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Ordo Templi Orientis Australian National Treasurer David Bottrill Taking Luke's Army Admins to Court

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on Thu, 06/05/2014 - 07:39
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Ordo Templi Orientis Australian National Treasurer David Bottrill Taking Luke's Army Admins to Court

The Law of Thelema dictates, if a lover of youth finds his true will entwines him romantically with a child, and the kid loves him too, for them to deny the joy of their relationship would be a sin.

Note: My apologies to the websites I have obtained information from for not asking and not leaving a reference to your site as I always do but with David Bottrill running around threatening anyone who expresses a view of the OTO with which he is not in agreement with, I have done this to protect the location of all information and the people responsible for it, Michael.

Photo: On display at the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) "Temple" in Freemantle, Western Australia to celebrate the Feast of the Three Days. ... 31 copies of "The Book of the Law" spanning 1938 to 2013 alongside original handwritten diaries and paintings by Aleister Crowley.

When I first became aware of the OTO, it was via an emailed threat of legal action from David Bottrill the Australian Treasurer of the OTO. Upon a search of the Luke's Army website, the only page on the Luke's Army site that contained "OTO" or "Ordo Templi Orientis" was a blog exposing an OTO member in the United States who had been caught and convicted for posessing child porn, hardly surprising when you start to learn about the secretive organisation OTO which consists of members who consider themselves enlightened.

David Bottrill was for some reason worried that a blog about politicians and police covering up for paedophiles in Australia somehow implicated the OTO in Australia, even though the OTO was mentioned nowhere in this blog. One wonders why David Bottrill is so worried about politicians, police and paedophiles so much if he isn't somehow mixed up in this controversy or the OTO isn't somehow connected.

This week letters were received by several members of the Luke's Army Group on Facebook, apparantly my name was included in these letters which came from OTO member David Bottrill although I have not yet received any letter from him or the OTO, but the letters were to notify of some sort of legal action whereby David Bottrill seeks damages from the Luke's Army admins of $10 000. One of these admins is a pastor and has never spoken about or to David Bottrill, or about the OTO.

It seems that David Bottrill makes it his purpose to run around the internet covering up for the OTO by threatening anyone who talks about the OTO in any negative way with legal action, and he boasts about putting two people in their sixties in jail for talking about the OTO on their website, and he also successfully brought legal action against one Reina Michaelson, a Young Australian of the year. Who would you think is more respectable, a woman who devotes her life to the protection of abused kids and the exposure of paedophile rings and satanic ritualistic sacrifice of babies, children and adults, allegedly by the OTO?

Proof that the OTO worship Alistair Crowley a Paedophile

Who was Aleister Crowley?

What do you call a man who shows signs of psychotic behavior, defecates on hotel carpets because he thinks his feces are "sacred", writes poetry about molesting his own children, identifies with the Anti-Christ, and dies a penniless junkie in a flophouse? If you're a Thelemite, you declare him a god and hang on every letter of his writings of course!

    Believing he was the Anti-Christ of the Apocolypse (Revelations), he set out to replace Christianity with a religion where he would become a Demigod of a religion with only one commandment: "Do What Thou Will". With Crowley's new religion (called "Thelema"), a person would be able to perform magic spells that work, become invisble (or at least Crowley thought he could become invisible anyway), take any drug, hashish, heroin, cocaine, etc., without fear of addiction, and indulge in every form of sexual gratification.

     Crowley died a drug addict, never attaining this supposed mastery over drugs. I personally new a girl into Wicca and Crowley. She died a drug addict, just like Crowley. She spent some time in and out of rehab before she did. She left behind a husband and two kids...she was only 26. There is no telling how many people that have died from drug overdoses in the last 50 years have done so trying to achieve an unattainable goal of Thelemic mastery of the will.

     Dying a drug addict is not some kind of magical power! Drugs can cause hallucinations, and no doubt many occultists really believe their hallucinations are spirits, gods, or demons. They aren't, they're hallucinations. [ Note: If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol or know someone who does,you may want to try oceanfront drug rehab centers.]

    Crowley was born Edward Alexander Crowley in 1875. He was born into a rich family, an heir to Crowley Ale. His family belonged to a strict church called The Plymouth Brethren. Crowley was very close to his father, who was a minister for the sect. At age 10, young Aleister's world was shattered when his father died. It seems Crowley's later homosexuality was born out of the need of a father figure, in the classic Freudian idea.

    Some people have believed Crowley's departure from Christianity into the occult and black magic was due to a repressive childhood, but by Crowley's own admission, he was a "rather spoiled little boy", and apparently his life wasn't as "repressed" as many would have us believe. There is an incident that occurred young Crowley's life that changed him which is usually overlooked by all but a few people doing research on Crowley. I feel it was this incident that started poor Crowley on his path to ruin.

    When he was 14 years old, he was knocked unconscious after a mishap with a homemade firework on Guy Fawkes night, 1891. The homemade "roman candle" consisted of a large glass jar with almost two pounds of gun powder. The explosion shattered nearby windows, left Crowley with pieces of gravel embedded in his face, and knocked Crowley unconscious. He remained in a coma for four days , and had to wear a blindfold for two weeks for fear he would go blind from the flash.

    After he came out of the coma, or so it is said, Crowley had a marked change in his personality and behavior. Some of his followers believe that this accident opened up what Colin Wilson might call "faculty X", giving Crowley "mystical powers". In reality, what it probably did was give him minor brain damage. People who suffer head injuries involving brain damage often exhibit a change in personality and psychotic behavior, and any trained psychologist or psychiatrist will tell you this is so.

     Psychotic behavior can include extreme impulsiveness, aggressiveness and a disregard for the law and the rights of others. There is no one more important in the world of the psychotic than himself. Crowley exhibited these behaviors after his mishap. It was on that Guy Fawkes Night that Edward Alexander Crowley ended and Aleister Crowley began.

    Crowley suffered from sexual deviations, which he wrote about extensively. He was bisexual, and a pedophile. In fact all throughout Crowley's writings is an obsession with sex. He was obsessed with sex to the point he might be described as a pansexual; a person who see sex in everything. He often paid prostitutes to have sex with him, from which he contracted V.D. He seemed to be willing to try anything sexually.

    Crowley developed an interest for the occult at an early age. He started reading books on occultism such as Mather's Kabbalah Unveiled, and the infamous Book of Black Magic and of Pacts by A.E. Waite, and claimed at age 14 he even made a pact with the devil. He attended Cambridge University after he finished public school, but dropped out before graduating. He fancied himself a painter, a poet, and above all a "magickian".

    There is probably little of what Crowley turned out that could be considered art or poetry in the traditional sense...or magic for that matter. A good portion of his poetry amounted to little more than dirty limericks. His "art" was one dimensional, and often pornographic. His magic could only be called magical in the minds of the most desperate.

    At age 21 Crowley opened a "Temple of Satan" in a studio flat on Fulham Road , London. Crowley continued to study the occult and blowing his share of the family fortune on drugs and prostitutes and working to be "the wickedest man in the world" during the years along the way.

In 1909 Crowley started an occult religion he hoped would replace Christianity (it didn't) called "Thelema", which is the Greek word for "will". An example of Crowley's utter hate for Christians and Christianity can be seen in this comment,

"With the cross of Jesus trampled on the floor...Christians necks our footstool, Heaven itself Our throne."
Well, obviously Crowley had issues with Christians.   

I was in for a surprise when Alex Sanders offered to show me his Wiccan temple. I was visiting the famous magician and self-styled King of the Witches at his cottage in the Old Town at Bexhill-on-Sea, in Sussex, in 1978, to interview him for a national magazine. He was pleasant and amusing and we'd already had a couple of drinks at his favourite nearby pub, The Bell.
‘This is where it all happens,’ he said with a mischievous smile as he opened the door to the temple. Remarkably, I found it was furnished almost completely with Christian items, including statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

‘Even some witches have told me it’s blasphemous to practise witchcraft in what looks like a Christian chapel‚’ he said. ‘But for me, Christ represents the Sun God and Mary the Earth Mother. Christianity and witchcraft may seem very different, but underneath they have a lot in common. I didn't deliberately gather all these Christian objects, I might add. It was quite strange. Soon after I moved in here, over a short period various people suddenly started offering them to me. Others were mysteriously left in the garden. It was as if some higher power had decreed that's how my temple should be.’

At the time, Alex, then aged 52, had a partner who was a young male civil servant.
'I love him utterly,’ he maintained. 'He was married to a beautiful girl, but she didn't stand a chance against me. He was dressed as a skinhead when I first met him four years ago, with the regulation shaven head, bovver boots and turned-up jeans. Today, he is a presentable young man. Women give me fulfillment, but I find happiness with men.'

His well known bi-sexuality, it's suggested, may have resulted from an experience as a boy with the infamous occultist and reputed 'Wickedest Man in the World', Aleister Crowley.
Sanders had been initiated as a witch, he claimed, at aged just seven, by his witch grandmother, Mary Bibby, whom he had chanced on standing naked in the kitchen in a circle drawn on the floor.

'She ordered me to strip naked and enter the circle,’ he recalled. ‘She carried out a ritual and then on her instructions, as I bent down with my head between my thighs she nicked my scrotum with a knife and said “You are one of us now.” She later gave me her Book of Shadows to copy into my own and taught me all the rites'.

At ten, she took him to London to meet Aleister Crowley, whom she knew.
'She left me with Crowley for the night and he carried out some of his sex magic with me,’ said Alex. 'It wasn't a very nice experience. To me, as a young boy, he was just a horrible, smelly, old man. Before I left he tattooed his “mark of the beast” on my hand. It's still there. It hardly
turned me off sex though.
At one time when I was still in London with my second wife, Maxine, I also had two mistresses and nine male lovers. It's a much quieter life here in Bexhill-on-Sea. My current coven is only five-strong and just one of them is a woman.'

Outrageous and a born showman as he was, Alex Sanders has to be credited with publicising modern witchcraft and, indeed, founding in the 196Os its flourishing Alexandrian branch of Wicca to rival the existing Gardnerian of Gerald Gardner. Although some of his magic was 'grey’, he insisted to me that most of it was 'white’, often aimed at healing people. He told me that
while at Bexhill he had helped a number of drug addicts to get off heavy drugs and cured a woman of cystitis by simply placing his hands on her head and 'willing her illness away'.
He also claimed to have used magic to help women with fertility problems and people just having trouble getting a job.

But with a wicked grin he did admit that on occasion he got rid of people's warts by magically transferring them to somebody else he didn't like. His favourite targets for this, he revealed, were passing traffic wardens! And friends maintained that he had only to whistle the funeral march at someone who had upset him to have them in hospital within the week.

(*Jack Pleasant adds: ‘I came to be fond of Alex Sanders and to consider him an entertaining friend. It pleased him when on occasion, I called on him bearing a bottle of the appalling, to my taste, cheap, sweet, white Spanish wine that he enjoyed. I missed him when he died in 1988, choosing the significant Wiccan date to pass on to the Summerlands of April 3Oth -
Beltane Eve.')

Here is another story involving the OTO for you to threaten with legal action David Bottrill, you must be real proud of yourself....
On Friday we revealed that the Catholic Church had accepted as substantially true revelations by an abuse victim that a Melbourne priest took part in satanic rituals where murders took place. Some Gotcha commentators were sceptical about the victim’s experiences and questioned how they could be true. Now the victim wants to respond. Here is his side of the story in his own words.

“First of all, thank you to all the commenters for taking the time to read Gary Hughes’ article on my situation and for giving your reactions.
A number of issues have been raised and I would like to respond to them in turn.
These issues as I see them are:
- the time I took to bring forth the allegations;
- the issue of missing persons not triggering police investigations;
- whether these “memories” are recovered by hypnosis or other means;
- what evidence can I produce to support these claims;
- did the Church pay out only for the sexual abuse of that priest or did it include payment for the ritual abuse;
- what caused the Church to acknowledge my claim;
- and whether the priest was acting outside his role as a Catholic priest.

To take the last point first, very clearly the priest was acting against the teachings of the Catholic Church. (In this writing, when I refer to the “Catholic Church” or the “Church”, I am referring to the hierarchy in particular and to the full time employees to a lesser extent. I do not mean it to cover the laity, who turn up on Sunday and may even hold honorary positions.)
In no way can the Church be seen to be endorsing this abusive and abhorrent behaviour. However, if any organisation wishes, or in the case of the Catholic
Church demands, authority over their employees, then it must accept some responsibility for their behaviour, otherwise order disintegrates and corruption ensues.
In law, this is covered under “Duty of Care”, I believe.  The Catholic Church has been able to avoid this responsibility in the courts because it does not
exist as a legal entity before the law, amazingly.
This is doubly ironic when their persistent attitude of having quasi, if not outright, legal jurisdiction over this abuse issue and it’s investigation through
their parallel process to the State police and court system is considered.

What caused the Church to accept my claim?
An intriguing question, to be sure.  The Vicar General in The Australian newspaper on Saturday said: “Because he was believable and we gave him the benefit of the doubt.” This is a little less than their investigator Peter O’Callaghan QC said at the time. He said that he “had no reason to disbelieve” me and, presumably, that is what he communicated to the Compensation Panel.
In the end, I cannot answer for them. I will say that Mr. O’Callaghan and the Church authorities had plenty of warning that I may make the allegations formal. I don’t think that their decision could be characterised as impulsive or “knee-jerk”.
Another intriguing question relating to this is whether or not any follow up investigation was done.
This particular priest was known to have associations with other paedophilic priests and it would be reasonable for an investigator to question whether any
of these or other priests were involved in the cult.
Mr O’Callaghan didn’t ask me any questions along these lines, or any other lines for that matter, then or since.

Did the Church pay out only for the sexual abuse of that priest only or did it include payment for the ritual abuse?
On the surface, it would appear to be for abuse including the ritual abuse, according to Mr O’Callaghan’s communications to me. But I would say that it would
depend on what Mr O’Callaghan included in his report to the Compensation Panel.
There does appear to some disconnect between the acceptance of my claims of extreme abuse and the decision of the “Compensation Panel” to award 60% of the amount they were authorised to make.
(Amnesty international has described Satanic Ritual Abuse as the worst example of human rights abuse there is.)
But it may be a moot point anyway because “The Payment” as it is referred to in the signed agreement between myself and the Church is for my release of
them from civil action for damages arising from the behaviour of that particular priest (who is unnamed in the Deed Of Release) characterized simply as “The Abuser”.  It was not compensation.  Elsewhere in their communications the payment is referred to as the “ex gratia payment” and in some places as “ex gratia compensation”.
Legally there appears to be no responsibility taken for the abuse which would be implied if they described the payment as simply “Compensation”.  So, in the end, strictly speaking they haven’t compensated me for anything save my right to sue them over this priest.

Were these “memories” recovered by hypnosis or other means?  Were they repressed at any stage?
It is very difficult to talk meaningfully about “memories” in this context because most people are unfamiliar with the term “abreaction”.  An abreaction (a term coined by Freud) describes a cognitive perception that has got itself jammed in the middle of its electrical/chemical journey through the various
brain cortexes on it’s way to becoming what we would normally call a memory - a recollection of something that happened in the past and that is over, and thankfully so, if it was unpleasant.
An abreaction is the replaying of that cognitive sensation as if it is happening now.  Many of the physiological sensations and reactions that happened on the original occasion will manifest again.  So smells can be smelt and pain can be felt.
To give you an unpleasant example, I will sometimes get a sharp pain in my rectum that will lift me out of my seat.
There are physiological markers that can be observed externally such as lowered skin temperature and/or raised heart rate, things that cannot be duplicated through acting.  In other words, an abreaction is an experience, not a memory of an experience.
Another related question is “is it possible to forget something that has such impact?” and if so, “can it be recovered later?”.  This is rather simpler to deal with.
You may remember that when Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car accident, her bodyguard was reported to have amnesia of the accident.  There were no howls of “nonsense” (or worse) because we all seem to know someone, or know someone who knows someone, whom has had this very experience in a car accident.
And what’s more, it’s common knowledge that recovery from this amnesia is also quite common though maybe less so.  (For further information on this, I would refer the reader to the Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse report (linked previously by Gary Hughes) and in particular the section on False Memory Syndrome Foundation).
So with that introduction, I can say that I have always had some memories and experienced some abreactions but not enough to put it all together. One of these was an image of cannibalism.  But I had no context for it.
A flood of abreactions occurred directly after the caesarean birth of my third child at which I was present.  The enduring image I have of that time is of baby covered in blood and afterbirth being lifted up.
The child that was killed that is mentioned in the article on Friday was, in fact, an infant.  The birth of my daughter was a massive trigger.
The subsequent abreactions or recalled experiences occurred outside therapy.  There was no hypnosis involved.  I cannot abide it, in any case, as the priest used it on me to induce forgetfulness in me.
There are other things involved here as well, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or in my case, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is permanent amongst other things, and Dissociation.  If you, the reader, would like to understand this important, and at times,
fascinating area, you could Google the above terms to start with and read the ASCA document. A book I could recommend is “Ritual Abuse - What is it” by Margaret Smith, who is a research psychologist and a ritual abuse survivor.

What evidence of these claims can I produce?
First and foremost, I am “Exhibit A”, if you like.  I am the smoking gun.  I have permanent physical and neurological injuries.  My conditions are verifiable
scientifically and the symptoms cannot be faked convincingly.  My neurological conditions are only produced under extreme and sustained conditions.
To refute my claims, it would at least be necessary to propose a possible alternative explanation for my condition.

The question of missing persons not triggering police investigations.
Thousands of people go missing every year without a trace including children. In America a large number of children are reported missing every week.
The child in the murders I mention was, as I said, an infant and I doubt very much whether there was any record of it being born. This is a common practice in cults.  I was led to believe that the infant was mothered by one of the cult members, who was also subsequently murdered. I was also led to believe, subsequently, that I was the father, though this was impossible (although I didn’t think so at the time) because I had not reached puberty by then.
There are also lots of ways to dispose of bodies. If you cannot think of any, you are not trying!  Priests also have access to cemeteries and crematoriums.  On reflection, I think you will see it’s not that difficult to avoid suspicion particularly if your association with the victim is clandestine.
There is also the question of collusion by the police. Police corruption is a fact of life. No force is exempt from it.  Gary Hughes’ reporting is largely
focused on this issue and there seems to be no shortage of stories.
One of the commenters, Dyson Devine, mentioned Dr Reina Michaelson who has fought long and hard against sexual abuse and police corruption.  If you visit her website you will find credible allegations of police involvement in Ritual Abuse at a Mornington kindergarten and it’s cover-up.  Dr Michaelson has published the fact that she has an audio tape of an interview with staff from the Office of Police Integrity where one of the officers says that they are not interested in pursuing an organised paedophile ring even if it is still in operation.  To my my knowledge this is still the case.
Dyson also mentions Dr Michaelson’s legal battle with a group known as the Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO).
If you visit their website and affiliated sites, as Dyson and another commenter, Mary Wilson, said it is quite instructive as to “what is out there” in plain
There is also a related problem for Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors in contacting the Victoria Police and that is their badge! It prominently features an upside down five pointed star. This inverted pentagram is only used elsewhere in Satanic symbolism.
The upright pentagram is used in Satanism but also by a lot of other organisations and bodies. For instance, the Mormon Church, Freemasons and the US and the now defunct USSR military amongst many others. But the inverted pentagram is only seen in connection with Satanism and, unfortunately, the Victoria Police.  If it was an innocent mistake by the founders of the Police Force, then it is a particularly unfortunate one. Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors are familiar with the cults including in their number many people who are in authority in civil life and so would find this badge/symbol particularly off-putting.
If on the other hand, if it was not a mistake, it could go some distance in explaining the apparent paradox of the reluctance to pursue organised paedophile rings.

And finally, the time I took to bring forth the allegations.
Most of this I have already answered, but I will add that 25 years ago, when the perpetrator was still alive, the dots were not sufficiently connected up for
me take action.  Plus, think for a moment that if my allegations are outrageous now, how would they have sounded back then?
I am disappointed, to say the least, that the perpetrator is now deceased.  He would be in his seventies now.  He died in his sleep when in his early
fifties.  As far as I know, there was no autopsy done but perhaps the Vicar General could establish that.

I have spent most of my life just trying to function. Fortunately, I am quite intelligent and have been able to get by, but usually in low paid jobs.  It hasn’t been a lot of fun.
Coping with defending these allegations was out of the question.  Even at the time when I came forward a few years ago, I was not up to it, really.  I suffered much distress and dissociation throughout the process.  I entered the formal side of the Churches system because Mr O’Callaghan said it
would be difficult for him to continue to fund my therapy if I did not make a formal complaint and so formally enter the process that they had set up after my therapy had begun to be funded by a previous office of the church, which did not require “victims” to be vetted by a lawyer first.
I hope I have addressed the main issues raised. If I haven’t or there are other questions that need to be raised, please feel free to do so in the comments here and I will be happy to respond.
Finally, I would like to especially thank those who have experienced Satanic Ritual Abuse and took the time to comment and to “Ken”, who is a relative and supporter of an abuse survivor who spoke eloquently about the problems that survivors face, such as feeling inhibited about talking about myself. I would also like to thank you, the reader, for reading this far and taking the time to interest and educate yourself in this very unlovely topic.  If everybody were educated to it, I’m sure this abuse of vulnerable adults and children would cease.
To that end I urge you to click on the link to the ASCA document and take the further time to read it and read it perhaps more than once.”

