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What was illegally done to my children & myself through the corrupt family court

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on Tue, 04/24/2012 - 11:32
To All my contacts.
Due to what was illegally done to my children & myself through the corrupt family court & so called child protection services, to those who do not yet know, I have become a human rights activist focussing on children’s issues.
In my many hours of research into the abuses by our Government regarding our Australian Constitution, I have uncovered some shocking breaches which have been covered up to fool the nation’s people.
Please listen to this recent radio broadcast, in 4 parts (below). It will shock you.
This starts off with a bill that the WA government is trying to bring in (last week) that will potentially affect every single child in this state & then the country! It is totally barbaric & if the people of Australia do not do something to stop this systemic & very sly corruption in this country right now, then we will have no rights at all & it will become a totalitarian police state worse than the most oppressive regime on the planet!!
Here is a copy of the bill (frightening reading).

Here is another radio broadcast discussing the implications of this bill should it be passed, aired on the 7th March 2012.
This e-mail needs to be sent to every Australian. If this bill is passed (& notice how it is done secretly without the people’s knowledge) then it has the potential to affect every family who has children or grandchildren. It will not only affect those children with a known mental illness but, as I have found from personal experience as well as from many other cases I know about, these corrupt powers will fabricate evidence to say whatever they want it to say to be used on anyone they want.
This is especially true in the family courts & so called child protection services. They are already doing this on a grand scale, using children for pornography, placing them in abusive homes/situations & these 2 organisations use people in the psychology fields (many of whom are corrupt & take bribes for making false reports) to do their dirty work.
People do not hear about it because these corrupt institutions have secrecy laws (Family Law Act s121), that if breached, could land a person/media personality in jail. I have first hand knowledge of this. Anyone who tries to expose them gets either jailed (on false pretences) or murdered (as in the mother & her 2 young daughters near Perth late last year).
Wake up Australia – before it is too late!
Australia is in the midst of a major corruption crisis that goes all the way to the top!
The same reasons shown in the above link is exactly why it is possible for thousands of children & their parents to be systemically abused on a daily basis by corruption in our family courts & so called child protection facilities. They use the same tactics of bribery, false reports, ignoring evidence, perverting the course of justice, threats, imprisonment & even murder to get their own way & yes this also goes right to the top!
Please pass this around to all of your contacts so that this e-mail goes viral. People need to be made aware of what is happening in this country behind their backs before it is too late.
If people want to make a start to enact changes within our government, then sign this petition which will be sent to the UN, the International Criminal Court as well as to others.




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Hello to All.

I am the person who wrote the above article which was posted by Luke’s Dad, thanks Michael.

I have moved my research on further & now realise that this corruption goes very deep & that the governments of the world (including our own) are only puppets for even more powerful & corrupt people on a global scale.

It has filtered down so that this corruption affects every person on this planet & every person in Australia regardless of gender or ethinicitity.

I have discovered that our successive governments (all parties) in Australia have been making laws, acts & bills which breach our constitution, making them illegal under common law, which is the highest & the real law of the land which they have tried to systematically steal from every one of us. They have been secretly doing this for decades while the people of Australia have been soundly asleep.

There is now a large constitution movement rising up in this nation (& many other nations around the world) to take back our constitutional rights.

To effectively take back our rights we must firstly start to educate ourselves in the truth & wake up from this ‘matrix of a life’ we have been forced to believe is the truth by our now illegal governments over many years. Many of us just accept our lifestyles as ‘normal’ because we have known no different since our births. This is how these corrupt parasites can control their populations. Keep them believing the lie & blissfully ignorant while ignoring our feeble attempts at complaining when we are hurt by their crony corporations like the family court & CPS/DoCs etc. They are only the small fish in the operation against us, the people.

Yes it is an operation, a very clever & sophisticated operation to control the people of the world. Why do you think they take our children & blatantly do whatever they want to them? To raise them in THEIR IMAGE, abuse them (like terrorist tactics used in war against a captured enemy to break them) all so they have complete control over & obedience in the future generations for their own diabolical agendas.

WAKE UP AUSTARALIA!!! You have been wracking your brains for a very long time trying to figure out why the bad carers/people/spouses etc always get your children while good parents have their children taken from them – this is why!

You have been wracking your brains trying to figure out why our governments turn a blind eye to these atrocities & a deaf ear to your complaints in the face of obvious abuses with evidence & not only that but allow them to continue & even make more corrupt laws to give these corrupt & evil people even more power over you & your children – it is because they are part of the organisation that is orchestrating this against YOU!

What to do about it ...................................

Firstly STOP wasting your precious time, money & sanity trying to fight them in their own courts (which are rigged against you), using their own laws, lobbying governments both state & federal, contacting ombudsmen (again rigged), engaging legal professionals (they are part of the abusive system) & any other tactic you try to use in THEIR SYSTEM. It is futile STOP IT.

