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Canada - Evidence of Corruption, Abuse, Negligence and Mistreatment of Children And Families

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on Sun, 02/12/2012 - 03:08
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Canada - Evidence of Corruption, Abuse, Negligence and Mistreatment of Children And Families

Here are the articles I have found which expose the evidence of corruption, abuse, negligence and mistreatment of children and families in Here are the articles I have found which expose the evidence of corruption, abuse, negligence and mistreatment of children and families in the United States. The child protection system operates unhindered by media exposure or normal government watch dogs. It is answerable to no one.. The Children's Aid Society (CAS) operates unhindered by media exposure or normal government watch dogs. It is answerable to no one.

Paediatric Death Review


An advanced copy of the Report of the Paediatric Death Review Committee and Deaths Under Five Committee (pdf) is available. This time about a third of the document relates to deaths in children's aid cases.

120 deaths in the CAS section are reviewed, of those only 19 were in CAS care, the other 101 were attributed to in-home-service, defined as families that had received services in the previous twelve months. The report points out that the 120 deaths were reviewed in 2009, but not all of them occurred in that year. Spread over 18,000 foster children, 19 deaths is a death rate of 105 per 100 thousand child years, too low to be credible according to statistical analysis. It is also difficult to believe that in-home-services and foster care are in the ratio of 101:19, since that would require having over 95 thousand in-home cases. They are just not that frequent. In the past these numbers have become the subject of public controversy that brought out new information about the deaths. Maybe that will happen this year again.

From page seven of the report, here is a late step in processing a death:

13. A review by the Paediatric Death Review Committee will be completed. The members include child welfare experts, coroners, homicide detectives, paediatricians, and pathologists, who create the reports of the Committee. The report may focus on the child welfare aspects of the death, the medical/paediatric aspects of the death, or both. Recommendations will be developed and sent to the RSC, the CAS, and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. The Committee is independent of both the Ministry and the CAS.

There is no stage at which the families of the deceased child have any chance to participate.


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2007 Deaths CAS: Natural, 10; Accident, 23; Homicide, 10; Suicide, 8; Undetermined, 15; Still under investigation, 7; 2008 Deaths CAS: Natural, 2; Accident, 1; Homicide, 4; Suicide, 14; Undetermined, 21; 2009 Deaths CAS: Natural, 1; Accident, 9; Homicide, 3; Suicide, 6; Undetermined
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Alfredine Linda Plourde Presented without fear or favour

When The Child Protective Services (Children’s Aid) was created it was a title that excited the social workers. There was no tension for apprehending, just helping families. But all that changed.
They have meticulous formulated a new blue print for “Big Corporations” with shareholders. Society members have endorsed the Child Protective Services with enthusiasm believing the protection of Children would be paramount.
The Children’s Aid distinguished presence and using tactic like “The Best Interest of the Child” or “Mother Theresa” on their wall took a constructed turn for the business world.
They found great profit in kidnapping infants, children and destroying families. In this new modern world the Child Protective Services have destroyed and ruthlessly dominated families for decades. They are charming, manipulating, and ruthlessly lived their lives in ways that leave families with broken hearts, empty wallets, and some with funeral arrangements. None of them feel no reason to be concerned with the damage they are causing. They have fully mastered the “policy of unaccountability” as they proudly tell people they are “Untouchable” Even the horrors of the deaths in care does not impressed themselves on their consciousness.
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Please go on my link and read about my case. Not only is the family court house corrupt, I did not live in the area but in Toronto at the time and my 2 boys were going to school there and because (The kicker) my ex's mother is an employee of the Guelph Family Court House, they allowed it to proceed there and in a 20 minute my 2 boys where given to a narcissistic sociopath, who is abusive and an alcoholic! That was 3 years ago and I have not seen my children in 7 months and they say they hate me and post vulgar things about me on facebook and call me names!

Thanks so much!