James T.

Why won't anyone investigate the OTO properly??? Probably for the same reason the Catholic Church isn't investigated properly...

You have some resources already including a desire to find the answer. Plus, I’ll give you a couple of tips.
First off, get yourself a map of Melbourne (and one of Victoria).
Second, contact Broken Rites (an advocacy group for victims of clerical abuse)
and get a list of the priests and Brothers convicted of paedophilia and those whom allegations have been made against. The convictions that have resulted from police investigations have been the result of Broken Rites activism.
These priests (and Brothers) often live together. Look to see who shared residences with the convicted paedophiles.  All this information is in the public domain.
Third mark the parishes where the abuses took place and note the concentrations.
There is one particular area where O’Keefe also “served”. It has a particularly long history up until just recently.  The priests there were noted for being violent as well and for passing victims from one incumbent priest to the next. Take note of the immediately surrounding parishes and who served in them.

The odds of one parish receiving an unbroken line of abusers by coincidence get pretty high after a awhile.
So look at who occupied positions in the Pastoral Placement Office over the years and facilitated these placements.  What positions did they subsequently rise to? Who have they promoted?
The particular area I refer to came under a regional bishopric. Look up who were the bishops in that area.

I am not suggesting that all the priests you would come across are or were involved in satanism or organised paedophilia. But they would constitute a group worthy of much closer scrutiny by any concientious investigator, I would think.

Of course,  I could be sending you off on a wild goose chase. Afterall, Peter O’Callaghan QC the Catholic Church’special investigator, has all these resources and information and he hasn’t found anything amiss, it would appear.

This is the difference between Luke's Army and the OTO... All our members and admins are listed and available publicly because we have nothing to hide. One can't help but wonder why there is so much secrecy surrounding the OTO and it's membership.

Allow me to now share some more of my research which began when David Bottrill first contacted me with his threats of legal action which had no foundation. The OTO seems to worship Alistair Crowley who liked to call himself the wickedest man on earth and liked to have sex in front of children and more than likely with children, male or female. In the photo above is the book they hold sacred written by Alistair Crowley, "The Book of the Law" which he claims was dictated to him by the demon spirit "Aiwass", son of the demon spirit "Osiris", an Egyptian god, usually identified as the god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead.


The development of the will is stressed in Crowley's writings, although he himself seemed to exhibit little will power when one examines his life, squandering his fortune and winding up an alcoholic and drug addict. Crowley seems to have gotten the idea for Thelema from the novel by renegade Roman Catholic monk Francois Rabelais (c.1495-1553) called Gargantua and Pantagruel, written circa 1542 A.D. This tome attacked clerical education, medieval asceticism and monastic orders and gave a thumbs up to worldly pleasure. Along with dirty poems, Gargantua and Pantagruel contains a description of life at an imaginary monastery, the "Abbey of Theleme", whose rules are obviously quite different from those of the medieval monastery.

"All their life was regulated not by laws, statutes, or rules, but according to their free will and pleasure. They rose from bed when they pleased, and drank, ate, worked, and slept when the fancy seized them. Nobody woke them; nobody compelled them to either eat or to drink, or to do anything else whatsoever. So it was that Gargantua had established it. In their rules there was only one clause: DO WHAT YOU WILL!"

    This is an embarrassing bit of information for Thelemites who believe Crowley's claim that he really received a revelation to start a religion called "Thelema" from a demon called "Aiwazz", which also coincidentally has the motto "Do What Thou Will". This novel seems to have made an incredible impression on Crowley. Crowley would eventually even try to create his own "Abbey of Thelema" in Sicily in the 1920's, which we will read about a little later.

    Crowley's sexual appetites are well documented by Crowley himself. In his semi-autobiographical novel Moonchild Crowley reveals he often had to pay for sex, indicating he wasn't quite the sorcerer his followers paint him to be (i.e, his love spells didn’t work). Crowley was a bisexual, but he might be best described as a in, he'd try anything with anybody. Crowley had many affairs, with both men and women, and supported himself after his inheritance ran out by sponging off his lovers. In other words, he was a gigolo.

     Crowley commenting on his debauched life once wrote, "'To me, every dirty act was simply a sacrament of sin, a passionately religious protest against Christianity, which was for me the symbol of all vileness, meanness, treachery, falsehood and oppression.' [ from 'Satanic Extracts' by Aleister Crowley, edited by Cosmo Trelawney, Holmes Pub Group; (October 1995) ASIN: 1558182675 ] If people were told up front being an advanced magician involves being a drug addict, gigolo and sponging off people, no doubt many people would opt out of this career.

    Crowley developed a taste for mountain climbing while at Cambridge, and tried to climb Mount Everest a few times, but always failed to reach the top. Crowley likened the pursuit of the occult to mountain climbing. A person had to work hard at it and not stop to rest. If the occultist failed in his task, he would fall off the "mountain" into "the Abyss".

     Crowley was known to abuse his porters, and gave racist excuses to a British newspaper when interviewed as to why this was OK. On such an expedition in 1905, Crowley was deposed as leader of the group because of such behavior. During this climb, there was an avalanche later that killed several people. Crowley heard the cries for help, but did not even bother to look outside his tent, and this incident is hard to excuse, even by his followers. But this incident is far from being atypical of Crowley.

    Crowley was described, by friend and foe alike, as an egotistical, self centered, arrogant individual. He took much and gave little in return. He cared nothing about other people, except what he could get out of them and could be downright cruel to his disciples and friends. Crowley's life seems to have reflected his motto of "Do What Thou Will". Such a motto is the motto of a sociopath, if not a criminal, and it doesn’t make people better. Influenced by Nietzsche, He believed he was "beyond good and evil", and thought conventional morality did not apply to him. When looking at Crowley’s behavior throughout his life, it is hard to see any benefits of practicing Thelema.

    Crowley's system of occultism, like the Golden Dawn and the Theosophical Society before it, attempted to unite all forms of occultism into one system. Thelema was sort of a like a chop suey of the occult. Crowley's system included European ceremonial magic (from grimories like The Greater Key of Solomon, The Legementon, The Sacred magic of Abramelin the Mage, etc.) Gnosticism, Egyptian mythology, Buddhist meditation, Taoism, Tantric sex yoga, and drugs.

     There was also a strong and undeniable influence from Satanism. Crowley once said in his writings he rejected the idea of the Devil because "such a being would have to be a god", but this doesn't mean he didn't believe in Satan, he just rejected the Christian concept of him.

     Crowley said this about Satan, the Devil: "I was not content to believe in a personal devil and serve him, in the ordinary sense of the word. I wanted to get hold of him personally and become his chief of staff."


    Crowley was very fond of demons and sought them out on many occasions. One technique Crowley used to accomplish this was to sodomize a fellow magician, either man or woman, and then eat the semen or feces after the act took place. Crowley believed that sodomy attracted demons, and by eating these vile things (in a sort of mock communion) he could bring the demons inside himself and gain their powers and knowledge.

    Thank you for not throwing up when you read that Whatever Crowley thought he learned from these experiences is unknown, and you’d be an idiot to want to try these techniques. While Crowley never became the "Devil's Chief of Staff" he did, according to his followers, become demonically possessed on at least one occasion. During a ritual in the desert, along with two of his disciples, he attempted to invoke a demon called "Chronozon". It is said Crowley did all the things you're supposed to do, drawing his cute little circle in the sand with all the names of the God that he so despised inside to protect him.

    But, so the story goes, the demon simply kicked sand on the circle, walked right in, and possessed Crowley. It was said after this incident, Crowley appeared to have aged 20 years overnight. Many of his followers believe Crowley was possessed by this demon for the rest of his life! I would think these are things one must consider when deciding to follow the teachings of this man. After all, what good are his books on "Magick", if even he wound up "demonically possesed?"

    While Crowley hated Christianity, he embraced Gnosticism. He certainly seemed to be Gnostic in his thinking, rejecting Christ to be a self styled Anti-Christ. He joined the Universal Gnostic Church and quickly became an "Arch-Bishop". No doubt Crowley at least considered Satan a "dark side of nature" like Blavatsky and Anton LaVey.

    Since Satan governed things like every sexual depravity, drunkenness, violence, and sorcery, Crowley only saw good in the idea of Satan. Apologists claim Crowley was merely a "literary Satanist", like Milton or Idres Shaw. Some feel his fascination for Satan came stemmed from his rebellion against his childhood, and this may be partly true.

    They claim his references to Satan are done with irony, not to be taken seriously. However, when we read Crowley's works and look at his life, it becomes painfully obvious he took more than a passing fancy to Satanism. He wrote an "Invocation to Satan" in Liber Samekh, and constantly referred to himself as "The Great Beast, 666", which certainly makes it hard to say he wasn't involved or influenced by Satanism. He kept up this identity until he died at age 75, which is more than just rebelling against a strict upbringing.

    Crowley did many strange things throughout his life (like most psychotics), including defecating on carpets while staying at a posh hotel, claiming his feces was sacred like the Dalia Lama's. He traveled to America during World War I and wrote propaganda in support of Germany. Crowley would later claim he did it to detract from the German's, due to the propaganda's lack of quality.

    He claimed many things, like being a Scottish :Laird, even though he didn't have any Scottish blood. He even rented a house on Loch Ness, no doubt because of the monster sightings that had gone on for centuries. He later claimed to be an Egyptian prince after a trip to Egypt and called himself "Prince Chioa Khan", and returned mail if it wasn't addressed to him by his ridiculous made up title.

    In 1910 he knighted himself and shaved his big head. He would claim to be a medical doctor with a Doctorate from the University of London which was news to the University when followers inquired in the 1980's. He never even attended one class there! He once opened a "magickal restaurant" featuring pills made with his own semen as an ingredient (yuck!).

    In an attempt to imitate the powers of Christ, he tried to reanimate a skeleton by reciting spells and placing "blood small birds and the like" on it every day, which of coursed failed since he had no powers (so why buy his books?). This "magick" experiment only resulted in a horrible sight and an unimaginable stench.  from this lesson, we can qucikly learn 1) Crowley's  "Magick" doesn't actually work, and  2) He was a lunatic.

     If you had a relative like Crowley, you would have him committed! The reason Crowley wasn’t was because of his wealth and social standing. When reading passages like the above, his modern day followers gloss over them, r dismiss it as part of his offbeat sense of humor.

    He married a woman named Rose Kelly in 1903. Crowley called her "The Whore of Babylon" to compliment his self-proclaimed Anti-Christ title. The poor woman was mentally unstable (what other kind of woman would hook up with Crowley?), and eventually went completely insane. She spent the remainder of her life in an insane asylum.

     This was said to be a pattern throughout Crowley's career. Followers, servants, and lovers of both sexes went insane, perhaps because they were mentally unstable to begin with, or perhaps driven insane deliberately by Crowley somehow, or perhaps both factors. Several disciples were said to have committed suicide after Crowley had no further use for them.

     Most people would expect a religious figure does good things for people. But what about a religious figure that drives people insane and even to suicide?

Never Ask Aleister Crowley To Babysit For You

Crowley also seemed to have engaged in pedophilia...if not, he certainly did little to discouarge the idea. He frequently liked to compare himself to child rapist and murderer Giles "Bluebeard"de Rias, and one of his friends was occult historian Montague Summers, another man dogged by rumors of pedifry. While in Italy, Collin Wilson mentions Crowley had a young black male child for a sex partner in his book The Occult: A History. Exactly how many children Crowley sired is not known, but it is known he had several out of wedlock.

   He did have two legitimate children with Rose. He cast a horoscope for his 4 year old daughter, whom he predicted would "grow up to be an ordinary little whore ". Certainly this is a terrible thing for any man to wish upon his child, and this is a hard statement for any of his readers to defend. The most disturbing clue to Crowley's inclicnations is recorded in his diary in a strange third person style of writing.

 "[Rose Kelly] hath given Her two year old bastard boy to her lover’s whim of sodomy...She hath tounged Her five-month old girl, and asked its father to deflower it."

    The above is a very shocking and graphic account. It truly sums up all the things that people fear most about the occult.  Psychotics sometimes molest their own children, so if Crowley was psychotic, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

    With Thelema and it's hedonistic "Do What Thou Will" creed, it's Pagan gods and goddesses, it's rituals that incorporate Pagan phallus worship, it's sex magic, it's style of borrowing from many cultures, it's sub-textual references to Satanism...Thelema in a way almost looks like a proto-Wicca. Not surprisingly, two of Crowley's followers, Gerald Gardner and Jack Parsons, were both working on witch-cults. See Wicca: The Old Religion? page for more details.

    Since Crowley had a religion that said a person could do basically whatever a person wanted to do, he decided he would practice sorcery and use drugs. Crowley was obsessed with the development of the will. In fact the name of his occult religion, "Thelema", is the Greek word meaning "will".

    Crowley believed a person could take strong narcotics like heroine and hashish and not become addicted by use of willpower developed through his Thelemic magic. Another experiment in developing the will would be to cut himself with a razor on his forearm every time he thought, said or did something that he was supposed to avoid as part of exercise (for instance, such as not saying the word "the").(L) Some occultists have wound up in the hospital attempting this. Some have also wound up dead.

    This is idea of "worship of will" is reflected in his Magnum Opus, Liber Al Vel Legis, which is Latin for "The Book of the Law." which he wrote in 1903 The book as mentioned was supposedly given to him by a demon named "Aiwazz". The book is divided into three parts, and deals with various Egyptian gods like Horus and Isis. The book gives, in a very cloaked language, the instructions for sex magic and other secrets. It also gives some very blatant anti-Christian barbs. Here are some excerpts of the book. LAVL 2:23 I am alone: there is no God where I am.

    Of that, there can be little doubt! Many Satanic groups like the Temple of Set consider the being communicating to Crowley in Liber Al vel Legis to be Satan himself. The fact "God" is capitalized indicates Crowley was talking about the Judeo-Christian God.

3:12 Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child.

    This verse was later interpreted to concern Crowley's daughter who died at the age of four. Crowley was devastated by the loss, and it seems to be one of the few times in his life he had compassion for another human being. Crowley wanted his daughter to be worshiped by his followers like a god, and make sacrifices of cattle to her. Some people feel that the alleged cattle mutilations of the 70's and 80's may have been inspired by this verse.

Liber Al Vel Legis II:22 "I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, & be drunk thereof! They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this is folly against self. The exposure of innocence is a lie. Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this."

So in other words, have spiritual enlightenment, have any kinds and all kinds of sex, take any kind of drug, and never worry about the consequences! Sounds like the Bhuddah if he were Tommy Chong and Hugh Heffner all rolled into one. Have your cake and it too, right?

But as the old adage says, if it sounds too good to be true...

Drugs and sex were the key ingredients in Thelema. Crowley wrote a fictionalized account of this process in the novel Diary of a Drug Fiend in 1922. In the novel, a young man and woman fall in love and go on a dope spree throughout Europe. But the fun ends when the couple's supply of cocaine and heroine is cut off, and misery replaces fun. Through the magic of a "King Lamus" (Crowley), a sorcerer they meet, they free themselves of addition with Crowley's Thelemic magic, and they live happily ever after.

     The problem is, it doesn't work like that in real life, nor did it work that way for Aleister Crowley. Throughout the years Crowley would become addicted to drugs like alcohol, heroine, morhpine and cocaine. Crowley would sometimes try to kick his habit by going "cold turkey", only to become addicted again and again Crowley developed a serious drug habit by the 1930's and was taking enough heroin to kill several people everyday. Drug addicts often develop habits involving amounts that can kill non addicts. Ironically, Crowley's followers cite his ability to take large amounts of drugs as somehow "proof" his "magic" worked, failing to realize medical science has documented drug addicts can become tolerant of doses of drugs that would be lethal to non-addicts.

3: 22-23 For perfume mix meal & honey & thick leavings of red wine: then oil of Abramelin and olive oil, and afterward soften & smooth down with rich fresh blood. The best blood is of the moon, monthly: then the fresh blood of a child, or dropping from the host of heaven: then of enemies; then of the priest or of the worshipers: last of some beast, no matter what.

    Animal sacrifices are a big part of Crowley's Thelema magick. This verse says the blood of any animal can be used...this would also include presumably someone's pet dog or cat. Notice the above verse also mentions "the blood of a child" or even "enemies". Who are the enemies of Thelema? Christians! Put that in your Funk and Wagnal! I’m not saying Thelemites sacrifice Christians, but it is not impossible some misguided follower would not do this someday. The Charles Manson Family had contact with an O.:T.:O.: lodge, and the two had many beliefs in common including racism, drug use, and torture.

    As mentioned, Crowley took great interest in old grimories (spell books) like Grimorium Verum and The Book of Abramelin. In fact he later re-wrote Grimorium Verum and retitled it "The Lesser Key of Solomon", which went on to become a very popular occult book. Wiccan author Paul Huson uses the inscriptions of Legementon in Mastering Witchcraft, by the way. Crowley believed that by contacting the demons in these books and allowing himself to become possessed by them he could gain knowledge and power from them. This may sound like a crazy idea, but one has to remember that to an occultist, there is no good or evil, and that they believe demons are spiritual beings that can benefit mankind. In fact, I've heard occultniks refer to demons as "angels with an attitude".

    Crowley Joined many occult groups and lodges over the years. He became a 33rd degree Freemason on a trip to Mexico. He joined the Ordero Templi Orentis (which is Latin for "The Order of the Oriental Temple"). The group was founded in Germany, and dedicated to sex magick rituals. The O.:T.:O:. claimed it had all the secrets of Rosicrucian, Freemasonry, the Templars, and Alchemy. Crowley rapidly ascended up the ranks of the order and eventually had complete control over it. When he became the head of the O.:T.:O:., he added an 11th grade dedicated to homosexual sex. This ensured Crowley had complete control of the groups members, because they would have to have sex with Crowley to attain it's highest grade. Crowley's name in this order was "To Mega Therion" which is Greek for "The Great Beast", clearly a reference to the Beast of the Book of Revelation of the Christian Bible. Throughout his life, Crowley often referred to himself as "The Great Beast, 666". It was within the ranks of this group that he met Gerald Gardner.

    Crowley became a bishop in the Universal Gnostic Church, which became "Crowleyized", with Thelema replacing whatever small semblance to Christianity there might have been. Now the Universal Gnostic Church is little more than extension of the O.:T.:O.:. Crowley joined the Golden Dawn and led to it's downfall. Crowley later started his own version of the Golden Dawn which he called the Argentium Astrium (Latin for Silver Star)A.:A:..He also helped H. Spence Lewis start the A.M.O.R.C. in America, initiating him during a ritual behind closed doors that lasted 3 days, and may have possibly involved gay sex magic. (Crowley added an 11th degree to the O.T.O. which required intitates to have sex with Crowley, thus ensuring he had absolute control and trust of a follower at that level. Of course, most inititates never attained that level, and thus were never faced with it.) 

 Never ask Aleister Crowley to take care of your goat while your away, either.

 After Rose Kelly went  insane, Crowley found a  new lover while in New  York named Leah Hirsig.  In the 1920's, Crowley  finally was able to  fulfil his lifelong  dream of creating a real  life "Abbey of Thelema"  in a village called  Cefalu, on the island of  Sicily in Italy. Of  course, life in the  Abbey was not the Utopia  Crowley had dreamed it  would be. He tried to  have a polygamous  relationship with two  women, but the Leah and  the other gal quickly  grew to dislike each  other and had constant  arguments.

 Also Crowley had no way  to support himself, and  at times the trio nearly starved--and would have--had it not been for the sympathy of local peasants. For three years, Crowley and the pathetic assortment of followers that came and went (leaving money and some of their sanity behind) made the Abbey home, which visitors described as about as clean as an outhouse, and it literally smelled of feces.

    One of the most disgusting of all Crowley's "magical" acts was the night  Leah defecated on a plate which Crowley, a man who’s blasphemy knew no end, then consecrated her feces as a "Eucharist". She then demanded that Crowley should eat her excrement. Under Hirsig's stern gaze, Crowley cleaned his plate of feces. Later, he wrote of this "magickal"experience: "My mouth burned; my throat choked; my belly retched, my blood fled whither who knows, and my skin sweated. She stood above me, hideous in contempt."

    Crowley adorned the walls with crudely painted pictures of people in every sexual position, as well as murals of demons. Several witnesses described the sacrifice of animals in the "magick" rituals. One such ritual is described as having a female follower copulate with a goat, and then Crowley would slash the goat's throat at the moment of climax. The blood was then collected and drank by the followers. In some rituals, Crowley baptized frogs and then crucified them as part of his "Gnostic Mass". Another sacrifice by a disciple named Loveday involving a cat went like this:

 "The cat was placed on the altar; incense was burnt; magical invocations went on for two hours. At the end of this time, Loveday slashed the cat's throat with a knife; but the blow was too light, and the cat rushed around the room howling. It was caught again, etherized, and Loveday was made to gulp down a cup of the cat's blood."

