over the line this time with illusions that Narcs do.

Too many people do not like that this lady & her children are so traumatised and pushed into suicide .

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I dont have anything to do with this cause sorry but I can tell you this is them.