Instead join up with the constitution movement by;

  1. Learning the truth by getting hold of material that will educate you.
  2. Start/join a community group which will educate & help others.
  3. Once educated help others to implement their common law rights in ‘lawful rebellion’. Once lawful rebellion is being practised by millions, their corrupt system will crumble.
  4. Join in with the ‘no vote’ campaign at the next federal election to legally vote out the whole parliament & keep them out of office until our common law rights are fully restored. This will mean that ALL illegal laws/acts/bills made over decades MUST be repealed. This includes the corrupt family law act which once repealed will abolish the family court & the same with the states CPS/DoCs/DCP acts in the various states which will close these offices permanently. This includes repealing illegal taxes which have been paying the wages of these corrupt vultures.
  5. Did you know that ‘costs orders’ are a jail-able offence for any judge & legal professional under our constitution?
  6. Did you know that orders made by a single judge, (without your consent or consent with full disclosure), is illegal under our constitution?
  7. This knowledge will free us & will ultimately lead to ‘We, the people of Australia’, as sovereign people, totally restoring a common law system as the constitution movement in the UK is now doing. Please watch this video to learn about how this is being done;

This is for EVERYONE. ‘They’ have caused us to focus on fighting each other instead of the real issues by making gender/ethnicity/aboriginal issues the main focus, they are NOT. We are all ONE people under God, with the same rights under our constitution.

EVERYONE in this nation must get on board with this if we are to be successful – that is millions of us, so start passing this information around ‘en masse’!

This affects us all because everyone is affected by soaring inflation which is making life (in just the basics) harder & harder for people & families. More are becoming homeless even though they are holding down 2 jobs.

Whoever is interested in starting this journey of education & learning, to be an effective sovereign person in Australia & help to implement our rightful common law system, then please PM or e-mail me to ask for a dvd.

In it you will learn about;

  1. Corrupt banking practises, especially in regards to our mortgages – you will be shocked & very angry.
  2. Our corrupt & illegal monetary system (which will soon crash as it is unsustainable because it relies on massive debt to keep going). It was created by the big banking cartels around 100 years ago. It is these who are really behind every bad thing on the planet & destroying us on a global scale for their greed.
  3. Learn about how our government is killing people/children, our land/wildlife & poisoning our pure water tables by allowing big corporations to coal seam gas mine our country – you will be appalled & very angry.
  4. Learn what our constitution really says about how our country should be run for the protection of the people – this was stopped from being taught in our schools in 1975 to keep us ignorant & easier to control.
  5. Learn about our Magna Carta rights – you will NEVER see the illegal family court in the same light again & realise it has NO legal jurisdiction over you UNLESS you give it your consent (why do you think that lawyers on both sides try very hard to get you to sign CONSENT orders).
  6. Learn what horrific, psychopathic & illegal laws/bills/acts our successive governments have secretly slipped by us over the years & the diabolical acts they are trying to slip by us right now – you think that the CPS/DoCs/DCP have hurt our children, wait until you hear about the new mental health act!!! It makes social workers look like saints & although it is being introduced in WA, this is only a testing ground & if allowed to be passed will soon be implemented in the other states & territory.
  7. Learn the real reasons they put fluoride in our water supplies & have done since the 1940’s! It was an experiment to control the population as it affects the brain & ‘dumbs us down’. This is the same reason why our supermarkets sell processed foods/carbonated drinks like coke & cause us to be dependent on them instead of growing our own pure foods, which the world governments are trying make illegal.
  8. Why the pharmaceutical companies make mega multibillion dollar profits out of sick & dying people & why cancer is ‘big business’. Prescribed drugs are the real ‘alternative medicine’ but we have been ‘convinced’ that it is the other way around. They have affectively caused the world’s population to rely on these now. These ‘medications’ kill, cause cancers & maim more people on a global scale than anything else. This is also why vaccinations of children are pushed upon us – total poisons.
  9. Learn why our school system was set up. Have you ever asked why it is compulsory? It is another platform that has been used by successive governments to teach us from a very young age to ‘dumbly obey’. The children who never did well at school were actually the thinkers amongst us but the system taught us to be ashamed of this & to make us feel bad thus many carried an inferiority complex around with them all their adult lives which caused many to make bad decisions. This was another effective method to cause people not to reach their full potentials. Heck even Einstein failed high school math & was told by his teachers he would never amount to anything. This type of ‘brainwashing’ has been going on for decades. The most dangerous threat to these governments & world powers are people who can think for themselves!!! This is probably why homeschooling is now the largest growing phenomenon in Australia & the family court/DoCs/CPS/DCP hate it!
  10. Learn how to legally sack the whole parliament at the next federal election.
  11. There are also a few slides on this dvd listing web links where the people can continue their further education into the truth.

Start to THINK people – use your God given talents for the good of the society you live in. The more you destroy yourselves through drug/alcohol/smoking/criminal & other destructive abuses/behaviour, the more THEY win over you!

Stand up & be the wonderful sovereign people you were created to be. Each & every one of you has a tremendous amount to offer & contribute to make our nation of Australia the greatest on earth & give the most perfect, precious lifestyle to all future generations!

When ordering the dvd, please ‘STUDY’ it then use it to educate others by copying it & pass it around. If you can, please help to contribute towards the costs of making these, in the purchase of discs/cases/printing costs/postage & packaging, thank you. Think of it as something you can actively contribute towards this movement of the people in the very start of getting people educated.

We do not have much time as it is anticipated that the next federal election will be in around 12 to 18 months & we want to be ready & completely organised into a strong national force by then.

I am also looking into building a national website where all of the current activist/freedom movement/constitutional groups, organisations & individuals can come together to join forces to educate, implement & work towards a common law system as one voice.

United we stand & as Anonymous says “divided by none”!