    Loveday contracted distemper after drinking blood from this poor cat and died a few days later. This incident and stories about animal and infant sacrifices the local papers ran made Mussolini's Italy give Crowley and company the boot (Italy...boot...that's a joke son, you missed it!). Throughout Crowley's career there were stories of infant sacrifice, but there never seemed to be much evidence for it. However, Crowley's own writings at first glance would seem to confirm this.

 "For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim."

    But apparently when Crowley makes statements of infant sacrifice, he is jokingly referring to masturbation. Still, while Crowley lived in London, one of his maids quit and went to the police, complaining Crowley was killing children and dumping the cremated remains in the river Thames. The police didn't take her seriously and never bothered to invistigate.

More From Crowley’s "Bible" the Liber Al Vel Legis

     To say Crowley wasn't a Satanist just isn't completely accurate. From everything we read so far, it certainly would seem that he was. Here's another gem from Crowley's Liber Al Vel Legis, the Bible of the Thelemites:

3:50 I am in a secret fourfold word, the blasphemy against all gods of men.

3:51 Curse them! Curse them! Curse them!

3:52 With my Hawk's head I peck at the eyes of Jesus as he hangs upon the cross.

3:53 I flap my wings in the face of Mohammed & blind him.

3:54 With my claws I tear out the flesh of the Indian and the Buddhist, Mongol and Din.

3:55 Bahlasti! Ompehda! I spit on your crapulous creeds.

3:56 Let Mary inviolate be torn upon the wheels: for her sake let all chaste women be utterly despised among you!

    This clearly shows intolerance for not only Christianity, but all other religions as well. Since religions have commandments concerning moral conduct, Crowley had little use for them, except what he could plagiarize for his own religion. It would be hard to describe the last passages as anything else but blasphemous.

    So before occultists shake their finger at "xtians" and give them the stink eye for what they perceive to be " intolerance", let them look at what's sitting on their own bookshelves! The above verse quoted doesn't really sound much different from the rantings of a teenage Satanist might post in a newsgroup online.

 Crowley as "Demi-God"?
In his commentary on his Liber Al-Vel Legis, Crowley once commented that he was chosen to be a "Demigod", meaning a half-man, half god, for his new religion.

    So we would have to ask people who follow Crowley, how is Crowley such an enlightened being as to be a "Demigod"? Is it his hatred for all other religions other than his own? Maybe it's the goat blood drinking, the feces eating, or the toad crucifying? Maybe the head of the O.T.O. can mail me the answer to that one some day. (Actually I already know the answer, so he can save a stamp.)

    There also many references to serpent worship, which could be a reference to sex magic, but might also be a reference to the Ophite serpent of Gnosticism. Let's review this verse again:


II:22 "I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory……"

This is definitely a reference to the Ophite serpent (Lucifer). We have to also remember Crowley's involvement in the Universal Gnostic Church. Gnostic sects both ancient and modern often could be considered devil worshipers.

A final curious verse to consider:

3:75 There is a splendour in my name hidden and glorious, as the sun of midnight is ever the son.

   From the 17th -18th centuries (and possibly even as late as the 19th century) in London, there supposedly existed a cult of Satanists called the "Sons of Midnight". This could be a reference to them. In occult literature Lucifer is sometimes called "the Sun at midnight", or the invisible sun. So it seems the secret name of the god of the Book of the Law is indeed Lucifer. Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set seems to think so, because Crowley's Liber Al Vel Legis plus a detailed commentary are included in the Crystal Tablet of Set, the group’s primary book.

    Then there is this prayer from Aleister Crowley's The Book of Lies (I think that should be the title of all his books). It clearly contains a parody of the Lord's Prayer.


Hoor hath a secret fourfold name: it is

Do What Thou Wilt

Four Words: Naught-One-Many-All.


Thy Name is holy.

Thy Kingdom is come.

Thy Will is done.

Here is the Bread.

Here is the Blood.

Bring us through Temptation!

Deliver us from Good and Evil!

That Mine as Thine be the Crown of the Kingdom,

even now.


These ten words are four, the Name of the One"

    Like many of Crowley’s material, this one seems inspired by Satanism as well. Since it is the opposite of Christianity, parodies of Christian prayers, ceremonies, and rituals are a major feature of Satanism. For instance, The Satanic Rituals by Anton LaVey includes the ritual of The Black Mass, which is a parody of the Roman Catholic Mass, and also features a parody of the Lord's Prayer. Satanists sometimes pronounce Christian prayers backwards (i.e., "Our Father", becomes "Rehtaf Ruo",etc., or Pater Noster", becomes "Retson Retap", etc.etc.,, in the Latin version) Likewise, Crowley felt that becoming an expert in reading, writing, speaking and understanding words backwards was essential to becoming an occultist.

     So while this prayer by itself is not prima facie evidence of Crowley being a Satanist, it is certainly very suggestive, especially when considered together with the very obvious Satanism noted in Crowley's Liber Al Vel Legis. In fact, all through out Crowley's writings there is an undercurrent of Satanism and references to Satan in them.

    With these kind of things in the works and beliefs of Crowley, it is not surprising that Anton LaVey's Church of Satan cites Crowley as one of its sources. As mentioned, the Temple of Set (the other leading brand of Satanism in the USA) considers Crowley a prophet, and its founder Michael Aquino, as his successor.


    Crowley could have easily been a success in his lifetime. He was born to a wealthy family. He attended public school and had some college. While he wasn’t the poet or artist his enormous ego led him to believe, but he did show some talent as a writer and perhaps could have been one had he be able to channel his talents toward it. Instead he became something of a sociopath, seemingly to care less about the people around him. He could be charming and ingratiating to his disciples so he could get what he wanted out of them, and then treated them like garbage when he was done. He drove many of them to ruin or suicide.

     Even his modern day followers admit he was not a kind person. He lived a life of scandal and seemed proud of it, and because of his social standing and money he got away with it while he was young. When the money ran out in his middle age, he sponged off his handful of followers and students. He needed this charity to keep up his enormous drug and alcohol addictions. Had Crowley’s obsession with the occult never came into his life, he may have very well lived a fairly normal life, even if he was psychotic. It’s a documented fact some CEO’s of major corporations have been psychotic. It was belief that like Nietzsche's "superman" he could lay aside conventional morality and do as he pleased that created his long, steady downfall. No one is beyond good or evil.

    There is one more thing that happened in Crowley’s life that most Thelemites don't want to think about. Toward the end of his life, Crowley performed a ritual with his illegitimate son MacAlister in a Paris hotel. During the ritual, a tremendous commotion was heard outside the door, and the two men could be heard screaming.

     Crowley's friends figured it was part of the ritual apparently, and didn't bother to check what was going on. When the two failed to show up for breakfast the next morning, friends called the hotel detective who broke down the door to Crowley's room.

     Inside they found MacAlister dead. His robe was torn to shreds and he had scratches on his body. He had a look of extreme fright on his face. It was later determined he died of heart failure, brought about from fright. He had been literally scared to death. Aleister sat huddled in a corner of the room, babbling incoherently. He too had scratches and his robe was torn. Crowley spent four months in an insane asylum, and was released. [America Bewitched by Daniel Logan pgs 64-65]

    After this incident, he was described as  "harmless", and so began his downward spiral of sponging of friends and former students, and spending his final days in a flophouse in Hastings, England.

     No one knows what happened inside that locked room that killed MacAlister and made Crowley have a nervous breakdown. Did Crowley finally  conjure up a demon for real?  All religions teach that demons are not beings that want to help us or give us knowledge, but rather are creatures of pure evil, and there goal is to hurt humanity and cause us as much harm as they can. Not only Christianity teaches this, but every major religion has some kind of concept of evil spirits.  

     Being a skeptic, I'm more inclined to think Crowley finally snapped and killed his son.  The last thing a psychotic like Crowley needed was a life of drugs and occultism. Had he lived in a modern time where people understood the symptoms of head injuries and had anti-psychotic drugs available, Thelema probably never would have ever been born (not to mention the AMORC, The A.A. Wicca, Scientology, The Temple of Set, et al)!
    There is a story gleefully being promoted by his followers that the doctor attending Crowley on his deathbed died from a curse placed on him when he refused to give Crowley all the morphine he wanted. The story didn't come out until decades later when it was learned that Crowley's aged doctor died from a heart attack a few days after he did. The story of course, is a pathetic attempt to make it sound like Crowley had some kind...any kind... of magic powers. I've seen other occultists try to pull the same trick of claiming someone they knew who died did so from magic.

     The real demise of Crowley is much less dramatic. According to a fellow flophouse resident, he heard a thump in Crowley's room, and found the poor old man dead laying face down on the floor. No last words, no curses. This story, being the least dramatic, is probably the real truth.

    Crowley infrequently published a magazine called The Equinox when funds would allow. All the editions of The Equinox were later republished as a hardbound 10 volume set that runs about $500 for the truly magically desperate...and no, even I wasn't dumb enough to buy one. In fact, after an initial investigation of Crowley while I was an occultist, I pretty much wrote him of as a looser. This later became a big reason I left Wicca, because Crowley's fingerprints were all over it, and I realized Wicca was a sham!

   He was a man that exhibited psychotic behavior, and people who follow his philosophy will emulate psychotic behavior. He was man who literally thought he was the Anti-Christ. He was a drug addict, an alcoholic, a misogynist, a sexual deviant, and a pedophile. All his "sex magic" did was give him V.D., including syphilis. He worked hard at being evil and even bragged about it.

       Gerald Gardner knew Crowley and was a member of the O.:T.:O.: He stole much of the material from Crowley to create his "ancient" Book of Shadows". Sybil Leek claimed she knew Crowely...which turned out later to be false. She never even met him. Never the less, Leek makes mention of her fictitious friendship with Crowley, claiming he was a family friend and even told her family Leek would be his successor. Alex Sanders claims Crowley "babysat" him when he was a child and gave him a ring. There’s no evidence Crowley knew him either, since Crowley never mentions Sander's family in his writings, and Sander's parents were both Christians.


     (I should probably mention some Crowley-bots claim the boarding house where Crowley stayed wasn't really a flophouse and show me pictures of the outside of how it looks today some 70 years later as somehow proof. And they also claim he had several hundred dollars of O.T.O. money under his bed proving he wasn't penniless...also an unlikely story for many reasons) .

    There is a bright note to this story. Supposedly a grandson of Aleister Crowley turned up in California in the 1990's. It turns out he is a Christian, and even works at a church as a groundskeeper. He said he is sorry for the terrible things his grandfather did and wants no part of them.

    At this stage of the game, I'm an agnostic now. Some will say "Well, Crowley wasn't perfect, but show me someone who was. Every religion had to start somewhere." True, every religion starts somewhere, and always has tons of legend and lore. But a religion that teaches people to be amoral and turns them into drug addicts...? There really doesn't seem to be anything  redeeming about Crowley's religion.

I remain skeptical.


The Occult: A History by Colin Wilson

Legacy of The Beast by Colin Wilson

Do What Thou Wilt by Lawrence Sutin

The Equinox Volumes 1-10, PDF Version

Liber Al Vel Legis by A. Crowley

The Law Is For All by A. Crowley

Triumph of The Moon by Ronald Hutton

The Crystal Tablet of Set by M. Aquino

America Bewitched by Daniel Logan

Gargantua and Pentagruel by Rabalais

Lucifer: Tempter or Benefactor by Max Hiendel


Help Fight Child Protection's picture

I have tried to bring many of those responsible to justice but it all backed fired on me. It was only then that I began to see how big it really is and just who those involved are. Judges,Lawyers, Teachers,Doctors,Priests,Politicians and of course the Police. I have had a family member murdered, the threat my children will be taken from me,falsely incaserated and treated like Im am an unworthy human being. I wish I could take the law in my own hands at times but at the end of the day these people will get what is due to them. They are evil in its purest form and their eternity shall be fitting.

Help Fight Child Protection's picture

I am indeed sorry to hear of your initial abuse and your sudsequent re-abuse.  It seems to be part of the territory.

The dawning that satanic abuse is protected by all the organs of our society is a particularly hard one. It is hard enough for us and we at least know the reality of the abuse.
Little wonder that most people don’t believe, or don’t want to know about it.  If they accept the reality of the abuse then the next inevitable problem is accepting that there must be a dark reason for the perpetrators not being pursued and punished.

But that day will come.  Pedophilia is accepted as being widespread now.  Sooner or later, organised pedophilia will come to be similarly accepted and then the hard questions will be asked of our “authorities”. And in the fallout of the organised pedophilia scandals, the organised satanic ritual abuse will come out in the light and the reasons for it’s existence and it’s ability to flourish will make sense to most people.

I firmly believe that one day your efforts will be seen by you and others as a step towards that victory.

Take care.

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OTO Satanists  'Defamed' in Australia8,2005)Australian Court finds guilty of defaming advocates of torture and child abuse!

On the 28th June 2005, the Australian Capital Territory Magistrate's Court judged authors of, a web site hosted in the United States, guilty of defaming the Ordo Templi Orientis Freemasons, who are advocates of torture, rape, child sacrifice, pederasty, cannibalism and more. The authors Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine live in the Australian State of New South Wales.

Magistrate Burns of the ACT Small Claims Court obviously judged that gaiaguys' exposé of this dangerous network is not in the public interest!

He ordered that we pay OTO members David Bottrill (National Treasurer), Stephen Joaquim King (Chief Executive Officer) and the Ordo Templi Orientis Incorporated each $9998.00 for our imputations that these applicants actually involve themselves in the ritual abuse of children, child pornography and paedophilia, blood ritual involving the sacrifice of small children and animals, satanic rituals and the murder of small children, ".

OTO Satanists 'Defamed' in Australia  (continued)

..bringing the applicant into hatred, ridicule and contempt ..." ( notably three primary values which are clearly expressed in the philosophy of the Ordo Templi Orientis).

According to it's own statements and documents Ordo Templi Orientis members practice and swear to defend these "principles of Thelema" as spelled out in The Book of the Law.

A legal document sent to the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria from a Melbourne OTO member, Brent Gray, states that, "The Book of the Law is the primary religious text of Thelema."

"The OTO is an international body of men and women dedicated to the promotion of Thelema. These principles are taught through a graded series of degrees, or initiations, and understood through practical engagement with these mysteries in the initiate's own life."

The following are excerpts from the Book of the Law. "I will give you their flesh to eat" “Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child.", “damn them who pity!”, "Kill and torture”, "Compassion is the vice of kings".

Having been advised by an officer of the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria that him dealing with this matter as a member of any of the groups affiliated with the OTO, (being the Freemasons, Order of the Eastern Star [a.k.a. "Lucifer"], Knights Templar, etc.) would constitute a conflict of interest, gaiaguys wrote the ACT Magistrate's court twice seeking statements confirming that no conflict of interest would be present in this case.

Those requests were completely ignored. Do we assume that Magistrate Burns is also a Freemason?

Gaiaguys has just sent a letter to the Federal Treasurer asking about the legal, not-for-profit status of the Ordo Templi Orientis and asking how long it will be before this "we have a right to kill those who would thwart us", organisation has it's legal, religious, tax exempt status removed!

We have still had no response to our May 24th registered letters to the ACT Chief Minister and the ACT Human Rights Commissioner calling for action against this criminal group who enjoy legal immunity in Australia.

Similarly we have still had no response to our May 24th registered letters to the Victorian Attorney General and head of the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria in relation to the OTO's use of Victoria's ludicrous Religious Vilification laws against us, (although the Premier responded saying that we should get legal advice.)

Nor have we heard from the Victorian Police Minister, Police Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner in relation to a report we drew up concerning bloody rites of Babalon which were scheduled to be performed by the OTO in Victoria on the Queen's Birthday weekend. And of course, we did not receive any acknowledgement of our many critical points in the original February 19th 2005 response we made to the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria in response to its enquiries prompted by the religious vilification charges made against us by the OTO.

Rather than serving to protect the community from this violent and cruel network, Magistrate Burns' decision has demonstrated once again just how stunningly widespread and complete is the high-level protection enjoyed by the Ordo Templi Orientis Freemasons in Australia.

(NOTE: The prophet of the Ordo Templi Orientis, Aleister Crowley, said in his commentary* on the Book of the Law, that every man, woman and intermediately-sexed individual is free to interpret and communicate self by means of any sexual practices at all, regardless of ethical, legal or religious concerns, etc, and that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act. We have found another extraordinary composition of his which sheds more light on the kinds of sexual practices he had in mind!!!!!!

WARNING! This piece by OTO Prophet Crowley is extremely obscene and revolting, and we only include it on our site now in the hope of finally waking up the people of Australia to what is going on here with the approval of our elected representatives and public servants, etc., while child victims, of the sorts of crimes described in the Book of the Law, are betrayed by the Police in Victoria. (Even with victims of horrific ritual abuse independently reporting to Victoria police the Victorian authorities do not consider this group to be worthy of investigation! )


"There are a large number, but not a high percentage, of people in high places and positions of trust who take it for granted that they can indulge their sexual appetites for children of both sexes so long as they arrange to cover it up and get away with it," "It's a national problem and MPs involved seem to know each other." - 1st April 2005 statement, South Australia Parliamentary Speaker of the House, Peter Lewis

"The most outrageous thing of all, which disturbs me most about the information ... is... what appears to be the related and organised activities of those paedophiles in high public office—that is, the judiciary, the senior ranks of human services portfolios, some police, and MPs, across the nation, especially within the ranks of the Labor Party." - 4th April 2005 Resignation Speech

(Interesting in relation to the South Australian case which blew up in Parliament recently are a couple of harassment emails we received coinciding with our local Internet Service Provider being threatened on two occasions by OTO solicitors. (Understand that whoever wants to send scary emails can't simply do something blatant.) On the first occasion, December 3rd, 2004 we received a "Tsunami warning" email which included some coded messages. On the second occasion, June 21st, when OTO solicitor Jan Moerkerke threatened Nornet again we received one including the phrase "rise and shine" which also included coded messages. What is most interesting is that someone working with the activists in the South Australian case also received a coded "rise and shine" email, along with a reference to a powerful hand gun, just as things were hotting up over there.


OTO Satanists: 'Compassion Is the Vice of Kings'  (continued)

OTO Satanists: 'Compassion Is the Vice of Kings'This was explained by the OTO's David Bottrill in the formal complaint against us. He wrote that these principles are taught through a graded series of degrees, or initiations, and are understood through practical engagement with these mysteries in the initiate's own life. But the OTO members don't just practice these principles. Right from the first degrees of the O.T.O. initiates swear to defend the principles of the Book of the Law.

More insight into this dangerous organisation, (whose members form a network including some top names in politics, media and business) was provided in an email to us from a rival faction.

This OTO member wanted to correct us for calling the OTO "Satanists". He thought he should tell us,

"As for being Satanists we deny this. We make any Satanism look like a two year old crying baby, relatively speaking. We sincerely believe the world must be bathed in blood before the Law of Thelema is generally accepted. See Magick in Theory and Practice and the chapter on the Bloody Sacrifice for further details." ( search the page for "bloody sacrifice" or "bathed in blood")

What this says is that, according to the OTO Dogma, the Initiation of a New Aeon (The Age of Horus) requires that the whole Planet must be bathed in blood. The "Great War" must be fought before man is ready to accept the Law of Thelema.

It is quite safe to say that The Book of the Law is the easy guide to understanding the insane mindset of the OTO. However, a particularly useful further document that has come to our attention is The Old and New Commentaries to Liber AL which clarifies how the Book of the Law (Liber AL) is to be interpreted regarding sexual behaviour with children, among other things.

It tells us that:

Every man, woman and intermediately-sexed individual is free to interpret and communicate self by means of any sexual practices at all, regardless of ethical, legal or religious concerns, etc, provided that all parties are fully aware of all implications and responsibilities and heartily agree.

However, if a woman asks why a man wants to kiss her, he may choke her into submission.

Mutual consent is a condition. But such consent is not always explicit. Behaviour seen by one person as seduction or rape may by considered to be emancipation or initiation by another.

All possible acts are permissible with all possible partners, whatever you sexual predilections may be.

All children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act to prevent a fog of falsehood and mystery stupefying their minds which "might thwart and misdirect the growth of their subconscious system of soul-symbolism. "

Incest, adultery and paederasty, "which everyone now practices with humiliating precautions" are authorised.

Murder of a faithless partner is ethically excusable, ...because there may be some stars* whose nature is extreme violence.

The motto accompanying these sexual acts is "excess". (*Every man and woman is a star.)

1. Any kind of sex.

2. Violence.

3. Children.

That's what we've been saying about the Ordo Templi Orientis. That's what it says about itself!

Victorian police, government leaders, church leaders and other concerned responsible authorities - please finally empty your ranks of OTO and other Freemason adherents and take action now against these dangerous criminals who are empowered by your silence. Please also send this message to the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria, who still has not cleared us of the complaint lodged against us by this tax exempt religious cult.

