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Tribute to Michael Borusiewicz and Luke's Army

Help Fight Child Protection's picture
on Sun, 04/29/2012 - 15:46

For my brother Michael and the other men who will read this,


When I first came across Lukes site I spent a good deal of that afternoon with tears in my eyes. Those who know me, and who know my former son Joshua, can speak to the fact that Joshua and Luke were of very similar features at that age. Seeing the pictures of Luke really pinged me and reminded me of Joshua at that age.

My former son merely dis-honoured himself and betrayed me. As far as I am aware he is alive and well. Luke was not so lucky. I have not experienced what you have experienced, nor would I wish to.

I can have no idea what you have gone through these last few years. I would not insult you by pretending I did.

When I read your story I made it my business to find you and introduce myself and ask you what, if anything, I can do to help you.

All you were asking for was some help with Lukes site. I was honoured and privileged you accepted my support and assistance in migrating the site to a new hosting site and making sure it stayed up and running. It was such a small thing to ask from a man who has suffered so much and who has fought so hard for justice for his son and many others.

As I have come to know you I have come to see you are, without doubt, one of the greatest living Australian Patriots today.

I am so honoured to call you my friend. One day we will sit together at a bar and I shall buy you that beer that you so thoroughly deserve.

Mark and I will not rest until such time as we either put the killer of Luke on trial or we have exhausted all possible avenues of investigation.

Stealing a mans house is one thing. Murdering a defenseless child is very much another.

Men like you are, sadly, very rare now. I wish I knew a few more like you. To say I am disgusted at the other men I have talked to who have turned a deaf ear to me is the understatement of the century. I know many millionaires. Men I have worked with who know me well. They are completely ignoring me. This despite the fact they know my character and know I am not a “bullshit artist”.

These men will, one day, be very publicly humiliated. They are not worthy of the title “man”. They turned a deaf ear when the children of their country needed them. I can think of no more disgraceful thing to do than that. I really can’t. Allowing children to be murdered by willful ignorance is beyond the pale.

So many men in Australia have so much to answer for by not heeding my call for their help. They really do. I will be ruthless and merciless in denouncing them for their refusal to assist us stop the murder of small children and the re-introduction of the rule of law into Australia. I shall not spare any man who turned his back on me. They can hate me for doing so ALL THEY PLEASE.

My own view is that having “courts with teeth” so that people know that they WILL be given a very severe remedy instruction for harming a child if they are tracked down and caught is the single most important thing we can do. I am committed to having “courts with teeth”. I call on ALL fathers in Australia to join us in implementing “courts with teeth” so that we can protect the next Luke.

You and I both know the cops, the lawyers, the judges, the magistrates, the CPS workers, the politicians and all associated people are just one big bunch of criminals who are trying to destroy families and demoralize the next generation. Sadly some little boys like Luke have been murdered in this process.

To assist you get back on your feet and to help you gain justice for Luke I am now sending you the $A5,000 that I promised you.

I challenge ALL other Australian men of means to meet this amount or better it. Let the word go out that I put $A5,000 in for Lukes charity and let those who have more than me (which is not much at the moment) meet my amount or beat it to assist you get back on your feet as well as pursue justice for Luke.

I am putting together a list of the MDs of the top 100 companies in Australia. Perhaps you can challenge them to meet my amount or better it. They are ALL far wealthier than I am.

In my own journey of being HATED ON and endlessly abused for doing nothing more than working to save the lives of children and men I have come to see who my friends are and who my friends are not.

My life has been greatly enriched by knowing you Michael.

You may be a humble man of humble means but I say this.

I have walked the halls of the rich and famous. I have worked with some who claim their greatness loudly.

I have not ever worked with or associated with a man with your guts and determination to do what you see is right.

My life is the better for knowing you.

You put many other men I know to shame. Every so called “man” in my extended family for a start.

May God bless you and yours Michael.

May we find the killer of Luke and bring justice for Luke.

May we be successful in stopping more Lukes from happening.

Keep up the good work.

Show those other Australian men what a real MAN looks like.

They need the education.

Best Regards

Your brother Peter