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Peri Jackson Gosford DoCS NSW Lies and Threatens Parents

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on Sun, 04/29/2012 - 17:57

Dear  michael  gosford docs  on central  coast is the most  currupt docs ever.they have the highest rate of taking children in nsw.  Peri jackson is a worker in docs  at gosford  who blatantly lies and threatens  parents, Gosford docs  actually attacks  innocent parents .Please look into Gosford DoCS and expose them.

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Peri Jackson does not ring a bell, perhaps other people could come forward with some info about Gosford DoCS NSW.

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I have never come across a bunch of bigger bullies than DOCS, I was abused in a relationship and therefore had my children taken from me, after I had left mind you, they made me out to be an alcoholic and a drug user, neither of which I am and then made up fake child abuse claims against me, one case worker there even told me that the druggies of Gosford where better mothers than you cause they still have their kids, her name was Linda Turnball, they tried to force me into signing paper work and threatened that if I didn't said just remember that at any time we can just come and take your kids if you don't do what we say, Barbara Powers was another one who told me god you are so stupid it's like talking to a teenager when I talk to you. I was more threatened and abused by DOCS staff and it has left me mental scars and nightmares which I will never over come, the hate I have for what they do to peoples lives is unbelievable, and if you ask me they can all go burn in hell. One other thing while my baby son was in foster care he came to visits with off milk in his bottle and on one occasion even had a fly in it.

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my experience with Gosford is a little old as when wyong ohc opened my case was transfered there
A worker who no longer works there had the gall to introduce my child to long term carers while i was still fighting the wardship in court (the carers are fantastic but thats beside the point)
since then a lot of water has gone under the bridge ive fought to keep contact with my children (my youngest also ended up a ward but at least she's with her brother)
both my kids ended up in care due to my illness and workers threatening me to sign papers i didnt want to
funny thing is i was drawn here through doing a google search for a telephone number and discovering the story of brett Gilwiller I also stumbled across a name and shame site and found my case workers' managers name there except last time i rang i was told hes not her manager anymore
wish there was a place when i was going through my crap with DOCS can i just say im glad its here now im sorry it was at the loss your your son
DOCS dont do the job they are supposed to plain n simple!

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I am so happy that you found the site, and found it to be useful. I sincerely thanyou for posting on the site and hope you continue to do so.

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i am a mother of two who have benen removed by the department i have been through local and district court, the begin i had adam pulsford...... he is the worst docs worker in gosford docs. he came to my home and told me my daughter will be returnto me straight away then had  a smoke at my front door, though out the process of 3 yrs not adam pulsford has fought against me about getting my children home where they belong i dont do drugs i dont dink i have been drug tested, i dont have domestic volience in my home but yet i still according to gosford docs unable to care for my children but adam pulsford seems to think that my daughter father is a great dad and can care for her when he has been chargded with domestic voilence i had to put a avo out as he bashed me 9 days befor my due date was charged with 16 counts of breaking avo and in the middle of the court case it came out that he raped and bashed his next gf and forced her to get a abortion. i went 2 years of physicallm and mental abuse with my ex and the department thinks he is a great dad, his parents where assesed aswell and it came out that they do drugs and drink but yet my daughter is placed with all three of them, after my daughter went in to foster care she came to contact with split lips and brusing all over her body but agian adam pulsford would not do anything and said she fell. since she has been in care of her biological father and his parents she is scared to go home after visits and say she hates it there and grandma slaps her across the facemy daughte has had clear finger marks on her legs and again adam said she fell at a birthday party. have have contact the minister and made several complaints about adam pulsford and it never went further then that, my son was placed with my husbands parents who admits to hitting there children growing up, leaving themon the side of the road and locking them outside at night by themselves and again adam pulsford response was that was a long time ago they have learnt from there mistakes. i am scared for my childrens saftey and it get throw in my face... i now have peri jackson and she is as worse as adam. she refuses to tell me about my children and how theyaregoing, refuses to let my family have any mnore then once every 2 months contact ,, when it has nothing to do with them and she deny every request i ask for.. every child abuse complaint i have for my children regaring the level of care that they are recieveing she will take 3 weeks to respond ( so she can cover up any information she needs to) and he response is always we have looked into it and there no concern... im sorry when my children come with brusing and unusal scratching over themselves there is a concern.

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Thankyou for exposing this corruption on the site. I am currently in a competition which if I win gives me an audience with the federal minister for children and communities, Jenny Macklin. Currently our question (I say "our" because it is coming from all at Luke's Army) is coming first, and has six times as many votes as the nearest question. The minister must publicly answer the question. I posted this blog on the competition question, but could you please go and vote for our question, you are allowed to vote seven times, and leave as many comments as possible, to bring this to the attention of the minister. You can find it at the link below, kind regards, Michael.