Julie French - A mother who misses her children

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A year ago our child was misdiagnosed and mistreated in Alberta Children's Hospital .He was diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome and was treated with IVIG( 50 anti bodies from 50 different people) and next day we were told that it was a wrong treatment and was changed into Wernickes( 60 years old Alcoholics illness) and was diagnosed with Vitamin B 1 Deficiency. No one could find the answer as our child was a vetarian and never ever missed a Vitamin B .After IVIG he acted weird and started to act as if he was not knowing what he was doing. After a while he was back to normal but he was in diapers and could not hold back anymore. All these symptoms were weird and strange as our child has been clean from Diapers since he was 2 and half. Plus his heart rate was high but no one took us serious.He was then discharged and from there on he lost weight. We were seen several times after that by the Dr who has been  the Dr who diagnosed him wrong . He told us not to worry about his weight loss so we trusted him. In the mean time our son was doing more and more activities( Oh i forgot to mention, he was 15 by then) and was very activie, happy but losing weight constantly( He did not make diet or binge or had no eating problems)

September this year we got enough so we brought him to Alberta Childrens and then he was admitted with low heart rate of 41. What we did not know was the Dr has informed CAS. We were then accused of letting him starved. Suddenly the Dr who has diagnosed him wrongly and has been seeing his weight loss without any worries got outta picture and left us at the Unit 4 with total new drs and medical students. They then accused us , accused our child and let him eat infront of them only( incase we steal his food or some sort of assuptions) 

We brought food from home and he enjoyed it but he still was losing weight. Then they told us that he was losing weight from our food so he must eat theirs or supplements. Our child is milk allergic so we let them know of his allergical reactions to milk but no one cared and gave him milk supplements from which he got stomach pains, which the drs again said: No, he has no pains.


On thanks giving we had a day pass and took him home and he hadlunch with us but  next day the Dr said, he lost weight again 


This time we asked for weight chart which they have been refusing since his admission. We called the patient relations and they did not help us either, instead they were on the Drs side.

During the 3 weeks, we were told we could take him home when we want, its our free decison. Yes, one day we really did. The reason was, his electrodes were off . The child's heart rate was low and his monitor was off . The child is milk allergic and people gave him milk . Sometimes nurses forgot the supplements so they forced him to drink  double. We were worried and wanted him to be seen by the other drs and so we took him home but we did not come that far . The hospital sent us CAS with police and emergecy car. 

The handcuffed dad infront of the child ( as he tried to protect our son been taken back to that same hospital) No one cared about his weak heart rate ( though they said, they came as he could die from his low heart rate).

They took him back to the hospital. Next day we saw the Todd and Christine from Calgary Child and Family Services( There are many more invovled from CAS : Vivian Ibrahim, 

They forced us to agree with the Drs or we wont see our son anymore. Which choice did we have ? None!

We were forced to agree with Drs who have misdiagnosed and mistreated our child one year ago ( Dr Kirton from Berology)and also with Drs from Unit 4( Dr Chow, Dr Bailey, Dr Fras, Dr Veil , Dr Elliot, Dr Pinzon, Therapist Edden Mc Caffey, Laura Karl, Dr David Chaulk ,Dr Hnatowich)

We had no other choice than to let these people had their hands on our child..We were not allowed to see our child for 2 days and on the thrid day we were allowed to see from 1 to 8 daily.

During this time there have been tons of lies and accusations for his weight loss. In the mean time, they have put him on the wrong protocol for eating disorder and treated him as one. Again this is a medical battering and medical assault  ( without a proper diagnosis) but CAS allowed them to torture the child with huge amount of food. 

Just cus he lost weight does not make him eating disorder kid but no one concentrated on his history with weak lungs( emphesema lungs with lungs ability less than 20 percent ) or any other issues like small intestine, etc. 

They made some superficial tests but not what would really needed to be considered for his weight loss. Seems , people were afraid that we could sue Dr Kirton for his wrong diagnosis so they all helped eachother by covering up everything and put all tjhe bame on us.

They took our custody away with the reason of Neglect ( we did not neglect, we were intouch with the Dr the whole year and often consulted him about our son's weight loss which he did not take much serious until it was too late)

From there on our son became the property of the Child and Family Srvices of Canada and they did everything to destroy this poor child. They started accusing us for having close relationship to him. They started assuming things like , he dieted to be able to stay a baby , or gender confusion due to being close to mom, and and and.


