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on Mon, 03/19/2012 - 09:54

The whistleblower said
auth­orities’ worries of another Baby P had created a climate of fear

Sunday December 11,2011
By Ted Jeory

SOCIAL workers are regularly “sexing up” dossiers on problem parents to
remove children into care and even to farm them out for adoption, a
whistleblower reveals today.

The experienced social worker told a Sunday  Express investigation that
council managers are frequently putting pressure on  him and colleagues to
rewrite reports considered “too positive”.

They are  demanding “more dirt” on mothers and fathers to increase the
chances of  securing court orders that place their children into care and
which boost  councils’ Ofsted ratings.

The whistleblower said the worry of having  another Baby P on an
authority’s hands had created a climate of fear that was  destroying
innocent families.

The findings were last night described as a  “national scandal” by one
MP who is now demanding a full Parliamentary inquiry  into Britain’s child
protection system. We’re being pressured to go against what we think is right for

The whistleblower

Lib Dem John Hemming will raise the  issue when he appears at the
Education Select Committee on Tuesday.

The  committee’s chairman, Graham Stuart, has indicated he would talk to
our  whistleblower in confidence.

The whistlebower said the behaviour of social  workers has been
dramatically and “needlessly” changed since the full details  over the 2007
death of Baby Peter Connelly in Haringey, north London, emerged  three
years ago.

He said there is now a new culture of fear in which the  buck of
responsibility is continuously passed up the managerial chain.

He  said people in desperate need of help with their parenting skills
are instead  having their lives ruined by bureaucrats who fear being blamed
for a highly  unlikely case of extreme abuse.

Courts sitting away from the public glare  are then increasingly being
asked to make life-changing decisions based on  “biased” evidence, he

Latest figures show that social workers,  already overstretched due to
Government cuts, are dealing with rapidly rising  caseloads with 42,700
children now on child protection plans.

Social  workers say this is largely due to political pressure after the
Baby P  case.

David Cameron has said there are too many children in care and that  the
adoption process needs streamlining, but critics say the real issue is 
about why so many youngsters are taken into care in the first place.

The  whistleblower, a father who works for a large authority in the
south of  England, said: “We’re being pressured to go against what we think
is right  for families.

“Personally, I’ve written reports and been told, ‘You are too  positive
with this family, we’ll never get it to court unless you make it more 


“I’ve actually been told that.

“Although it goes against  what you feel is right, you feel under an

“Children need to be  in their families and we need to support them as
much as possible and only if  there are great risks do you take a child out
of a family.”

When asked for  an example, he said: “In order to get a child through to
a child protection  conference, we’re told to make the situation look bad
and worse than it  actually is.

“We don’t necessarily make things up, but we can change the 

“It’s subtle. I had one child aged about eight. I’d prepared a  report
with the emphasis saying that the parents were prepared to make changes 
and that their attitude was willing.

“But then I was told this was too  positive, we’d never get it

“I was told to bring out more of the  negative points, so I had to
concentrate on the lack of cleanliness of the  house. That put the parents
in a bad light.”

He said these reports were  used to take children out of a family home
and in many cases then placed for  adoption.

He added: “It destroys families. But the newer, younger social  workers
see this as the norm, they just want to toe the line with their bosses  and
that’s worrying.”

The whistleblower also  raised serious concerns about council-appointed
psychologists who he believes  are biased in favour of their

In particular, he said he had  doubts over what he said were nebulous
concepts of emotional abuse and  “attachment theories”.

He said: “These psychologists create such a high  standard of for
parenting that most of us would fail.”

MP John Hemming said: “I congratulate the Sunday Express in  unearthing
this national scandal.

“A number of whilstleblowers  have come to me to explain how expert
evidence is at times sexed up and at  other times plainly wrong in the
Family Courts.

“Taking the  wrong children into care on the basis of sexed up dossiers
and meaningless  psychobabble results in other children being left to die
such as Baby P.

“Parliament must act to sort out the child protection system.”

Nishra  Mansuri, of the British Association of Social Workers,
recognised the  whistleblower’s comments and said: “It’s a major concern.
The cuts are  creating so much pressure for social workers that the right
decisions are not  being taken.

“We’re storing up so many problems, but the odds are against 


"Social workers 'sex up abuse claims to snatch children

I was appalled to read this headline in the Sunday Express at the weekend: "Social workers 'sex up abuse claims to snatch children for adoption'." Have we gone back in time? Have tabloid newspapers learned nothing?

In 2009, Community Care launched a campaign to promote more balanced, accurate media coverage of social work. This was prompted by news coverage of the Baby P case, including the Sun newspaper's campaign calling for the sacking of the professionals involved in the case. But it sounds like this fell on deaf ears in some tabloid newsrooms.

The Express story rests on the account of one whistleblower, who claims social workers "sex up" dossiers on parents in order to justify putting their children in care. The claims, in relation to that particular local authority, may be entirely accurate - I'm not trying to discredit them - and if that is the case, of course it needs to be investigated.

But the Sunday Express takes the experience of this one social worker and infers that this must, therefore, be happening across the board. A suggestion I think a lot of social workers and councils would dispute.

Granted, you could argue that the article highlights the increasing pressure on social workers. But it also falls back on the 2009 approach to reporting about those working in children's services - describing them as "child snatchers".

Last week, Moira Gibb, chair of the Social Work Reform Board, told me that improving the public image of social work was still a top priority for her and the board. She sees this becoming one of the College of Social Work's main duties when it formally launches in January. The Sunday Express's coverage makes you realise how much still needs to be done.




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I am a mother and have had 3 daughters in three years and never had any trouble with doing so I was 21 with the first, My health visitor said I was "mother earth" so when My 2 youngest daughters had their children I was there for the births and evry minuet for the first 6 weeks. They are good mothers to their children BUT 5 days after the youngest one was born we found out that the father had commited an offence against a young child. My Daughter has been hounded since even though this was not her fault and she has had no contact with him since he was convicted and will not ever see or have any contact ever again dispite this all of the things in the whistle blowers statement have happened to her she has in the last week had a total breakdown after the emotional abuse they have put her through. I have my daughters young daughter and I can clearly see that she is health, happy, well looked after, and no different to any other baby I know and have had contact with and their have been many as we had foster parents in our family who looked after abused and battered babys for many years.   The second of my daughters has a lovely little baby  and is expecting her second the father of the first left at 5 months pregnant the second was under social services as a minor for " supposedly" touching a family members child. they have no contact with any of the fathers now but they have intertwined these cases and the above whistle blowers report applies in this case to happy health baby well looked after. So what do you do these people are playing with peoples lives like puppets emotional abuse, Lies, trumped up between them selves in the office they decive the parents by not stateing who they are and their names when they do visits and twist evrything thats said we as a whole family, a very large extended family with no social services history before EVER have been targeted. So where do we go from here?


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Unfortunately you are not the first family nor will you be the last family to be hounded and badgered and intimidated and and be forced into horifying situations by the very agencies put here to help us!

Its a crock..Welcome to LukesArmy, im sorry you have had to seek us out..

I personally understand how you are feeling and how angry this makes you feel, especially when there really are so many children needing help and these agencies are too busy destroying good families that they forget the children in need and we suffer for it..

Please go over to LukesArmys facebook page where you can get immediate support and advice from others further down the line who have gone through what you are...


The link is here:

I can also put this on the facebook page if you wish, your name may be edited also Mrs Latter.

Please come back to this site and check for comments and suggestions and Lukes Dad or some other member of LukesArmy will have been by then and will pop you a reply.

Stay strong above all...

All the best,