Love Under Will

In case there was any misunderstanding regarding what is meant in The Book of the Law by “Love under Will”, OTO prophet Aleister Crowley wrote the following, as quoted by OTO founder Theodor Reuss in his manifesto (from The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O.).

Main points:

Love is a by-product of Will.

Love does not contradict or supersede that Will.

Hate is almost like love.

Fighting is certainly love.

"The Love of Liber Legis is always bold, virile, ecstatic, even orgiastic."

I,44: For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect. (The Book of the Law)

'Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that and no other shall say "nay". ' (The Book of the Law)

Predictably, this doesn't really override loyalty to the rules of the order. As it is explained in the Minerval ritual, if it is your will to enter the OTO army as a spy to destroy your comrades, so be it! But if you break the oath, expect to be mutilated and be "no more a man".

Worship of Abaddon, the Evil One

Revelations 9:11 And they had a king over them, [which is] the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue [is] Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath [his] name Apollyon.

There is no shortage of references to worship and adoration of figures historically associated with evil in the O.T.O material. This following one should be of particular interest to Freemasons who still think the brotherhood is compatible with their understanding of Christianity and to any who aren’t aware of their ignorant usefulness to the controlling group. Higher ranking Freemasons who are not OTO members also use the word Abaddon. "I cover it with my left hand, and you look over your right shoulder and say Abaddon, which refers to the Evil One." (18th degree initiation rite of the Knight of the Pelican and Eagle Sovereign Prince Rose Croix of Heredom.) (Please study our Masonic degrees page here..)

In an Ordo Templi Orientis song, Song of the Perfect Initiate, (from The Secret Rituals of the OTO, Part Two, The Rituals Themselves, Council of Princes of Jerusalem) the meaning is less ambiguous. This song expresses scorn for the Simple Mason "...Princes of Jerusalem, How we mock and scoff at them!" and praise to Abaddon, ie. praise to annihilation. Take note Freemason dupes!

There is, " …a danger inherent in all secretive societies for their cellular form devised by the founders for the security of the movement, can as readily be used to 'hoodwink' the leadership, who thus become unwitting 'front men ' for activities they would never countenance." (from Steven Knight's The Brotherhood.)

Children in Sexual Rituals

The Gnostic Mass, performed by the OTO, is a ritual which, at the least, is a symbolic enactment of the sex act between opposites - the Priest and the Priestess. They are waited upon by two children.

“The priestess must have divested herself completely of her robe…”

I,62: At all my meetings with you shall the priestess say-and her eyes shall burn with desire as she stands bare and rejoicing in my secret temple-To me! To me! calling forth the flame of the hearts of all in her love-chant. (Book of the Law)

An article by Frater V.I.T.R.I.O.L in the Lion and Serpent, The Official Journal of Sekhet –Maat Lodge OTO, Vol 5 No 3 ) explains that we can learn everything we need to know about the Gnostic Mass by studying the Lovers card in the Thoth deck, and then its completion in the Art card. The lovers card contains a naked man and woman and two small naked children amongst various symbols, including an eagle and lion (waiting on the sidelines?). In the Art card the lion and eagle are feeding on some seemingly gory mass being delivered to a vessel by a two headed being which probably represents the two adults merged as one.

Is this ritual sometimes carried out with real sexual acts? Common sense provides the answer. The Baphomet Lodge (California) newsletter Baphomet Breeze, Volume III - Number 3, Autumnal Equinox, 1988, ran an explicit sounding account without comment, excerpted from Jurgen by James Branch Cabell, Copyright (c) 1919, 1928. Another dialogue recorded in a Baphomet Breeze newsletter suggests that orgies take place after their Gnostic Masses, which is not surprising considering the Book of the Law verses which are in praise of lust.

II,22: I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, & be drunk thereof! They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this folly against self. The exposure of innocence is a lie. Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this. (Book of Law)

Meanwhile, in its Handbook, the US Grand Lodge (last revised Feb1999) warns its members among other things that violent behaviour, abuse of children and criminal conduct are considered greatly prejudicial to the purposes of the Order. (Perhaps this is to protect its non-profit, tax-exempt corporation status! ) On the other hand, the Fairfax, California, OTO Newsletter, Vol. II. number 1, W'l.#5,April 7, 1992, talks about the "so-called" Solar Lodge, who are not to be trifled with. It contains a reminder that they, the Solar Lodge group, were busted on felony child abuse charges over the famous "boy in the box" case at Bythe, California.

Child Sacrifice

III,43: Let the Scarlet Woman beware! If pity and compassion and tenderness visit her heart; if she leave my work to toy with old sweetnesses; then shall my vengeance be known. I will slay me her child: I will alienate her heart: I will cast her out from men: as a shrinking and despised harlot shall she crawl through dusk wet streets, and die cold and an-hungered. (Book of Law)

Regarding child sacrifice, Aleister Crowley in his Magic in Theory and Practice makes plain what is consistent with the Book of the Law references. He writes that only the Master of the Temple can say whether any given act is a crime. In response to expressions of horror from "the ignorant" about killing innocent children, the "knower" will rush to strangle the child and remark that the child "will become Nero" , who was as necessary as Julius Caesar).

There are other explicit references in the OTO material to child sacrifice and consumption of a baby's flesh, although this is not a direct admission that it was practiced by Crowley. See Crowley’s Sex-Magical Instructions, Of the Secret Marriages of Gods with Men, A Secret Instruction of the Eighth Degree.

( Also worth noting in this document is the reference to ON (Osiris) which is known to Royal Arch Freemasons as part of the true name of "God" - JABULON. )

And what does it mean, in Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis when one participant asks, "Are the brethren fed? and the answer is, "Upon the corpses of their children"? Is this “poetry” too? And when Crowley explains the following in his Magick in Theory and Practice ( ) are we supposed to think of this as metaphor?

It is unwise to condemn the practice of savages who tear the heart and liver from an adversary and consume them while warm.

To achieve the highest spiritual working you must choose the victim which contains the greatest and purest force.

A perfectly innocent and highly intelligent male child is the best victim.

Bloody, human sacrifice is best.

Of course “the profane” (the name for non-Freemasons) are not going to be told what really goes on. And, as in normal Freemasonry, those in the lower degrees have little idea what’s going on in the higher degrees, like in the Eleventh, about which nothing is said whatever in any (other?) grade. It has no relation to the general plan of the order. It is inscrutable and dwells in its own palace.

What more have we learned from a brief skimming through of some of the voluminous texts and documents produced by the OTO, aside from The Book of the Law? The above collection of examples shows a total consistency with The Book of The Law despite the relevant sections being almost submerged by tons and tons of nonsensical, irrational and obscene intellectual self-gratification, (with an irresistible mystique for complete idiots). This religion’s creators must be laughing in their graves.

After-all, in Of the Nature of the Gods, A Secret Instruction of the Seventh Degree Crowley explains that people who profess to be orthodox in their faith, but only as a convenient means of dominating the vulgar are already "of us", although they don't know it. Ripe for conversion, such people may easily be brought to fight in the ranks of the Thelemites.

(This is on the the same html document as the above link to Sex-Magical Instructions, Of the Secret Marriages of Gods with Men, A Secret Instruction of the Eighth Degree.)

I,10: Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.

(The Book of the Law)

Here is a nicely presented online copy of the secret rituals of the OTO. It's a .pdf file.

(You don't need to open and read it on-line. Simply save it to your computer with a "right click" on the link. Choose "save target as", and save it to your chosen location.)


Go to the not so tidy, but fast-access Google htm file

You need this one as well for a htm version of Of the Nature of the Gods, A Secret Instruction of the Seventh Degree, and Sex-Magical Instructions, Of the Secret Marriages of Gods with Men, A Secret Instruction of the Eighth Degree (which are included in the above pdf file along with the rituals.)

Please read how satanist pedophiles are operating in the Australian state of Victoria

*I,40: Who calls us Thelemites will do no wrong, if he look but close into the word. (Book of the Law)

Page 2370 of Webster's 3rd New International Dictionary, 1971

thel.em.ite \'thelәmīt\ n -s [F thélémite, fr, Abbaye de Thélème, imaginary abbey with the motto "Do as you please" in Gargantua (1535) by François Rabelais † 1553 Fr. satirist + F -ite] : one who does as he pleases; esp : LIBERTINE (from Greek thētē teat, nipple)

LIBERTINE 1. one free from restraint or control, especially in moral or sexual matters; a dissolute or licentious person.

LICENTIOUS 1. sensuously unbridled; libertine; lewd. 2. unreserved by law or morality; lawless immoral. 3. going beyond customary or proper bound or limits.

The Australian 3rd Edition Macquarie Dictionary © 1997

(Please see Aleister Crowley’s biography to read more about Thelema)

You can visit this extremely important link for the antidote the above horror.


They [the Plejaren ] came, [in 1974] in an act of love, to show us that our world is gripped by spirit-enslaving, evolution-robbing, false religious teachings, which had been set in train on Earth millennia ago by some of their own distant ancestors, who were intent on subjugating the primitive people by misrepresenting themselves as creator gods. The resulting madness and delusion has brought us to the brink of global catastrophe, despite necessarily strident warnings given over the millennia.

Lukes Dad's picture

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." (The words of Jesus; Matthew 18:6)

Imagine an elite group of evil child molesters meeting privately in an undisclosed location. Imagine, too, these wicked sexual predators making plans to conduct grotesque, real-life experiments on innocent little boys and girls. In these experiments, the children will be systematically raped, sodomized, and physically violated. Detailed records will be kept of the children's reactions so that pedophiles worldwide can "enjoy" seeing the results.

Kinsey is shown here visiting satanic High Priest Aleister Crowley's temple at Thelema, in Sicily, with occult porno film maker Kenneth Anger. This photograph was obviously posed to create deeply occult symbols and images.
Satanic Doctor to Conduct Experiment

Next, imagine this elite group deciding that these horrendous sexual experiments are to be supervised by a well known professor, or "doctor," of zoology. The chosen doctor happens to be an admirer of the infamous British satanist, Aleister Crowley (the Beast), and is himself a pedophile and homosexual. He will be given millions of dollars to set up a sexual laboratory and institute at a public university somewhere in Middle America.

After this doctor's depraved team completes its abominable research, the mass media will be employed. The nation's newspapers, television, and radio, along with educational organizations, will join in congratulating the pedophile research doctor on a job well done. His name as a great thinker and scientist will go up in lights. The whole world shall sing his praises and be joyful for what this man has done to these little children, all in the name of science.
The Work is Begun and is Successful

And so it is that the doctor of zoology and his helpers go about their grim business of sexual molestation. Thousands of children are thrown into beds. Pedophile molesters described as "research associates" repugnantly and with wicked abandon ravage their cringing, young bodies. Some infants molested are only five months of age. The abused children are counted as statistics and labeled as "scientific subjects."

All goes according to plan. The satanist doctor's name becomes a household word. Educators toast his brilliance. Commendatory books are published examining his work and touting his findings. Clergymen and readers of mass circulation magazines—including family-oriented publications—agree with his conclusions and change their attitudes and behaviors accordingly.

No one seems upset. No one is alarmed. Yet, thousands of children are systematically tortured and raped. The majority of people rejoice that a stunning sexual revolution has taken place. Somehow, though, God's born again believers suspect that the world will never again be the same. Never.
A Horror Movie...or Real?

Could what I have just described be the makings of a raw and explicit horror movie? Or could it be real? Did these monstrously sordid events and acts actually take place, and in America no less, home of the brave and the free—a country where the President almost daily claims he has done this or that "for the good of our children?"

In fact, the scenes I have described are real. This vile plot and activity did take place—and not in Nazi Germany either. Not in Soviet Russia, not in Asia or in South America. These things happened in America in the lifetime of most of us. Furthermore, I believe they are still happening today as you read this. Hundreds, even thousands of little boys and girls are being offered up on the altar of pedophile sex magick. They are being abused regularly and often, and the authorities know about it and are doing nothing to prevent these filthy and ungodly crimes from occurring.

In her mind-absorbing book, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences—The Red Queen and the Grand Scheme, Dr. Judith Reisman explodes the strange and malevolent myth of Albert Kinsey, the world-acclaimed satanic doctor responsible for this outrageous criminal atrocity. It was Kinsey who burst on the scene in the early 50s with his widely admired but shocking The Kinsey Report. The findings in this report were based on Kinsey's book, Sexual Behavior in the Adult Male. In it, the now famous Indiana University sex researcher claimed that homosexuality—as well as almost any other deviant and perverted sexual activity—is natural and normal. Children, said Kinsey, are sexual from birth, even in the crib. Kids just a year or two old were claimed to want "positive" sex and said to enjoy pleasurable feelings from sexual activity.
Children Strapped Down and Abused

Reisman's astonishing book documents some of the fiendish ways in which Dr. Kinsey and his institute carried out much of their research. For example, children three to seven years in age were regularly strapped or held down while grotesque sexual acts were performed on them. Stop watches were often used to time the children's physical responses.

Judith Reisman appropriately asks: "Where were the police and law enforcement authorities when these disgraceful and outrageous criminal acts were being committed? Where is the outrage in the academic community and the mass media today? Why, seemingly, is no one disturbed or alarmed at these atrocities committed in the name of science?"

As this staged photo illustrates, the Illuminati's public relations machine, with Rockefeller funding, created an image of Kinsey as a nice, caring, family-oriented researcher. In fact, he and his associates were part of an international ring of sadistic, pedophile child torturers and abusers.
Adult Sex with Children Normal

Kinsey's research findings were that adults who used children for "sex outlets" were quite normal. One Kinsey research associate, who was reported to have had various forms of sexual activity with 800 children, was deemed by Kinsey to be a "refined gentleman" and a "scientific hero." Government funds were used to help compensate this serial child molester for his contributions to science!

From Kinsey's flawed research conclusions a new generation built an entire, new working theory of sexual freedom and license. Kinsey was described by the press and the academic world as the "Father of the Sexual Revolution." Author and novelist Gore Vidal, himself a notorious homosexual, candidly stated that Kinsey was "the most famous man in America, in the world."
Rockefeller, Kinsey, and the Grand Scheme

In her revealing book, Dr. Judith Reisman for the first time exposes Kinsey's satanist connections. She also unmasks the fact that it was the Rockefeller Foundation that gave the wicked Dr. Kinsey the money to conduct his sin-laden, genocidal, child soul-killing research.

At the heart of it all was a "Grand Scheme" by the late Kinsey and his associates to destroy the very building blocks of society. Their goal was to create a New Civilization. The decadent dream of the surviving conspirators remains. They are determined to create a nonjudgmental, anti-God world where homosexual pedophiles can treat children like slabs of meat at a neighborhood flesh market—plundering them in the name of "loving and caring for their needs."

In effect, the release of the Kinsey Report was a planned and staged event, carefully and meticulously crafted in minute detail, intended to dissolve morality and to manipulate and catapult the entirety of humanity into a New Age of sexual and social slavery. As such, the Grand Scheme worked beautifully.
Our Twisted and Sick Culture

Look around you, kind readers of Power of Prophecy, and ask yourself: Why is our twisted and sick culture the way it is today? Why have even the youngest of our kids become sexual barbarians and menacing satanic warriors? Why is the MTV generation so devoid of a conscience? And what of their parents—the drug-crazed, sexually liberated, 60s New Age generation? This was an entire generation made into zombies by marijuana, cocaine, heavy metal music, and Hindu gurus. Between the mixed-up kids and their demented parents, America has become a dumbed-down nation of unthinking feelies and sexually weird immorals.

Dr. Judith Reisman, whose sensational book, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, fully documents the grotesque, sexual crimes of Kinsey and the elite. This powerful book indicts virtually the entire political, media, and academic establishments of America.
America is now so far gone that no sooner is the President of the United States exposed as a sexual molester of a 21-year old intern, engaging in oral sex or possibly worse things in the very bowels of the oval office in the White House, than—lo and behold—his popularity ratings soar.

The majority of Americans cry out in unison to would-be accusers: "Leave our great President alone! So what if he is a sexual predator? So what if he, being a married man, has done these things to women, young and old alike, in the oval office? Who cares? Our economy is strong. We have money in our purses and billfolds. Anyway, Bill Clinton is only an anointed reflection of us all. We're all sexually free and liberated. America is Bill Clinton and he is us!"

Was it not Albert Kinsey, agent of the Illuminati and its Grand Scheme, who began this wicked era of sexual confusion and chaos? Why were he and his pedophile ring of child molesting collaborators allowed to go unpunished? Why have their sins been hidden from view for so long? And why has the courageous Dr. Judith Reisman become so hated and despised by the academic world since she first came out with her eye-opening revelations about the sex crimes committed by this elite group of international conspirators?
"The Wise Shall Understand"

As Dr. Reisman argues in her book, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences—The Red Queen and The Grand Scheme, it is time that Americans discover how their way of life has been so dramatically changed by an unheralded, little known cadre of evil sexual perverts and their financial backers. It is time that Americans learn of how monied "special interests" shut down the lone Congressional Committee that dared investigate. It is time for the truth to come out and be told. As Jesus our Lord promised us in His Word, in the last days many hidden secrets shall be uncovered, and the wise shall understand:

"And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand." (Daniel 12:9-10)

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Colin Batley arriving at court
Colin Batley, the leader of a paedophile cult in Kidwelly, west Wales, has been told he may end up spending the rest of his life in jail. Photograph: Dimitris Legakis/Athena

A former security guard who led a cult from a cul-de-sac in a Welsh seaside town was told he might spend life in jail for committing a series of sex attacks on boys and girls.

Colin Batley of Kidwelly, west Wales, presided over a quasi-religious sex cult that preyed on vulnerable youngsters, forced women into prostitution and indulged in occult rites.

Batley was given an indeterminate sentence for public protection with a recommendation that he spend at least 11 years in jail. Sentencing him at Swansea crown court, Judge Paul Thomas QC told him: "You may never be released."

The judge said Batley, 48, had "besmirched the unsuspecting town of Kidwelly" after moving there from London.

"You formed a community within a community, you were described as evil. That, in my view, is an entirely accurate statement of your character.

"It is likely that you have dedicated your life since you were 12 years old to satisfying your sexual urges by whatever means at your disposal."

Jacqueline Marling, 42 – described as "Batley's right-hand woman" – was jailed for 12 years for her part in the group's crimes.

The cult leader's estranged wife, Elaine Batley, 47, was jailed for eight years. And Shelly Millar, 35 – described during the trial as Batley's sex slave – was jailed for five years.

Aleister Crowley Occultist Aleister Crowley, said to have inspired Colin Batley's crimes. Photograph: Getty Images

The cult is said to have been inspired by Aleister Crowley, the late mystic and magician nicknamed the Great Beast who in 1904 published a text called the Book of the Law extolling permissive sex.

During the five-week trial the prosecution claimed "the book" formed the basis for Batley's organisation and he would read from a laminated copy of it while dressed in hooded robes at the start of orgies.

Batley insisted that no cult existed but the jury found him guilty of 35 offences including 11 rapes, three indecent assaults, causing prostitution for personal gain, causing a child to have sex and inciting a child to have sex.

The three women, who got Egyptian Eye of Horus tattoos apparently to show their allegiance to the organisation, were found guilty of sex-related charges.

Young boys and girls were procured by cult members to take part in sex sessions, the trial heard. The group preyed on vulnerable youngsters, impelling them to join with veiled death threats. Batley was accused of forcing a number of his victims into prostitution.

One man told the trial Batley had repeatedly abused him as a child. A woman claimed she joined the cult after Batley told her an assassin would kill her if she did not take part in an initiation ceremony that began with a lecture on the occult and ended with a sexual assault.

Batley bred rottweiler dogs from his home for profit but kept two – named after ancient Egyptian royals – for personal safety. Several of his victims were made to wear upside down crosses, the court heard.

Despite having operated in Kidwelly for years, the cult had seemingly gone unnoticed by the rest of the town.

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MI5 and the Welsh Paedophile Ring

Seeing things that are there: MI5´s Eye in the Pyramid

Apologies for the extended absence, and my thanks for your understanding. I needed it, and I´ve made some good progress on my book.

While I get up to speed here, I thought I´d pass along, courtesy of a reader, what appears to be another link in the global chain of the protected exploitation of children by intelligence agencies and their elite patrons.

The blog Nona digs into an old story, previously unknown to me, of a paedophile ring in North Wales. Allegedly, "MI5 used to take foreign diplomats to the North Wales homes, give them boys to ´play´ with, secretly filmed them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys then kept the tapes as evidence. Over a dozen victims who complained of abuse by the paedophile ring ´have met suspicious deaths.´" Nona supplies many corroborating links, such as State cover-up of high level paedophile ring and Public Figures Named in Paedophile Ring, as well as those which detail the whitewash that made it all go away.