Most of the assessment was done by Dr Jorge L Pinzon ( Eden McCaffrey B.A.(psych), MSW, RSW from Strange was that Dr Pinzon has never examined our son and Eden barely knows the child and the family. But they both write assessment which has destroyed our family, especially our son. 

  Dr Fras   came often to our son's room and played a good friend, tricked him and played childish roles which she later wrote as : his mental developmental delay

Three people Eden Mc Cafferey , Ms L Karl and Dr R Hnatowich brought up 13 pages long assessment about our son and our family. Please note: Dr R Hnatowich saw our son not more than 15 mins. Eden Mc C saw him some time but more or less to play games and Ms L Karl also saw him a few times only and they wrote 13 pages filled with lies 

Dr R Hnatowich has never seen both the parents but she signed the assessment

Our child was promised that as soon as his hear rate is better , he 'd be able to go him. But no one really cared what they promised to a child. 

Instead of discharging him they transferred him to YAP program in Foothiills

We were not asked if we wanted or not

We were forced thru the court

The Judge Brown refused to listen to our complaints instead he gave the green light to the child service and the Doctors

They did not ask for second opinion and they accepted the whole weight loss theme as EDNOS

There is  no proof but only assumptions

There are no facts but psycological hogus bogus symptoms

There is no reliable scientific evidence that parenting or family dynamics cause or contribute to the development of ED but they accused us even though no one could prove that he has Eating Disorder.Just cus no one can not find out the reason for his weight loss they just put the child in the same draw like eating disorder kids and treat him like one, without thinking once of the harm they re doing

The judge at the Court house did not let us explain the reason why we took our child outta hospital .He said, Drs are always right and with that he refused to listen to our side.

Custody was given to Child and Family Services and the child too was transferred to YAP program without our agreement

Who needs our agreement, we are just his parents, we are the ones who know him the most.. But who cares, parents have no rights

Freedom of religion, belief and culture is not respected in Canada especially not in Alberta Childrens Hopsital

Patient Relations just look at all problems but never helped.

The  feed back complaints are never revealed on their website

The Spiritual Care in Alberta Childrens  too worked more for Drs than for God

 It is extremely difficult to undo the damage done by Eating Disorder treatment but its just our child so who cares, they treat him like ED child.

YAP program at Foothills is a scary place where the kids are kept in jail like life. They are not allowed to have anything like Cell Phone or Laptops.

In the glass box , there is a boy who would scream the whole day and securities are sitting . A safe place for a child to grow up( especially for a child who has not done anything wrong but lost weight and no one knows why , so he was forced to be in that program as an eating disorder kid without any facts or symptoms , except assumptions )

The child is today a broken child

He still does not gain weight enough

He still is not allowed to move or do activities  as Drs have no idea of his weight loss so they feed him like x mas turkey and  keeps him away from fresh air and activities

We have no money to get a lawyer to sue the Dr who treated our child wrongly and also the torture they re doing still to him at YAP program where he does not belong.

But Child and Family Services , the Calgary Court Judge and and Alberta Children's Hospital Unit 4  works as a team so we have no other choice than to see how our beautiful happy child is emotionally killed daily

Two days ago a strange Dr wrote an assessment that our son coudl harm himself or others( without knowing him)

Everyone who knows our child know that these are all lies 

These are lies to cover up the mistakes done to our family

The complaints we filed against Physicians at the College of The Physicians too was dismissed with the reason( we have no custody  so we have no rights to complain)

We slowly ask where are human rights?

Why is Amnesty Canada not doing anything?

We all know that in  our case, they re covering up the mistakes of the colleage and for that they turn to CAS to take our power away

We wonder if someone has idea how to help our child to get out of this YAP program and get back our Custody

All we know is ..there is no justice when it comes to Doctors , Nurses, Social Services and Judges. When they come together their Army kills children and families alive