Nona also provides this provocative quote from One Girl´s War: Personal Exploits in MI5´s Most Secret Section, by Joan Miller, published in 1986, concerning MI5 Chief Charles Henry Maxwell-Knight, the model for his friend Ian Fleming´s "M":

His first wife Gladys, I learnt, died in the Overseas Club after some sort of occult misadventure in which the notorious Aleister Crowley was involved - certainly I´d never been willing to enquire too deeply into that incident. Black magic was not a subject that held any attraction for me. I accepted M´s interest in it, hoping it was purely academic, but, for myself, I preferred to leave it well and truly alone: M understood this. When I tore up a photograph of Aleister Crowley which he had kept, as I believed it to be unlucky, he only laughed.

In Unholy Alliance, Peter Levenda writes that "Himmler was obsessed by the idea that British Intelligence was being run by the Rosicrucian Order and that occult adepts were in charge of MI5.... how would he have reacted had he known that the formidable Maxwell Knight...was a disciple of Crowley himself." And not just Knight, but also figures such as OTO initiate and novelist Dennis Wheatley, a favourite author of Hermann Goring, and member of Winston Churchill´s Joint Planning Staff.

As Levenda says, "Oh, how the black candles would have burned that night!

The quest for justice the real truth behind child abuse.
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August 12th 1920 - "Her breasts itch with lust of Incest. She hath given Her two-year bastard boy to Her lewd lover's whim of sodomy, hath taught him speech and act, things infinitely abhorred, with Her own beastly carcass. She hath tongued Her five-month girl, and asked its father to deflower it."

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Now I, the God, have choked Her god in dung and bred the Basilisk, reared the fiend, Satan-Alostrael, to burn in hell with me - to burn, to writhe, to exult, to spend, to be, to will, to go, to change, to lust, to create life, to kindle love, to unveil light, to unleash liberty, my Word and Law Thelema to proclaim, to 'stablish and to execute for ever. To build that Law into Man's Soul, as Nature builds a man from the fifth primate, is Her Satan-secret Asp-brew in Her Cup's Blood (Filth, Madness, Poison, Inchantment, Putrefaction): it aids Intoxication and its One Mystery of Mysteries, Initiation.

And I the Worm have trailed my slug-slow slime across Her Breasts; so that Her mother-mood is turned and Her breasts itch with lust of Incest. She hath given Her two-year bastard boy to Her lewd lover's whim to sodomy, hath taught him speech and act, things infinitely abhorred, with Her own beastly carcass. She hath tongued Her five-month girl, and asked its father to deflower it. She hath wished Her Beast to rape Her rotten old mother - so far is woman clean of Her! Then Her blood's grown icy hard and cold with hate; and Her eyes gleam as Her ears ring with a chime of wedding bells, dirty words, or vibrate, cat-gut fashion, to the thin shrieks of a young child that Her Beast-God-Slave-Mate is torturing for Her pleasure - ay! and his own, since of Her Cup he drank, and of Her soul he breathed.

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The continuation of an exclusive and extensive  GCM Watch interview with Pastor Joe Schimmel of Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley, CA exposing the roots of the homosexual agenda and its fellowship with leaders of the satanic religion.  Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Shofarsound: How did Crowley come up with his doctrine?

Pastor Joe: Crowley claims that he came up with his doctrine, as he dictated the “Book of the Law,” which he claims was channeled through his wife a demonic spirit entity, he identified as Aiwass.  In his later publications he identifies Aiwass with Satan himself.  I have no reason to doubt him.  Seeing the magnitude of his influence, I have no doubt that he was in the very least, being used by some very powerful and high ranking demonic entities, if not Satan himself!

Shofarsound: Can you explain Aleister Crowley’s relationship with the founder of the modern day gay rights movement Harry Hay?

Pastor Joe: Harry Hay, was not only a member of Crowley’s cult known as the O.T.O (Order of the Temple of the Orient (O.T.O), but was a practitioner of Crowley’s sex magick and the founder of the “Gay Liberation Movement”.

Shofarsound: So he co-0pted Crowley’s satanism for the gay movement?

Pastor Joe: Harry Hay was called the oldest hippie in the counter culture revolution of the 1960s and he played a decisive role in altering the views of the young regarding human sexuality.  He grew his hair long and wore hippy beads, all in a quest to carry out Crowley’s satanically inspired “Book of the Law.” He helped fulfill Crowley’s request that his teachings be circulated among the young. The fact that he became the leader of the modern day homosexual movement says a lot in that regard.

Shofarsound:  Its disturbing at the least, but Hay was a strong defender and participant with the pedophile organization NAMBLA, wasn’t he?

Pastor Joe: Hay was a lifetime advocate of North American Man-Boy Love Association and even marched with NAMBLA in gay-pride parades. As a disciple of Aleister Crowley’s, Hay went so far as to march with the man boy sex association with a “NAMBLA” placard emblazoned over his body. In 1994, Hay refused to march in a gay-parade in New York, because they forbad NAMBLA to march with them. Hay joined another gay parade that year because they allowed NAMBLA’s participation.

Crowley taught that when the age of Horus would finally emerge, the whole concept of immorality and sin would be engulfed in the flames of the New Aeon.  His desire to legally have sex with children would finally be acceptable.  Hay, as a disciple of Crowley’s teachings, and as member of his O.T.O, would have loved to see pedophilia decriminalized.

Shofarsound:  Attitudes about sex in America underwent drastic change because of a researcher named Alfred Kinsey. You say he was also influenced by Aleister Crowley?

Pastor Joe: According to Wardell Pomeroy, who was the coauthor of Kinsey’s sex reports, Kinsey not only loved Crowley’s perverse homosexual writings, but also went to Crowley’s former sex temple in Italy, called the Abbey of Thelema, to obtain Crowley’s sex diaries.  We reveal in our video The Kinsey Syndrome, that Crowley had been working with a number of pedophiles, who he instructed to keep sex diaries, documenting the details about how children were reacting to being molested.  This is how Kinsey was able to record data in his sex reports with children and babies as young as a few months old.  Whether Kinsey had employed Crowley, who was struggling financially in his latter years, to record a sex diary for him, or Kinsey just happened to know he had a sex diary, and where to find it, is unknown.  Either way, such behavior is unbelievably wicked, and is one of the reasons Crowley was called by the press of his day, “The Wickedest Man on Earth.”

Pomeroy, Kinsey’s closest colleague at the time, writes that Kinsey was not only able to procure Crowley’s sex diaries, but that he and Satanist Kenneth Anger removed the paint off the walls of Crowley’s sex temple, that the Italian government had used to cover Crowley’s obscene pedophilic pornography, and discovered the obscene orgies involving children. Pomeroy writes in his book, Dr. Kinsey and the Institute for Sex Research:

“The Great Beast and his followers were against any kind of religion, in any form, except their own. They held group orgies as a part of their ritual, and included in them the small children….The walls inside were still painted in British Oriental colors, and were covered with the ‘most open’ (as Kinsey put it) sexual action pictures….The remainder of the paintings were life-size representations of sexual activity, both homosexual and heterosexual, singly, doubly and in groups, including children” (Wardell B. Pomeroy, Dr. Kinsey and the Institute for Sex Research, p. 413-414).

Shofarsound: The gay rights movements hails  Kenneth Anger as an “important” figure in American filmmaking. But would you say his films were fundamentally homosexual propaganda?

Pastor Joe: Kenneth Anger was making films promoting homosexuality long before Hollywood followed suit. Most of his movies push homosexuality, Satanism/occultism or both.  He is a follower of the teachings of Aleister Crowley, and like Harry Hay, a member of the O.T.O.  In his movie Lucifer Rising, Anger cast his live-in boyfriend, Robert Beausoleil, who would end up committing the first documented murder for Charles Manson, as Lucifer.  The objective of the film was to show the influence of Crowley’s magick, causing the dark forces of Lucifer to rise. Kenneth Anger was also a cofounder of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, and he sports a huge tattoo that reads “LUCIFER” across his chest. Anger also wrote forewords for two of LaVey’s books, The Devil’s Notebook (1992) and Satan Speaks! (1998).  Anger was also a confidant of Alfred Kinsey’s and journeyed with him to Crowley’s sex temple in Italy to aquire Crowley’s sex diaries.  We show a picture of Anger and Kinsey in a staged photo beneath a large photo of Aleister Crowley.

To get an idea of just who Kenneth Anger has influenced, we need only look to Bono of U2.  Bono, who many emergent’s view as the unofficial leader of the Emerging Church, has said in the past that he wants to turn America on to Anger’s movies.

Bill Flanagan, a close personal friend of Bono, stated in his biography authorized by Bono, that Bono and U2 were seriously considering starting a new TV network called the Zoo TV Network, to turn the world on to the movies of Kenneth Anger and Wim Wender. In an Interview with Details magazine Bono said that, “Part of America’s dilemma is its TV, because as a mirror it’s a pretty distorted one. I mean, where can you see a Kenneth Anger film in the United States?”(Turning Money Into Light, Details, February 01, 1994)

Christians need to wake up to the fact that we are living in perilous times and we need to take Jesus’ words about watching out for false prophets who come in sheep’s clothing more seriously!

Shofarsound:  In the movie “Lucifer Rising”, Anger used an upside down rainbow triangle. What significance does that have and where is it used now?

Pastor Joe: That’s a great question. Inverted triangles of various colors were used by the Nazi’s to designate various groups i.e., orange for gypsies, blue for communists, pink for effeminate homosexuals.  Many of the Nazi’s were gay, but they persecuted homosexuals who were known to be effeminate. Some homosexuals have used pink or rainbow triangles as a celebration of homosexuality. Kenneth Anger uses it to make a statement about both Homosexuality and Satanism. When Kenneth Anger uses it in the introduction of Lucifer Rising, it appears right side up.  By the end of the movie it appears again, but is inverted.  I believe for Kenneth Anger, it is a symbol for the satanic inversion of society and biblical morals, as a result of the rise of Lucifer and the Crowleyan age of Horus.  Satanists have long pointed out that Satanism is in many ways, an inversion of Christianity.  Anton LaVey pointed out in the Satanic Bible, that the word “Live” is “Evil” backwards.  We also see that many Satanists have used the upside down cross.

It is interesting that in one of Lady Gaga’s latest videos entitled “Born This Way,” she copies Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising, in that she begins the video with a right-side-up triangle, and at the end of the video, she inverts it.

In the song she confuses what God reveals to be unnatural and immoral behavior with race and sings, “No matter gay, straight or bi/lesbian trans-gendered life/I’m on the right track, baby…. You were born this way….” All such behaviors are an inversion of the natural order God has ordained.

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This Explains So Much

January 18. 2011

Aleister Crowley, a pedophile, murderer, anti-Semite and Satanist, who practiced human sacrifices in Britain and was later kicked out of Italy by Mussolini for depravity. 

A number of reports indicate, the grandfather of former U.S. President, George W. Bush, was murderous Satanist, Aleister Crowley (1876-1947), who was once dubbed “The most wicked man on earth.” Coincidentally, so was his grandson while in office. Crowley's wives and girlfriends ended up in mental asylums, committed after the sick things and teachings he brought into their lives.

The President’s mother is Barbara Bush. Her mother is Pauline Robinson Pierce, who is said to have had a sexual relationship with Crowley, while staying at a mutual friend's home, where his wife was also present. Pierce fell pregnant, returned to America and married Marvin Pierce. Pauline Robinson Pierce was later labeled mentally ill as well.

Barbara Bush (left) and Aleister Crowley (right)

The resemblance between Crowley and Barbara Bush is astonishing. Furthermore, they have made eerily similarly evil statements about victims of natural disaster and war, further indicating they are from the same unsympathetic gene pool. 

Crowley stated of the, "Loss of life which occurred during the ascent of Kangchanjunga, an expedition he commanded: 'This is precisely the sort of thing with which I have no sympathy whatsoever.'" Barbara Bush made similar statements about the war in Iraq and further issued insensitive declarations about Hurricane Katrina victims.

Barbara Bush on the war in Iraq 

Crowley engaged in human sacrifices to Satan at his mansion in Britain. His grandson Bush engaged in human sacrifice in calling a terrible war he knew to be fraudulent, using it as an excuse to steal oil in the Middle East. 


George W. Bush

Bush got a double dose of evil running through his family line, as his paternal grandfather, Prescott Bush, bankrolled the construction of concentration camps under the Nazis. In observing the aftermath of the Bush presidency, it is safe to state, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And you thought your gene pool was a mess…

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Georgina Bray ton aka Jean was born on December 29, 1921. Her husband, Richard M. Brayton, age fifty-nine, was a teacher in the philosophy department at the University of Southern California. Jean Brayton and her O.T.O. Solar Lodge operated right at the gates of the USC campus with a network of cult houses and a bookstore.

They also owned various houses in the desert near the Colorado border in Riverside County, California. Like Mary Anne DeGrimston of the Process, Jean Brayton had, or has, collected circles of fearful, brain-washed followers, many of them young, but a significant number also older and in the professions. There were around fifty known followers in the group, with many more probably undetected at this time.
Her magic organization, the Ordo Templi Orientis ( O.T.O. ) was founded in 1902 in Germany. The cult purported to continue the work, so to speak, of the order of the Knights Templars. Aleister Crowley formed his own O.T.O. "chapter" in England
in 1911. It has been around ever since, with current world headquarters in Switzerland.
Crowley had problems in the field of sadism. His books hinted at human sacrifice. His aphorisms such as "Know! Will! Dare! and be silent" betokened violent encroachment. Crowley took peyote 60 years before beatniks gobbled it in North Beach. He was into using drugs to pulverize the personality a ha1f-century before the advent of brain-wash cults like Manson or the Brayton gang or the Process.
In California there are evidently two O.T.O. jurisdictions - one for northern California and the other in the south. The Southern lodge was overrun by Jean Brayton's group. The O.T.O. is another occult society where initiates proceed upward through degrees of initiation, so that slowly the acolytes are sucked into a weirder and weirder scene. It is pyramidal, with the Ipsissimus (Jean Brayton) occupying the position of the eye-ball atop the pyramid.
The hype was similar to other groups including Manson's: tearing down the mind through pain, persuasion, drugs and repetitive weirdness-just like a magnet erases recording tape-and rebuilding the mind according to the desires of the cult.
Get this : Brayton's Solar Lodge would hold magic meetings where they would try to summon and radiate hate-vibrations into the Watts ghetto in order to start riots. The Solar Lodge believed that a heavy race war similar to Manson's Helter Skelter was imminent.
To venture ahead of the Manson story, in late spring 1969, Brayton sent followers around to various desert locations to find places to stay when the race-blaze would occur. She sent some to Utah and others went to Taos to hunt. And the conflagration was imminent.
Everyone, all her followers, were to be out of Los Angeles by the summer solstice, June 2I, 1969 - prepared for the brick-out. Brayton doted upon John Symonds' book on Crowley, The Great Beast. From reading the book, The Great Beast, Brayton came to believe that Aleister Crowley, while operating his Abbey of Thelema in Sicily, drank the blood of freshly snuffed animals as part of the higher rituals of his cult. The first two grades of the Brayton Hollywood cult, the so-called Minerval grades, didn't have to drink blood. But the upper levels reveled in sacrificing cats, dogs, chickens, etc., and drinking their blood reportedly consummating acts of sex-magic while animal blood was poured upon the fornicators.
The Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. was heavily opposed to Scientology. In addition to anti-black rituals, they held anti-Scientology rituals, mocking-up the enemy, so to speak.
Brayton was into collecting bikers and used telache or belladonna at the same time as Manson. Aleister Crowley had been a noted user of drugs arcane and
Brayton herself was known to use them all-like a wandering amphetamine-head on New York's Bowery who would pause and eat the pills contained in an old medicine chest that someone was throwing from a condemned building in the rain.
According to the depositions of her former followers, the Brayton gang used, for mind-zap reasons, marijuana, LSD, demerol, scopolomine, jimson weed, datura root, ether and belladonna, The weirder the better.
She had that great Manson trick of programming people while they were on LSD trips. She would get highly personal data from them under acid and then use it later, as a form of extortion.
The rumor was that Brayton was loan-sharking among dental students at USC. Certainly she was eager to cultivate them as good dope sources, especially for pain killers and ether. Naturally there were a number of young hippie types attracted to Brayton's groups. Very young people today are sexually free as never before, with healthy sexual rhythms established early in life. Brayton interrupted these rhythms by forcing adepts in the early stages of cult training totally to forgo sex - a cruel act designed to confuse, frustrate and conquer the person for her purposes.
One member named George was having difficulty, sin of sins, in controlling his sexual drives. So Jean Brayton had George cut his wrists every time he felt sexual pleasure coming on. His arms became gouged with slashes. One girl, whose husband Clifford finally turned state's-evidence against this spank-magic lodge, told the police that when she became pregnant, Jean Brayton was enraged. Brayton told the girl that she should condition herself to hate the child and upon birth the baby was to be turned over to the cult. The girl says she dutifully tried to hate her growing stomach, but could not, so left the creep cult during pregnancy. One dentist associated with the Solar Lodge disappeared rather mysteriously. He had a practice in Palm Springs. One Monday morning he called in, saying he had suffered injury in a skiing accident, he has not been heard from since. Jerry Kay, the art director for the movie Easy Rider, was a member of Brayton's Solar Lodge.
Brayton had the great scam of owning houses which she rented to the cult creeps. Since 1963, Georgina and Richard Bray ton have owned property at 1251 West Thirtieth Street in Los Angeles, a house-perhaps the only house in Los Angeles -where occult chicken sacrifices took place. This is the house Manson frequented.
They also own a house at 2627 South Menlo, the adytum for their Crowleyan magic group. This house is an old three-story mansion with light green siding and a dark green roof. Property also was owned at 1241 West Thirtieth Street - a paradise pad for sex-magic chicken-snuffers.
They also acquired in 1966 a ranch off on a dirt road between Vidal and Blythe, California, about four miles from the Colorado River. Mrs. Brayton was the world's only up-front Baphomet-worshiping real estate speculator. One cynic, interviewed, said that it was in order to keep all her houses fully occupied with renters that Jean Brayton so zealously sought followers. They used the remote desert commune for initiation rites.
The Solar Lodge library and "temple" were on the third floor of 2627 South Menlo. The walls and ceilings of the third-floor temple were painted with magical and Egyptian murals by a cult member, in the manner of the paintings at Crowley's notorious Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu, which Mussolini stomped out of existence.
The Solar Lodge operated a bookstore directly across the street from the USC campus at 947 West Jefferson Boulevard-called The Eye of Horus Bookstore. It was a small bookstore, painted red and yellow, located in a building that has since been tom down. The bookstore was blessed with an amuletic eyeball of Horus painted on the outside. The eye of Horns was used as a magic amulet by the Egyptians symbolizing the solar triumph of the hawk god Horns' eye. Horus got his eye bricked out by the evil god Seth in a heavy sky battle in the early stages of the universe. Horns' eye was saved and reconstituted through magic aka Magick.
There was another Eye of Horns Bookstore opened at 137 North Broadway in Blythe, California near their desert hideaway. Before their arrest, Jean Brayton and her husband had applied for a liquor license to operate a magic bar-cafe complex in Vidal, California. They claimed to have an income of $3000 per month from a pension plus the rentals in the various cult houses in L.A. The group also ran what seems to be the world's only known occult service station. One Richard Patterson, ardent follower of Jean Brayton, opened Richfield station Number 1087 in June of 1968 with a rock band and pom-pom dancers from USC. The station attendants tried to convert customers who drove up for a spark plug change or gas. The station was operated for a year until around June 1969 when Brayton freaked out and announced Helter Skelter was imminent.
As Brayton was preparing to marshal her cult forces to leave L.A. before Armageddon, a tragedy took place at the cult ranch in the desert. A young boy, Anthony Gibbons, age six, started a fire around June 10, 1969, which resulted in the main residence building being burned up and various animals fried. Brayton's group had been into stealing rare magic relics and valuable occult books over the years, particularly manuscripts of Aleister Crowley. Brayton even stole the so-called Golden Dawn robes once belonging to Crowley. Some of these rare books and manuscripts were burned up in the fire.
As punishment, Bray ton locked the boy out of doors in a closed wooden box for fifty-six days in high desert temperatures. Jean Brayton called a group meeting and announced that she had punished six-year-old Anthony by holding a match underneath his hands. The boy refused to say that he was sorry that he had
set the buildings on fire. Tsk tsk.
Jean put the boy into the box and even suggested that she might burn the box itself down while giving Anthony just enough chain to crawl away from the flames.
The six-year-old boy was held in a packing crate. His left ankle was chained to a metal plate fixed into the ground. There was a folded mattress in the corner for rest. For waste, there was a bucket full of excrement. The crate was closed over with a lid although there was a slight gap allowed to let in light and air. No one was allowed to come near the boxed boy, much less to offer him any comfort. Temperatures in July 1969 were around 110 degrees at the desert cult-quarters.
There was another small child named Eric, this one only two years old. Mrs. Bray ton felt that two-year-old Eric was acting uppity ( in the manner of Anthony Gibbons ) so she required that the baby sit in a yoga cross-leg position from sunup till sundown for several days. While they waited for the race wars, they built an open-ended metal building as a temporary dormitory. On Saturday, July 26, the day Gary Hinman was being murdered, two horse buyers went to Brayton's desert residence to look at some horses. The two gentlemen spotted Anthony in the crate under the hot sun. They were horrified. They drove to a store in Blythe and called the police, who raided and arrested eleven of the cultoids, for felony child abuse.
The boy's father James Gibbons, separated from the mother, claimed to the police that he boarded the boy and his sister Tammy at the Vidal commune because he "liked what the group was doing." - as newspapers quoted him. He escaped arrest himself probably because he was a Los Angeles County probation officer associated with the Gonzales Work Camp in Malibu.
One grim anecdote tells how the cult had managed to instill its racism into the six-year-old Anthony Gibbons. After the arrests, the lad was sent to a foster home where he was cared for by a black lady. The boy requested a sword from her so that he might perform a magic ritual called "The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram."
The woman remained nearby as if to observe the ceremony but Anthony announced that "we don't let niggers watch." One O.T.O. follower was later found buried near the desert commune in early August 1969. He seems to have died of an overdose
of telache or jimson weed tea.
Following the issuance of warrants for her arrest, Brayton and select followers floated away to property she owns in Ensinada, Mexico.
Several followers who escaped her clutches came forward after her flight to testify against her. Eleven members of the commune were put on trial, including Beverly Gibbons, Anthony's mother charged with felony child abuse. The trial was held in October-November 1969, resulting in convictions for all.
FBI fugitive warrants were issued against Brayton and various of her henchmen for refusing to stand trial. As of this writing, Jean Brayton and her closest followers are still on the lam as it were, but FBI agents are hot on her heels. And now back to Manson in April 1969.

This chapter was omitted after the first edition pressing of Ed Sanders' book "The Family" due to a lawsuit from the O.T.O. Copyright 1971.

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  This case is one involving the occultists of the Ordo Templi
  Orientis getting convicted of child abuse and torture and it
  made headlines across the country and involved  19 Satanists
  of  the OTO.  Below are the ORIGINAL newspaper microfiche.

  The Press

  Riverside, California

  Thursday, October 30, 1969

  Has trouble identifying mother

  Gibbons boy tells about confinement


  Press Enterprise Staff Writer

  INDO- Six year  old  Anthony  Saul  Gibbons  told  a  hushed
  courtroom  here  yesterday  of  being  chained in an A-frame
  building and then in a box at  a  desert  commune  north  of

  He  had difficulty identifying his mother who is among those
  on trial.

  The testimony by the boy concluded the prosecutions case  in
  the trial of 10 persons charged with felony child abuse as a
  result of Anthony's alleged imprisonment.

  Defense attorney's declined to cross examine the boy and the
  trial  was recessed until 1:30 PM tomorrow in Superior Court

  Anthony, looking alert and bright-eyed  and  wearing  a  red
  blazer  tie  and  dark  slacks, perched on a cushion and two
  telephone books placed  on  the  witness  chair.  He  barely
  glanced at this mother, Beverly J. Gibbons, 36.

  As  he  was  led  to  the stand to start his testimony, Mrs.
  Gibbons appeared to be choking back tears. None of the other
  defendants showed any emotion.

  The  defendants  are accused of confining the boy because he
  started a fire that destroyed two buildings at the commune.

  Gary   Scherotter,   prosecuting   attorney,   opened    his
  questioning by asking Anthony if he remembered living at the
  ranch in the desert. The boy said he did.

  Scherotter asked him who had lived there with  him.  Anthony
  named   Jean  Brayton,  Gardner  Renyolds,  Jefferey  Flynn,
  Richard Brayton, Virginia Michel, James Hungerford  and  his
  11 year old sister Tammy. He did not mention his mother.

  Scherotter then asked Anthony if he remembered a fire at the
  ranch, "Yes" he replied.

  "What burned" Scherotter asked.

  "The house and the goats. Not the  sheep  though,"  the  boy

  "Was he punished after the fire?"

  "Yes,"  said Anthony. He said Mrs. Brayton, who held matches
  to his fingers, and he then was put in the A-frame.

  "Do you remember who put you in the A-frame?"

  "I think it was Spud." Anthony said, referring to Reynolds.

  "Were you able to leave the A-frame?"

  "Yes, when I took a shower." He named Flynn as the  one  who
  took him for showers.

  He said he couldn't leave the A-frame otherwise.

  Scherotter, brought out the chain and padlock allegedly used
  to imprison PAGE 2 the boy.

  He asked Anthony fi he remembered them.

  "Yes" he said. "It was no my ankle in the A-frame and in the
  box"  Scherotter  asked the boy if he remembered who put him
  in the box. Anthony said he didn't.

  Scheroter asked who fed him while he  was  in  the  A-frame,
  "Sometimes Patty (Mosher) and sometimes Jeff (Flynn)."

  "What were you fed?"

  "I just had bread and water."

  Scherotter  inquired  what  he was given to eat after he was
  moved from the A-frame to the box.

  "I started to have regular meals in the box." Said  Anthony.
  He said Steve Quilly fed him most of the time in the box but
  that once he was fed by Miss Mosher.

  Scherotter showed Anthony a picture of  the  inside  of  the
  packing crate where he was allegedly imprisoned for about 36
  days after being in the A-frame for about 20 days since last
  May  25th.  The  picture  showed  cans,  a plastic bottle, a
  spoon, a dish , the chain and some other items.

  Scherotter asked if he had ever seen them before.

  "Yes, in the box."

  Anthony explained that one of the cans "was for me to go  to
  the  bathroom and one was to throw the trash in that I had."
  He said he buried the contents of  the  can  containing  his
  waste near the door of the box at night.

  Scherotter asked about the temperature. "It was hot there in
  the box and the A-frame," the replied. "there were ants  and
  files in the box. The files got on me and the ants bit me."

  He was asked where he was bitten " On my legs and in my eyes
  and my hands."

  Scherotter went over to the defendants and asked Anthony  if
  he knew each one.

  Scherotter  pointed  first  to  Hungerford. "Do you know who
  this is?" he asked. "Jim Hungerford," Anthony said.

  He next pointed to the boy's mother,  Mrs.  Gibbons,  seated
  next to Hungerford. "Jim Hungerford's mother?" said Anthony.
  He then looked again, "Is it my mother?" he asked.

  Scherotter inquired  whether  Anthony  had  ever  seen  Mrs.
  Gibbons  at  the  ranch  while he was in the A-frame or box.
  "No, just before the house burned." He said.

  Scherotter asked  again  who  the  woman  was,  "Bev,"  said
  Anthony. "Is she your mother?" "Yes."

  The  boy  said  he didn't know the next two defendants, Jack
  Neece and Michael Foxworth.

  Scherotter indicated Miss Mosher and asked if  Anthony  knew
  her name.

  "Yes," he said. "Patty Mosher."

  Judith Oster was asked to stand.

  Anthony said he used to know her name but didn't any more.

  The boy knew the next three defendants - Reynolds, Flynn and
  Miss Michel. Scherotter went  last  to  John  Nicholson  and
  asked him to stand. Anthony said he didn't know Nicholson.

  "Did  you  ever  see your father while you were in the box?"
  Scheroter asked. "Yes," said Anthony, but no further details
  were elicited.

  The  boy's father, James H. Gibbons, and six others indicted
  on child abuse charges remain at large.

  Scherotter made no  attempt  to  evaluate  the  relationship
  between the boy and his parents.

  As  Anthony left the stand and went over to Scherotter, Mrs.
  Gibbons started to go to her son.

  She was restrained by her lawyer, Rex Egan. She  started  to
  choke back tears, but did not break down.

  Scherotter  took  the  boy  by  the  and  led  him  from the
  courtroom. Anthony did not look at his mother.

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  reserved. Revised:  April  26,  2003.  Reproduction  without
  consent                    is                    prohibited.


  The FBI files

  Sections blacked out by the FBI censors are marked XXX.

  The  Originals  courtesy  of  a  researcher  in Switzerland.
  Thanks Peter. I sure wish the Special Agent in  Charge  part
  wasn't blacked out, I'd love to talk to him.

  Date: 8/15/69
  TO: DIRECTOR, FBI ATTN: Identification Division
  FROM: SAC, LOS ANGELES (88-16511)

  OO: Los Angeles

  The  following  information  was furnished 8/14,15/69 by XXX
  Riverside County Sheriff's Office, and XXX Riverside  County
  District   Attorney's   Office,  Blythe,  California.  These
  agencies requested  Unlawful  Flight  to  Avoid  Prosecution
  (UFAP) assistance for captioned subjects:

  This  case involves an organization or cult known as O.T.O.,
  which letters stand for Ordo Templi Orientis (Order  of  the
  Temple of the Orient or Oriental Templars). It is also known
  as the "Eye of Horus" and has had  book  stores  under  this
  name.  The  aims  of  O.T.O.  are  the  teaching of hermetic
  science or occult knowledge, the  pure  and  holy  magic  of
  light,  the  secrets  of  mystic  attainment and yoga of all
  forms. According to cult literature entitled  "Manifesto  of
  the  O.T.O.",  it embodies the whole of the secret knowledge
  of all Oriental orders and "has existing branches  in  every
  civilized country in the world."

  The O.T.O. maintained book stores in Blythe, California, and
  at 1918 West Eight Street, Los Angeles, which later moved to
  1241  West  30th  Street,  Los Angeles. These "Eye of Horus"
  book stores were managed by subject ROBERT ALLEN DUERRSTEIN.

  A group or commune of  the  O.T.O.  based  in  Los  Angeles,
  California,  at 1241 West 30th Street and 2627 Menlo Street,
  approximately one and  one  half  to  two  years  ago  began
  building a retreat or commune on 20 acres of land located in
  a remote desert area, 38 miles north of Blythe,  California,
  on Highway 95. According to tax records, this property is in
  the name XXX. During the period of  construction,  the  cult
  members  worked in Los Angeles and traveled to this property
  on weekends.

  About three to four months ago, a large part of  this  group
  moved  to  this  desert commune and several obtained jobs in
  Blythe. The buildings consisted of a Quonset  type  building
  and  "houses" made out of "piano boxes" and "A" frames. They
  maintained livestock such as cows, goats, and horses on this
  property.  The  O.T.O. also listed a run-down tavern, motel,
  store, and station at Vidal, California,  approximately  two
  miles from their commune.

  Among persons moving to this commune were five children, two
  of which were ANTHONY  SAUL  GIBBONS,  also  known  as  Saul
  Gibbons,  age  6, XXX. Their mother, BEVERLY JUNE GIBBONS, a
  white female, age 36, and xxx APPROX. father, JAMES  HERBERT
  GIBBONS,  an  employee  of  the Los Angeles County Probation
  Department at Camp David Gonzales, were  members  of  O.T.O.
  Witnesses  state  that  according  to rules of the cult, the
  parents were not to have direct control over their  children
  and the children would be in effect wards of the O.T.O.

  On  7/26/69,  XXX went to the commune to look at some horses
  which were for sale. At this time,  they  observed  a  child
  chained  inside  of  a  large  shipping crate and thereafter
  notified the Riverside County Sheriff's Office.

  Riverside  County  Sheriff's  Deputies  proceeded   to   the
  commune, where they found SAUL GIBBONS sitting on a mattress
  in a 6' by 6' box. A heavy metal chain was padlocked to  his
  left  leg  and  the  other  end of the chain was locked to a
  large metal plate. The box  also  contained  a  No.  10  can
  partially  filled  with human waste and swarming with flies.
  Also, the  box  contained  an  uncovered  plastic  jug  with
  drinking  water, a food encrusted plate, and a small washtub
  filled with dirty water.  The  stench  was  nauseating,  the
  flies  were  swarming,  it  was  hot,  and the boy could not
  recall how long  he  had  been  in  the  box.  The  recorded
  temperature  in Blythe since 7/1/69 reached 117 degrees with
  12 days reaching 110 degrees or more.

  Investigation determined that on 5/20/69 the Quonset hut  at
  the  commune,  with  many  of  the cult's belongings, burned
  down. This fire was not reported to authorities.

  Cult members determined that SAUL GIBBONS set the  fire  and
  about  three  days later, GEORGINA BRAYTON, RICHARD BRAYTON,
  and ROBERT  DUERRSTEIN,  as  well  as  other  cult  members,
  proceeded to the commune from Los Angeles.

  XXX  former  O.T.O. members, stated that GEORGINA BRAYTON is
  the leader of the group and ROBERT DUERRSTEIN is  second  in
  command.  The group is strictly disciplined and JEAN BRAYTON
  finalizes all decisions.

  Upon arrival at the commune in May, JEAN BRAYTON is  alleged
  to  have  held  lit  matches  to the hand of SAUL GIBBONS as
  punishment for burning the Quonset down and for killing  two
  goats  which  were destroyed by the fire. She allegedly made
  SAUL bury the goats after which he was "beaten all day" with
  bamboo  sticks by the adult members of the commune while the
  BRAYTONS and DUERRSTEIN watched. SAUL was then put in an "A"
  frame  building  by  the "cow pens" and chained to the heavy
  metal plate. He allegedly stayed in the "A" frame two weeks,
  during   which  time  he  was  fed  only  bread  and  water.
  Thereafter, he was transferred to the 6' by 6' wooden box in
  which he was found on 7/26/69.

  A  week  or  two  after  SAUL's  original  punishment at the
  commune, a meeting was  held  at  the  O.T.O.  Temple,  2627
  Menlo,  Los Angeles. JEAN BRAYTON told those present that as
  punishment for setting the fire she had burned SAULS's hands
  with  matches, made him dig the grave and bury the carcasses
  of the two goats. and then chained  him  in  an  "A"  frame,
  where  he  was  to  sit in Asana, a yogie position. She then
  said that when it was convenient, she was going to give SAUL
  LSD  and  set  fire to the structure in which he was chained
  and give him just enough chain to get out of  reach  of  the
  fire.  She  asked  if  anyone  had  any objections or better
  ideas. No one, including SAULS' mother, BEVERLY GIBBONS, who
  was  present  at  the  meeting,  had  any objections. ROBERT
  DUERRSTEIN suggested they kill the child, but  JEAN  BRAYTON
  said  this would not be necessary. BEVERLY GIBBONS allegedly
  remarked during these conversations that it was "sacrificing
  one to save many".

  SAUL  GIBBONS,  age  6,  was apparently chained in the above
  condition from about 5/23/69 to 7/26/69.

  The Riverside County Sheriff's Office arrested the following
  cult members after SAUL was found and they were subsequently
  booked 8/13/69 on Riverside County  Grand  Jury  indictments
  charging child abuse. They are currently out on bond:

  CLIFFORD  ALAN  REOS, white male, age 21, 5'10", 160 pounds,
  brown hair, and green eyes;  MICHAEL  JOHN  FOXWORTH,  white
  male, age 20, 6'20", 175 pounds, brown hair, and brown eyes;
  GARDNER HERBERT REYNOLDS, JR., white male,  age  22,  5'11",
  180  pounds,  brown  hair,  and  hazel  eyes;  JAMES  EDWARD
  HUNGERFORD, white male, age 22, 6', 175 pounds, brown  hair,
  and  blue  eyes;  VIRGINIA CELESTE MICHEL, white female, age
  21, 5'3", 110 pounds, brown hair, and  blue  eyes;  PATRICIA
  ANN  MOSHER,  white  female, age 26, 5'3", 105 pounds, brown
  hair, and blue eyes; JACK REVEL NEECE, white male,  age  22,
  5'8",  140  pounds,  brown hair, and blue eyes; JOHN FRANCIS
  NICHOLSON, white male, age 21, 5'8", 148 pounds, brown hair,
  and blue eyes; JUIDH LYNN OSTER, nee Angelson, also known as
  Julie Oster, an employee of the  Bank  of  America;  BEVERLY
  JUNE GIBBONS, white female, date of birth 5/13/33, 5'4", 105
  pounds, brown hair, and brown eyes; JEFFERY FLYNN

  As previously stated, the above  listed  persons  have  been
  charged  with  felony  child  abuse and are currently out on

  On  7/28/69,  XXX   Riverside   County   District   Attorney
  Investigator,  interviewed  XXX  who  were  all  together at
  Blythe, California. He also talked that date by  phone  with
  XXX. Warrants were not outstanding for these persons at this
  time and  they  were  not  arrested.  All  of  these  people
  disappeared  thereafter  and their whereabouts are currently

  XXX  Vidal,  California,  advised   the   Riverside   County
  Sheriff's Office 8/4/69 that XXX disappeared after the above
  arrests and that she had seen a letter from RICHARD  BRAYTON
  to  XXX  ,  which  was  postmarked in Arizona, city unknown.
  While JULIE OSTER was in the Blythe jail,  conversation  was
  overheard  between  JULIE  and  O.T.O. friend in which JULIE
  said that if "she (JEAN BRAYTON) couldn't come back  in  the
  stat,  someone  else  would  have to administer the business
  enterprises at Vidal". Also, that the BRAYTONS "weren't safe
  in the United States".

  On  8/13/69, the Riverside County Grand Jury returned a true
  bill charging 19 members of the O.T.O., including  all  five
  captioned   subjects,   with   violation   Section   273(a),
  California Penal Code, Child Abuse, a felony.

  This case was discussed with Assistant U.S.  Attorney  DAVID
  P.  CURNOW, Los Angeles, by SA XXX on 8/14/69. He authorized
  prosecution of all five  captioned  subjects  for  violation
  Title  18,  Section  1073, U.S. Code, UFAP - Child Abuse. He
  recommended $25,000 bond for each subject.

  On 8/15/69, complaints were filed  by  SA  XXX  before  U.S.
  Commissioner   JOHN   MORGAN,   Riverside,  California,  and
  warrants were issued. Fugitive Form Letters submitted.

  GEORGINA R.  BRAYTON  is  a  white  female;  born  12/29/21,
  possibly  in England; 5'5", 135 pounds; brown hair dyed red;
  green eyes; California driver's licence F553407; and  Social
  Security  Number  XXXX.  She allegedly has claimed to be the
  reincarnation of Sir ALEISTER CROWLEY, who  wrote  "Book  of
  Lies"  published in London in 1913. CROWLEY, since deceased,
  was an alleged leader of O.T.O.

  RICHARD MONTGOMERY BRAYTON is a white  male;  born  1911  in
  Ohio;  5'10";  165  pounds; black hair, graying; brown eyes;
  Social Security  Number  XXX,  California  driver's  licence
  B240125, and Criminal Identification and Investigation (CII)
  Number XXX. He was arrested for burglary by the Los  Angeles
  Police  Department  9/28/68,  their  number  XXX. BRAYTON is
  alleged to have become addicted to percodan.

  ROBERT ALLEN DUERRSTEIN is a white male; born 9/23/39; 6'3";
  160  pounds;  brown  hair;  blue  eyes;  California driver's
  license F819421; and with address 1241 West 30th Street, Los

  EDSON FRANK DUNLAP is a white male; born 10/10/30; 6'2", 180
  pounds; brown hair;  hazel  eyes;  address  1241  West  30th
  Street,   Los   Angeles;  and  California  driver's  license
  F324970. DUNLAP, a dentist and  graduate  of  University  of
  Southern  California  (USC)  Dental  School, is reportedly a
  high cult member and has worked for XXX has a  bank  account
  at the Bank of America, 1255 Sartori Avenue, Torrance.

  JAMES  HERBERT  GIBBONS  is  a  white  male; born 8/22/32 in
  California: 6'1"; 160 pounds; brown  hair;  Social  Security
  Number  XXX  and  was  employed  by  the  Los Angeles County
  Probation Department. He also has degrees  in  theology  and
  made  application  to  teach  at  the  Palos  Verdes  Junior
  College, Blythe, California.

  The  Riverside  County  Sheriff's  Office  also  has  felony
  warrants  for  charging  child abuse in connection with this
  matter for DENNIS CASTINEREZ, also known  as  Paul  Masters,
  Steve  Quilly, a white male, 25 years of age, 5'7", muscular
  build, dark hair, and tan complexion.  CASTINEREZ  allegedly
  may be avoiding the draft. They also have felony warrants to
  B. APPORX. Lorna FLYNN, a white female, and GEORGE CHRISTIAN
  SCOTT,  a  white male. The Riverside County Sheriff's Office
  to date has not located these persons. UFAP process  is  not
  outstanding  for CASTINEREZ, LORNA FLYNN, or GEORGE SCOTT at
  this time.

  The O.T.O. leases and operates the Richfield Service Station
  at  3401  South  Flower,  Los  Angeles, which is run by cult
  member XXX. Other cult members work at the station.

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“…is methodical abuse, often using indoctrination, aimed at breaking the will of another human being. In a 1989 report, the Ritual Abuse Task Force of the L.A. County Commission for Women defined ritual abuse as: “Ritual Abuse usually involves repeated abuse over an extended period of time. The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture and killing. The sexual abuse is usually painful, humiliating, intended as a means of gaining dominance over the victim. The psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual indoctrination. It includes mind control techniques which convey to the victim a profound terror of the cult members …most victims are in a state of terror, mind control and dissociation” (Pg. 35-36) “Safe Passage to Healing”, by Chrystine Oksana, 1994, HarperCollins, 1-800-822-4090
What are Secret Societies?

Some secret societies allegedly practice ritual abuse. “Cults practicing ritual abuse exist as a secret society….Secret societies compete for membership with established organizations. Therefore, they have to offer something not accommodated by the establishment: wealth, power, fame, sex, drugs, security, promise of salvation or eternal life….There can be secret societies within secret societies.” (Pg. 48) “Safe Passage to Healing”
What is a Cult?

Here is a summary of 10 themes of cult membership Stephen Hassan listed in “Combatting Cult Mind Control” from Park Street Press, Rochester, VT.

1) The Doctrine is Reality – The cult’s beliefs allow no interpretation or other theories.

2) Reality is Black and White, Good Versus Evil – no outside group is valid, “no room for

3) Elitist Mentality – they are the chosen ones

4) Group Will Over Individual Will – “the self must submit to the group” “conformity is

5) Strict Obedience: Modeling the Leader – the leader is imitated by everyone

6) Happiness through good performance – behaviors are controlled by shaming,
7) Manipulation through fear and guilt – includes exit phobias, the devil, God, communism,
etc. will hurt you

8) Emotional highs and lows – from great productivity to crashing (due to individual’s

9) Changes in Time Orientation – pre-cult life is bad, the present is crucial (pressure to meet
quotas, etc.)

10) No Way Out – There is never a legitimate reason for leaving

Cults also use “love bombing,” lots of flattery early on to “suck people in”. In ritual abuse, fear is used much more often, especially with children. Torture is often used to control peoples’ minds (allowing suggestions to enter the mind), causing DID, instead of fatigue and lectures, though fatigue and starvation may also be used. Ritual abuse suggestions are planted in alternate personalities. A person in the cult may have one belief system for work and day-time society and another for the cult at night.

Hassan’s book (which doesn’t discuss ritual abuse) explains how to recognize and avoid cults. They are often dishonest, having a hidden agenda.
The Connection: Secret Societies and Ritual Abuse

‘”Violent cults that ritually abuse children use a variety of belief systems to justify their acts. Some belief systems are based on the idea of needing to understand both good and evil in order to reach spiritual enlightenment….members engage in all evil acts imaginable in an attempt to understand the nature of evil. Some violent cults believe in supreme evil powers…to gain supernatural power…people practice ritual abuse …to worship the evil forces….other belief systems …of creating a superior white race….these cults believe they must torture and ritually abuse children …to create a “stronger” breed of humans…some…are based on worshipping the cycles of nature…” (Pg. 123) “Ritual Abuse” – Margaret Smith, 1993, HarperCollins

When trauma alters brain chemistry, perceptions of reality change. Ancient magicians believed a victim’s response was a mystical or magical experience. Now this is called “dissociation”. Some Gnostics believed that Satan was the God of the Old Testament. “In the Middle Ages, some secret societies and fraternal organizations were accused by the Catholic church of practicing a violent, sexualized mass.” (pg 135, Smith) The Cathars and Knights Templar were two of these groups. The Knights Templar were accused of desecrating the cross, and anointing it with parts of infants. Some confessions were obtained by torture.

The Illuminati, a dualist philosophy (associated with Satanism) developed in the 18th century. Some people believe they infiltrated secret societies including Freemasonry. 67% of survivors in M. Smith’s study said their ritual abuse perpetrators belonged to either secret societies or fraternal organizations (33% of alleged perpetrators were Masons).
The Masons

In “Cult and Ritual Abuse” by J. Noblitt and P. Perskin, 1995, Praeger Pub, 1-800-225-5800, there is a discussion in Chapter 10, Investigating Western Occultism about Gnosticism and its connection to secret societies. Alchemists might have created alter personalities, to “stay young” (child alters) or “become immortal”, pass down their traits to others in their alters.

Luciferian cults (where God is capable of good and evil) are described by some of their patients. Many of these patients have alleged ritual abuse where Masonic ceremonies, items or members were there. A symbol of The Order of the Eastern Star (female branch of the Masons) is an inverted pentagram.

Some believe Masonry has promoted Gnostic thinking. Albert Pike (33 degree Mason) ties the Masons to Jacques de Molay of the Knights Templar. Some believe the Masons may have helped create the Hell Fire Club (Black Masses) and the Illuminati. Some believe the KKK can be traced to a group made up of some Masons and derived rites and symbols from the Masons. “Many survivors of ritual abuse allege traumatic experiences associated with what they believe to be KKK activities, and many of these describe the KKK as a cult.” (Pg, 103, Noblitt and Perskin) Some people believe the following were Masons: Aleister Crowley (alleged ritual human sacrifice, O.T.O., Golden Dawn), Dr. W. W. Wescott (Golden Dawn), Karl Kellner and Theodore Reuss (O.T.O.), alleged MAFIA connection, Mazzini.

Ann-Marie Germain, 1993 thesis, (S.M.A.R.T. Issue #1), discusses alleged Masonic Ritual Abuse. “Understanding Ritual Abuse” a study of 33 R.A.’s, (from R.A. Project, 431 Auburn Blvd #215, Sacr, Ca. 95841), survivors name two groups they believe perpetrators belonged to, Masons (27%), Knights of Columbus (9%), other groups mentioned were: Rosicrucians, Eastern Star, Shriners.

In “The Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection” by David Carrico, available from Followers of Jesus Christ, P O Box 4174, Evansville, In. 47724, Nimrod (Tower of Babel) is great according to the Masons. Masons’ mystery religion comes in part from Ancient Babylon, borrowing occult symbols, paraphernalia and candles. It is claimed that the Masonic history book has pictures of Ashtoreth, Dagon, Baal (associated by some with human sacrifices) and the Satanic Goat of Mendes. The Masons move up by degrees. 1st degree Masons are allegedly threatened with the loss of life if they divulge any secrets.

Albert Pike, “Father of Modern Masonry” Pike discusses connections of Masonry to the occult in “Morals and Dogma” (a pro-Masonic book). S.M.A.R.T. (newsletter) also has numerous letters from people alleging Masonic ritual abuse.
Eastern Star

Founded by a Mason, only women related to Master Masons may join. The degree system is connected to changed Biblical stories, where in two stories it is believed torture or human sacrifice are alluded to. The pentagram is Eastern Star’s symbol. It is claimed by some that Youth groups, Job’s Daughter, Rainbow girls, DeMolays are “feeder groups” for the Masons. Source: “The Masonic Connection: Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star” by Cathy Burns, available from: Spring Arbor 1-800-395-2682

From another book of Cathy’s, “Hidden Secrets of Masonry”, Albert Pike allegedly states that Masonry intentionally misleads Masons (hidden agenda). J.S.M. Ward (A Mason) writes that Osiris (Egyptian God, human sacrifices, Egyptian God of the dead) saved mankind. She mentions that the gods of Masonry allegedly represent SATAN in different costumes.

Albert Pike talks about Lucifer bearing the light. The word “Illuminati” is derived from Lucifer. The Illuminati were dedicated to a “New World Order”. The back of the dollar bill has a pyramid with the all seeing eye on it, Roman numerals with the starting date of the Illuminati and the words “New World Order” in Latin. Some believe that most of the Presidents were Masons.
Other good sources on the Masons are:

(some of these books may be Christian in nature)

“The Deadly Deception” by Jim Shaw and Tom McKenney from Words of Living Ministries, P O Box 413, Marion, KY 42064.

“The Dark Side of Freemasonry” (collection of articles) Saints Alive in Jesus, P O Box 1076, Issaquah, WA 98027

“Secret and Suppressed” ed. by Jim Keith, 1993, Feral House, political connections

The article, “Deviant Scripturalism and Ritual Satanic Abuse Part Two: Possible Masonic, Mormon, Magick and Pagan Influences” by Stephen Kent, (Pub. in Religion ) U of Alberta, Dept of Soc, Faculty of Arts, 5-21 HM Tory Building, Edm, Canada, T6G 2H4.
The Mormons

The following information from Kent’s article: “deviant Mormons” may misinterpret includes Cain receiving secret empowering teachings from Satan, the Gadianton robbers using “secret combinations” (which include “secret murder”) to gain worldly power.

The Utah Lighthouse Ministry, P O Box 1884, Salt Lake City, UT 84110 has excellent information on the Mormons and alleged ritual abuse. In “Evolution of the Mormon Temple Ceremony 1842- 1990″ by Jerald and Sandra Tanner it is shown that Joseph Smith was originally a Mason. Many parallels are shown between the two groups (Mormon and Mason) and many rituals were allegedly borrowed.

In “Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mormonism” (Tanners), 60 victims in the Mormon church discuss seeing or participating in alleged ritual abuse activities (this number could possibly include 800 total participants, the number of people in each survivors’ story added together).

The stories of Betty Rhoton and Merradyth McCallister describe alleged ritual abuse in the Mormon church, the Mormon church may have attempted to cover up McCallister’s story, and ex-communicated her from the church. Their stories include alleged torture, ritual abuse, and mind control. McCallister also had relatives in the Masons and Eastern Star. For more information, see S.M.A.R.T. Issue #6 or our resource list.

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An Open Letter to Those Who May Wish to Join the Order

Enumerating the Duties and Privileges. These Regulations Come into Force in Any District Where the Membership of the Order Exceeds One Thousand Souls



An Epistle of BAPHOMET to Sir GEORGE MACNIE COWIE, Very Illustrious and Very Illuminated, Pontiff and Epopt of the Areopagus of the VIII° O.T.O., Grand Treasurer General, Keeper of the Golden Book, President of the Committee of Publications of the O.T.O.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

It has been represented to Us that some persons who are worthy to join the O.T.O. consider the fees and subscriptions rather high. This is due to your failure to explain properly the great advantages offered by the Order. We desire you therefore presently to note, and to cause to be circulated throughout the Order, and among those of the profane who may seem worthy to join it, these matters following concerning the duties and the privileges of members of the earlier degrees of the O.T.O. as regards material affairs. And for convenience we shall classify these as pertaining to the Twelve Houses of the Heaven, but also by numbered clauses for the sake of such as understand not the so-called Science of the Stars. First, therefore, concerning the duties of the Brethren. Yet with our Order every duty is also a privilege, so that it is impossible wholly to separate them.

Of the Duties of the Brethren

First House

1. There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt. Yet it is well for Brethren to study daily in the Volume of the Sacred Law, Liber Legis, for therein is much counsel concerning this, how best they may carry out this will.

Second House

2. The private purse of every Brother should always be at the disposal of any Brother who may be in need. But in such a case it is a great mischief if the one ask, and the other consent; for if the former be really in need, his pride is wounded by his asking; and if not, the door is opened to beggars and imposters, and all manner of arrant knaves and rogues such as are no true Brethren. But the Brother who is possessed of this world’s goods should make it his business to watch the necessity of all those Brethren with whom he may be personally acquainted, anticipating their wants in so wise and kindly and delicate a manner that it shall appear as if it were the payment of a debt. And what help is given shall be given with discretion, so that the relief may be permanent rather than temporary.

3. All Brethren shall be exceedingly punctual in the payment of Lodge Dues. This is to take precedence of all other calls upon the purse.

Third House

4. The Brethren shall be diligent in preaching the Law of Thelema. In all writings they shall be careful to use the prescribed greetings; likewise in speech, even with strangers.

5. They shall respond heartily to every summons of the Lodge or Chapter to which they may belong, not lightly making excuse.

6. Brethren should use every opportunity of assisting each other in their tastes, businesses, or professions, whether by direct dealing with Brethren in preference to others, or by speaking well of them, or as may suggest itself. It seems desirable, when possible, that where two or more Brethren of the same Lodge are engaged in the same work, they should seek to amalgamate the same by entering into partnership. Thus in time great and powerful corporations may arise from small individual enterprises.

7. They shall be diligent in circulating all tracts, manifestos, and all other communications which the Order may from time to time give out for the instruction or emancipation of the profane.

8. They may offer suitable books and pictures to the Libraries of the Profess-Houses of the Order.

Fourth House

9. Every Brother who may possess mines, land, or houses more than he can himself constantly occupy, should donate part of such mines or land, or one or more of such houses to the Order.

10. Property thus given will be administered if he desire it in his own interest, thus effecting a saving, since large estates are more economically handled than small. But the Order will use such property as may happen to lie idle for the moment in such ways as it may seem good, lending an unlet house (for example) to some Brother who is in need, or allowing an unused hall to be occupied by a Lodge.

11. (Yet in view of the great objects of the Order, endowment is welcome.)

12. Every Brother shall show himself solicitous of the comfort and happiness of any Brother who may be old, attending not only to all material wants, but to his amusement, so that his declining years may be made joyful.

Fifth House

13. Every Brother shall seek constantly to give pleasure to all Brethren with whom he is acquainted, whether by entertainment or conversation, or in any other manner that may suggest itself. It will frequently and naturally arise that love itself springs up between members of the Order, for that they have so many and so sacred interests in common. Such love is peculiarly holy, and is to be encouraged.

14. All children of Brethren are to be considered as children of the whole Order, and to be protected and aided in every way by its members severally, as by its organization collectively. No distinction is to be made with regard to the conditions surrounding the birth of any child.

15. There is an especially sacred duty, which every Brother should fulfil, with regard to all children, those born without the Order included. This duty is to instruct them in the Law of Thelema, to teach them independence and freedom of thought and character, and to warn them that servility and cowardice are the most deadly diseases of the human soul.

Sixth House

16. Personal or domestic attendants should be chosen from among the members of the Order when possible, and great tact and courtesy are to be employed in dealing with them.

17. They, on their part, will render willing and intelligent service.

18. While in Lodge, and on special occasions, they are to be treated as Brothers, with perfect equality; such behaviour is undesirable during the hours of service, and familiarity, subversive as it is of all discipline and order, is to be avoided by adopting a complete and marked change of manner and address.

19. This applies to all persons in subordinate positions, but not to the Brethren Servient in the Profess-Houses of the Order, who, giving service without recompense, are to be honoured as hosts.

20. In case of the sickness of any Brother, it is the duty of all Brethren who know him personally to attend him, to see that he want for nothing, and to report if necessary his needs to the Lodge, or to Grand Lodge itself.

21. Those Brethren who happen to be doctors or nurses will naturally give their skill and care with even more than their customary joy in service.

22. All Brethren are bound by their fealty to offer their service in their particular trade, business, or profession, to the Grand Lodge. For example, a stationer will supply Grand Lodge with paper, vellum, and the like; a bookseller offer any books to the Library of Grand Lodge which the Librarian may desire to possess; a lawyer will execute any legal business for Grand Lodge, and a railway or steamship owner or director see to it that the Great Officers travel in comfort wherever they may wish to go.

23. Visitors from other Lodges are to be accorded the treatment of ambassadors; this will apply most especially to Sovereign Grand Inspector Generals of the Order on their tours of inspection. All hospitality and courtesy shown to such is shown to Ourselves, not to them only.

Seventh House

24. It is desirable that the marriage partner of any Brother should also be a member of the Order. Neglect to insist upon this leads frequently to serious trouble for both parties, especially the uninitiate.

25. Lawsuits between members of the Order are absolutely forbidden, on pain of immediate expulsion and loss of all privileges, even of those accumulated by past good conduct referred to in the second part of this instruction.

26. All disputes between Brethren should be referred firstly to the Master or Masters of their Lodge or Lodges in conference; if a composition be not arrived at in this manner, the dispute is to be referred to the Grand Tribunal, which will arbitrate thereon, and its decision is to be accepted as final.

27. Refusal to apply for or to accept such decision shall entail expulsion from the Order, and the other party is then at liberty to seek his redress in the Courts of Profane Justice.

28. Members of the Order are to regard those without its pale as possessing no rights of any kind, since they have not accepted the Law, and are therefore, as it were, troglodytes, survivals of a past civilisation, and to be treated accordingly. Kindness should be shown towards them, as towards any other animal, and every effort should be made to bring them into Freedom.

29. Any injury done by any person without the Order to any person within it may be brought before the Grand Tribunal, which will, if it deem right and fit, use all its power to redress or to avenge it.

30. In the case of any Brother being accused of an offence against the criminal law of the country in which he resides, so that any other Brother cognisant of the fact feels bound in self-defence to bring accusation, he shall report the matter to the Grand Tribunal as well as to the Civil Authority, claiming exemption on this ground.

31. The accused Brother will, however, be defended by the Order to the utmost of its power on his affirming his innocence upon the Volume of the Sacred Law in the Ordeal appointed ad hoc by the Grand Tribunal itself.

32. Public enemies of the country of any Brother shall be treated as such while in the field, and slain or captured as the officer of the Brother may command. But within the precincts of the Lodge all such divisions are to be forgotten absolutely; and as children of One Father the enemies of the hour before and the hour after are to dwell in peace, amity, and fraternity.

Eighth House

33. Every Brother is expected to bear witness in his last will and testament to the great benefit that he hath received from the Order by bestowing upon it part or the whole of his goods, as he may deem fit.

34. The death of a Brother is not to be an occasion of melancholy, but of rejoicing; the Brethren of his Lodge shall gather together and make a banquet with music and dancing and all manner of gladness. It is of the greatest importance that this shall be done, for thereby the inherited fear of death which is deep-seated as instinct in us will gradually be rooted out. It is a legacy from the dead æon of Osiris, and it is our duty to kill it in ourselves that our children and our children’s children may be born free from the curse.

Ninth House

35. Every Brother is expected to spend a great part of his spare time in the study of the principles of the Law and of the Order, and in searching out the key to its great and manifold mysteries.

36. He should also do all in his power to spread the Law, especially taking long journeys, when possible, to remote places, there to sow the seed of the Law.

Tenth House

37. All pregnant women are especially sacred to members of the Order, and no effort should be spared to bring them to acceptance of the Law of Freedom, so that the unborn may benefit by that impression. They should be induced to become members of the Order, so that the child may be born under its ægis.

38. If the mother that is to be have asserted her will to be so in contempt and defiance of the Tabus of the slave-gods, she is to be regarded as especially suitable to our Order, and the Master of the Lodge in her district shall offer to become, as it were, godfather to the child, who shall be trained specially, if the mother so wishes, as a servant of the Order, in one of its Profess-Houses.

39. Special Profess-Houses for the care of women of the Order, or those whose husbands or lovers are members of the Order, will be instituted, so that the frontal duty of womankind may be carried out in all comfort and honour.

40. Every Brother is expected to use all his influence with persons in a superior station of life (so called) to induce them to join the Order. Royal personages, ministers of State, high officials in the Diplomatic, Naval, Military, and Civil Services are particularly to be sought after, for it is intended ultimately that the temporal power of the State be brought into the Law, and led into freedom and prosperity by the application of its principles.

41. Colleges of the Order will presently be established where the children of its members may be trained in all trades, businesses, and professions, and there they may study the liberal arts and humane letters, as well as our holy and arcane science. Brethren are expected to do all in their power to make possible the establishment of such Universities.

Eleventh House

42. Every Brother is expected to do all in his power to induce his personal friends to accept the Law and join the Order. He should therefore endeavour to make new friends outside the Order, for the purpose of widening its scope.

Twelfth House

43. The Brethren are bound to secrecy only with regard to the nature of the rituals of our Order, and to our words, signs, etc. The general principles of the Order may be fully explained, so far as they are understood below the VI°; as it is written, “The ordeals I write not: the rituals shall be half known and half concealed: the Law is for all.” It is to be observed that punctual performance of these duties, so that the report thereof is noised abroad and the fame of it cometh even unto the Throne of the Supreme and Holy King himself, will weigh heavily in the scale when it comes to be a question of the high advancement of a Brother in the Order.

Of the Privileges of the Brethren

First House

44. The first and greatest of all privileges of a Brother is to be a Brother; to have accepted the Law, to have become free and independent, to have destroyed all fear, whether of custom, or of faith, or of other men, or of death itself. In other papers the joy and glory of those who have accepted The Book of the Law as the sole rule of life is largely, though never fully, explained; and we will not here recapitulate the same.

Second House

45. All Brethren who may fall into indigence have a right to the direct assistance of the Order up to the full amount of fees and subscriptions paid by them up to the time of application. This will be regarded as a loan, but no interest will be charged upon it. That this privilege may not be abused, the Grand Tribunal will decide whether or no such application is made in good faith.

Third House

46. Members of the Order will be permitted to use the Library in any of our Profess-Houses.

47. Circulating Libraries will presently be established.

48. Brethren who may be travelling have a right to the hospitality of the Master of the Lodge of the district for a period of three days.

Fourth House

49. Brethren of all grades may be invited to sojourn in the Profess-Houses of the Order by Grand Lodge; and such invitation may confidently be expected as the reward of merit. There they will be able to make the personal acquaintance of members of the higher Grades, learn of the deeper workings of the Order, obtain the benefit of personal instruction, and in all ways fit themselves for advancement.

50. Brethren of advanced years and known merit who desire to follow the religious life may be asked to reside permanently in such houses.

51. In the higher degrees Brethren have the right to reside in our Profess-Houses for a portion of every year, as shown:—

VI°. Two weeks.       VII°. Two months.
G.T. One month.       S.G.C. Three months.
P.R.S. Six weeks.       VIII°. Six months.

52. Members of the IX°, who share among themselves the whole property of the Order according to the rules of that degree, may, of course, reside there permanently. Indeed, the house of every Brother of this grade is, ipso facto, a Profess-House of the Order.

Fifth House

53. All Brethren may expect the warmest co-operation in their pleasures and amusements from other members of the Order. The perfect freedom and security afforded by the Law allows the characters of all Brethren to expand to the very limits of their nature, and the great joy and gladness with which they are constantly overflowing make them the best of companions. “They shall rejoice, our chosen; who sorroweth is not of us. Beauty and strength, leaping laughter and delicious languor, force and fire, are of us.”

54. Children of all Brethren are entitled to the care of the Order, and arrangements will be made to educate them in certain of the Profess-Houses of the Order.

55. Children of Brethren who are left orphans will be officially adopted by the Master of his Lodge, or if the latter decline, by the Supreme Holy King himself, and treated in all ways as if they were his own.

56. Brethren who have a right to some especial interest in any child whose mother is not a member of the Order may recommend it especially to the care of their lodges or of Grand Lodge.

Sixth House

57. In sickness all Brethren have the right to medical or surgical care and attendance from any Brethren of the Lodge who may be physicians, surgeons, or nurses.

58. In special necessity the Supreme Holy King will send his own attendants.

59. Where circumstances warrant it, in cases of lives of great value to the Order and the like, he may even permit the administration of that secret Medicine which is known to members of the IX°.

60. Members of the Order may expect Brethren to busy themselves in finding remunerative occupation for them, where they lack it, or, if possible, to employ them personally.

Seventh House

61. Members of the Order may expect to find suitable marriage partners in the extremely select body to which they belong. Community of interest and hope being already established, it is natural to suppose that where mutual attraction also exists, a marriage will result in perfect happiness. (There are special considerations in this matter which apply to the VII° and cannot be discussed in this place.)

62. As explained above, Brethren are entirely free of most legal burdens, since lawsuits are not permitted within the Order, and since they may call upon the legal advisers of the Order to defend them against their enemies in case of need.

Eighth House

63. All Brethren are entitled after death to the proper disposal of their remains according to the rites of the Order and their grade in it.

64. If the Brother so desire, the entire amount of the fees and subscriptions which he has paid during his life will be handed over by the Order to his heirs and legatees. The Order thus affords an absolute system of insurance in addition to its other benefits.

Ninth House

65. The Order teaches the only perfect and satisfactory system of philosophy, religion, and science, leading its members step by step to knowledge and power hardly even dreamed of by the profane.

66. Brethren of the Order who take long journeys overseas are received in places where they sojourn at the Profess-Houses of the Order for the period of one month.

Tenth House

67. Women of the Order who are about to become mothers receive all care, attention, and honour from all Brethren.

68. Special Profess-Houses will be established for their convenience, should they wish to take advantage of them.

69. The Order offers great social advantages to its members, bringing them as it does into constant association with men and women of high rank.

70. The Order offers extraordinary opportunities to its members in their trades, businesses, or professions, aiding them by co-operation, and securing them clients or customers.

Eleventh House

71. The Order offers friendship to its members, bringing together men and women of similar character, taste, and aspiration.

Twelfth House

72. The secrecy of the Order provides its members with an inviolable shroud of concealment.

73. The crime of slander, which causes so great a proportion of human misery, is rendered extremely dangerous, if not impossible, within the Order by a clause in the Obligation of the Third Degree.

74. The Order exercises its whole power to relieve its members of any constraint to which they may be subjected, attacking with vigour any person or persons who may endeavour to subject them to compulsion, and in all other ways aiding in the complete emancipation of the Brethren from aught that may seek to restrain them from doing That Which They Will.

It is to be observed that these privileges being so vast, it is incumbent upon the honour of every Brother not to abuse them, and the sponsors of any Brother who does so, as well as he himself, will be held strictly to account by the Grand Tribunal. The utmost frankness and good faith between Brethren is essential to the easy and harmonious working of our system, and the Executive Power will see to it that these are encouraged by all possible means, and that breach of them is swiftly and silently suppressed.

Love is the law, love under will.

Our fatherly benediction, and the Blessing of the All-Father in the Outer and the Inner be upon you.

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By Elizabeth Kendal
World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission (WEARLC)
Special to ASSIST News Service -- AUSTRALIA (ANS) -- Victoria's Racial and Religious Tolerance (R&RT) Act has already produced many victims. The first victim has been the religious harmony that was pervasive throughout Victoria (a southeastern state of Australia) before the Act's implementation. The R&RT Act was not needed, and now that it has stirred tensions and produced a queue of litigants at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), the Victorian state Labor government believes the R&RT Act will fix the problems the Act created in the first place (see Link 1).

The R&RT Act has given rise to several complaints, but the case that has caught the world's attention is that of the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) v. Catch the Fire Ministries and pastors Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot. Using the Victorian R&RT Act, the ICV took Catch the Fire Ministries and pastors Nalliah and Scot to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) on charges of vilification of Muslims. After a lengthy and expensive court case, they were found guilty and convicted on December 17, 2004.

The charges arose when three Western Muslim "reverts" attended an "Insights into Islam" seminar run by Catch the Fire Ministries in March 2002, where Daniel Scot, an expert on Islam, was the speaker. As Mr. Scot told TIME magazine (4 July issue), the aim of the seminar was to help Christians "understand Islamic beliefs and culture and, after the September 11 attacks, why some Muslims engage in terrorism".

The three "reverts" attended the seminar on the advice of May Helou, a member of the ICV who was at the time employed by Victoria's Equal Opportunity Commission to assist in education about the R&RT Act.

This case has set a precedent that vilification (saying or writing things that incite hatred, contempt, or ridicule) of a religious belief or practice may be regarded as equivalent to vilification of the people who believe or follow that religion.

The case has also demonstrated just how fragile justice can be when religious disputes are decided in secular courts. Daniel Scot was deemed to be "not credible" simply because the judge did not believe (and in some cases, understand) his teaching. Amongst other issues, the judge deemed Scot "not credible" and guilty of vilification on the grounds that he was frequently referring to Wahhabi, literal interpretations of the Koran, which are not, in the judge's personal opinion, relevant to the 21st Century. As noted by one observer, "This development represents a dangerous limitation on freedom of speech and the capacity of Christians to take up the cause of the persecuted church."


On Wednesday, June 22, 2005, Judge Higgins of the VCAT handed down his "remedies" (penalties) to Catch the Fire Ministries and pastors Nalliah and Scot.

The religion editor of The AGE (Melbourne), Barney Zwartz, reports, "Judge Michael Higgins, of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, yesterday [22 June] ordered Christian group Catch the Fire Ministries, Mr. Scot and Mr. Nalliah to publish apologies for comments made at a Melbourne seminar in March 2002, and in a newsletter and Web site article.

"Judge Higgins said the pastors were otherwise of good character, but their passionate religious beliefs caused them to transgress the law. He ordered them to publish apologies on their Web site, in their newsletter and in four advertisements in Melbourne newspapers and to promise not to repeat the vilification anywhere in Australia. But this order could be defied as early as Monday [27 June], when Mr. Scot begins a two-week seminar on Islam in Brisbane."

Daniel Scot points out that it was primarily his quotes from the Koran that had been deemed to vilify Muslims; therefore, it would very difficult to obey the judge's order not to repeat the vilification without a Koran that has been suitably edited. "I told the judge earlier," Scot informed The AGE, "you haven't provided me with a new Koran with the illegal verses removed, so I have to use the same Koran. He doesn't say which parts I quoted are illegal, he is asking a very vague thing."

Scot told TIME magazine's Elizabeth Keenan that he believes his real offense was "talking about the parts of the Koran that Muslims want to hide from people".

Nalliah and Scot have vowed to go to jail rather than publish newspaper apologies, the wording and size of which have been ordained by the tribunal and will cost AUD$68,690 (USD$52,740). Scot will not suspend his teaching seminars. "You don't compromise truth for fear of jail," Scot told The AGE. Likewise Nalliah told The AGE that he would not surrender "freedom of speech to a law which is sharia law by stealth".

The AGE reports, "The pastors' lawyers have already appealed against the verdict to the Supreme Court, claiming that the act is unconstitutional and that Judge Higgins made errors and showed 'irredeemable bias'. The case will be heard next month [July]."


The Incarcerated Child-Abusing Witch v. The Salvation Army, Corrections Victoria, and ALPHA Course

Robin Fletcher, a professed and practicing witch who is serving a 10-year prison sentence for the sexual abuse of two under-age girls in 1998, voluntarily attended an ALPHA course in Ararat prison. The course was run by a Salvation Army chaplain. Fletcher lodged complaints against the Salvation Army, Corrections Victoria (prison managers), and CMC Australasia Pty Ltd (the distributors of the ALPHA course in Victoria) on the grounds that the course vilifies witches, Wiccans, and pagans (Link 2).

The Occult Order v. the Child Rights Campaigner

The occult group Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) has made a complaint against psychologist Dr. Reina Michaelson (1997 Young Australian of the Year) and her organization, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (CSAPP), for vilification of members of OTO.

OTO national officer David Bottrill and member Brent Gray claim Dr. Michaelson has vilified and misrepresented OTO through an Internet article linking the society to paedophilia, satanic rituals, and animal and child sacrifices, all of which are promoted in the OTO text The Book of the Law.

The complainants testify, "What is contained on the Web site could incite hatred and lead to violence against members of the OTO." Dr. Michaelson meanwhile contends that OTO's text, The Book of the Law, contains "talk of blood rituals using children, eating flesh, the sacrifice of a child, the killing and torture of others and uninhibited 'love' without restraint", and as such, promotes illegal activity and violence against children.

The Herald Sun (Melbourne) reports that Ordo Templi Orientis was founded in Germany in 1902. Members follow the religion of Thelema, as taught by occultist and mystic Aleister Crowley.

Dr. Reina Michaelson is presently in the Maldives working with child victims of the Tsunami. She will face the VCAT upon her return (Link 3).


Amir Butler, the head of the Australian Muslim Public Affairs Committee, says that there are Muslims who welcome debate, and he does not want to see the R&RT Act used to prevent it. Amir Butler, told TIME magazine, "If Muslims rush to the courts, some people will get the impression we can't respond to the arguments and think there must be some truth in them. The only way to fight offensive ideas is to confront them intellectually. Legislation cannot make bad ideas disappear."

Social religious harmony, two Christian pastors (who have been continuously misquoted and vilified in the media), The Salvation Army, Corrections Victoria, ALPHA, and a child rights advocate, and those who desire open debate are all victims of this "religious tolerance" law. But the greatest tragedy in this drama is that Victorians stand to lose their openness, their religious openness, and with it, their religious liberty to stand up as Christian apologists and evangelists, confronting evil and error, and engaging with the lost on matters of life and death.

The most comprehensive, regularly updated coverage of these cases can be found at the Saltshakers Web site . This includes a highly recommended, detailed paper entitled "Religious Vilification laws in Victoria - Background to the law and cases ", prepared by Saltshakers' Research Director Jenny Stokes in June 2005 as a background paper for a Christian Legal Society seminar.


1) Free speech farce
Andrew Bolt (Associate Editor - Herald Sun). 24 June 2005

2) Dump this law now
Andrew Bolt. 27 April 2005

3) Child rights crusader faces lawsuit
Kate Uebergang, tribunal reporter. 31 May 2005,5481,15461960,00.html

Elizabeth Kendal is the Principal Researcher and Writer for the World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission (WEA RLC) . This article was initially written for the World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty News & Analysis mailing list.

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by Jonas E. Alexis



Aleister Crowley, the infamous occultist and black magician we discussed in the previous article, makes a point in his primer The Book of the Law that has had far reaching consequences in both the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Crowley was convinced that the book was inspired by an entity that communicated through him:

“This book was dictated in Cairo [Egypt] between noon and 1 p.m. on three successive days, April 8th, 9th, and 10th in the year 1904. The Author called himself Aiwass, and claimed to be ‘the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat.”[1]

What then was Aiwass’s message?

“I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, and be drunk thereof! Be strong, o man! Lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee of this.”[2]

Crowley himself followed that principle fully. Crowley “was a prodigious taker of hashish, opium, cocaine, and heroin long before they were even known to the general public.”[3]

Similarly, Alan Moore admitted that long before he got involved with writing comic books, he “was expelled from school for dealing with LSD.”[4]

Moore continues, “LSD was an incredible experience. Not that I’m recommending it for anybody else; but for me it kind of – it hammered home to me that reality was not a fixed thing. That the reality that we saw about us every day was one reality, and a valid one – but that there were others, different perspectives where different things have meaning that were just as valid. That had a profound effect on me.”[5]

Alan Moore

Aleister Crowley, the 33rd degree mason who wrote the occult script upon which much of the modern music industry is based, crossed the occult abyss—never to return.[6] But it was not without a huge price.

There are two competing accounts of his final days. The first one states that Crowley “slipped blissfully into the Buddhist state of final liberation, passing from ‘Samadhi to Super-Samadhi to Nirvana to Super Nirvana, expiring in the boundless bliss of the Infinite.”

The second account states that Crowley “died alone in misery and self-loathing, uttering the final words, ‘sometimes I hate myself.’”[7] One biographer said that Crowley declared on his deathbed, “I am perplexed…”[8]

The second account is much more plausible, since Crowley was taking eleven grams of heroin every single day during his last days, “enough to kill most men…most people who saw him in those days described him as ‘a bored old man who found the lonely evenings frightening.’”[9]

 Hugh B. Urban of Ohio State University declared that Crowley deliberately set out “to overthrow all established values,”[10] wherever those values are found. But Crowley was specifically trying to overthrow the values which he saw in Christianity.[11] Raised in a Protestant home, Crowley quickly rejected his Christian upbringing and substituted magic in its place.

Inspiration Through Drugs

Crowley set forth a diabolical principle here that should not be ignored, if one seeks to understand the weltanschauung of much of modern music and the entertainment industry.

In Crowley’s view, any work of literature, art, music, and film that is produced under the influence of drugs can spiritually be traced back to “the snake that giveth knowledge,” whether the producers, directors, musicians or entertainers are aware of it or not. (And by drugs here we are not talking about things like Tylenol or Nyquil.)

Crowley went on to say in his book Diary of a Drug Fiend that “…things like heroin and alcohol may be used and should be used for the purpose of worshiping, that is, entering into communion with the ‘Snake that giveth knowledge and delight and bright glory’ which is the genius which lies ‘in the core of every star.’”[12]

Crowley, however, was not the first individual to postulate these occult doctrines. The idea that drugs can be used as a doorway to the occult world has been known throughout the ages. Occult historian Colin Wilson writes:

“All over northern Europe traditional art shows the fairy-people and sorcerers surrounded by mushrooms, usually the ‘liberty cap’ mushroom, now identified as psilocybin, the same used by Native American shamans for around 4,000 years. The Irish Gaelic name for this fabulous fungus, Pokeen, means little god…Crowley spoke for this tradition when he  said true religion always invokes Dionysus, Aphrodite and the Muses, which he also called ‘wine, women and song.’”[13]

Colin continues, “Psychedelic drugs, which have the effect of immobilizing the ‘logical mind,’ and putting the subliminal power in the driving seat of personality, can produce revelations of beauty or of horror.”[14] Colin moves on to say, “the chief danger of psychedelic drugs, and probably marihuana, is that their habitual use would cause a drop in the brain’s serotonin production.”[15]

Psychedelic drugs can cause “a lack of self-control,” so that the person “would argue for the sake of arguing, whether he believed what he said or not, and find himself compelled to speak of things he knew would offend people. He believed himself to be accompanied by a familiar spirit, and was an unusually talented astrologer and prophet.”[16]

Abraham Maslow

Pop psychologists and gurus of the 1960s would call this a “peak experience.” This “peak experience” was quickly picked up by Jewish psychologist Abraham Maslow, who collaborated with Alfred Kinsey, a part-time disciple of Aleister Crowley.[17]

Scholar Joyce Milton writes,

“While not religious, a number of [Maslow’s] subjects had spoken of quasi-mystical experiences that led to lasting creative insights. These ‘peak experiences,’ as Maslow called them, were moments when the individual felt himself to be at one with the universe, egoless and yet wholly himself. They occurred when a dancer lost herself in the dance, a writer was transformed by an act of writing, a mother felt a mystical sense of union with her child…

“Although there was nothing explicitly religious about peak experiences, they could only be understood in the context of the psychology of religion. This was dangerous territory for a man who believed that religion was mere superstition as well as a major force for evil in the world.”[18]

And whenever this “peak experience” is harnessed through drugs, sexual revolution always follows. And sex was one of the central axioms of Crowley’s doctrine in bringing about vast social and cultural changes. He wrote,

“If this secret [of sexual magic], which is a scientific secret, were perfectly understood, as it is not by me after more than twelve years’ almost constant study and experiment, there would be nothing which the human imagination can conceive that could not be realized in practice.”[19]

Europe and America did experience this sexual phenomenon more vividly in the 1960s. And Jewish revolutionaries such as Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse, Sigmund Freud, and a host of others, harnessed that sexual power and unleashed it upon Western culture in general under different names such as psychoanalysis. Urban declares that for Reich and Marcuse,

“sexual liberation would become the necessary analogue and prerequisite of liberation from totalitarian political regimes like Nazi Germany.”[20]

As we shall see at the end of summer when we delve deeply in the issues surrounding Nazi Germany, Wilhelm Reich in particular was kicked out of Germany largely because of his revolutionary ideas with respect to sex.

Once again we have to come back to Maslow as a source:

“Prayer and worship didn’t make Maslow’s list of activities that may trigger peak experiences, though sexual intercourse and natural birth did. And ‘for the right people and under the right circumstances,’ LSD and psilocybin might make it possible to experience peak at will, without waiting for them to occur spontaneously.”[21]

Calling it “peak experiences” or other names, Crowley viewed that drugs could be used as a bridge to the occult, and this has been corroborated by a number of scholars. Gideon Bohak, a Jewish occult historian, tells us that in the Greek translation of the Septuagint in the third century,

“We thus learn that not only necromancy, augury from birds, and other divinatory techniques are entirely forbidden, but also the dabbling in pharmaka (plural of pharmakon, which means both ‘poison’ and ‘magical procedure,’ not to mention the meaning of ‘medicine,’ whence the English word ‘pharmacy’) and the reticing of incantations.”[22] Philo of Alexandria used the same Greek word to describe magic or sorcery.[23]

The famed British psychiatrist William Sargant wrote:

 “Like sexual techniques, drugs have also been used from time immemorial to induce feelings of possession by gods and spirits, and one of Aleister Crowley’s disciples is entirely in harmony with thousands of years of religious and magical tradition, and too much modern tragedy, when he says that “the only really legitimate excuse for resorting to drugs is the scientific one, i.e., for the acquisition of praeterhuman knowledge and power, which includes poetic inspiration or any other form of creative dynamism.

“Poetic inspiration, prophetic power and other forms of “creative dynamism,” whether drug-induced or not, have been regarded in many societies as the result of temporary possession of a human being by a supernatural being or force. It is a pity that modern proponents of the use of marijuana, L.S.D. and the rest have so seldom inquired into the vast literature of this subject, for the effects produced by various different drugs have been reported time and time again in the past.

In the East, the early Vedic hymns sang the praises of soma, the ‘King of Plants,’ omnipotent, all-healing, the giver of immortality, consumption of which elevated the worshipper to the level of the divine, and which was itself considered a god. What soma was is uncertain, but it may have been a mushroom, Amanita muscaria or fly agarics.

“Tantric and other Indian sects ‘have continually resorted to drugs to shift the plane of perception and attain ecstatic states and mystical illumination.’ Drugs, drinks, chemicals and special medicinal preparations were and still are used for this purpose.”[24]

The New Testament offers similar indications. In Galatians 5, Paul uses the Greek word pharmakeia to describe sorcery or witchcraft, from which the word pharmacy is derived. Here again we are not talking about things like Tylenol, and any rational person should know where to draw the line.

Even antidepressant drugs have proved to have negative effect.

For example, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold—and nearly all the teenagers who have committed terrorist acts in the schools—were taking antidepressant drugs.[25] Steven Kazmierczak, the student who killed five people and wounded several others in 2008 at Northern Illinois University, was taking Prozac.[26] Steven Kazmierczak

Other psychiatrists have seen the same link between drugs and the occult. Stanislav Grof, arguably one of the most eminent Freudian psychoanalysts who quickly discovered that drugs and spiritual enlightenment go hand and hand, came up with the term transpersonal psychology to describe the state of mind in which an individual can find himself after taking SLD.

Two of Grof’s books—Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research, and LSD Psychotherapy—are of major importance for many Jewish porn stars, including Annie Sprinkle.[27]

The late Michael Jackson, the self-styled king of pop who achieved stardom with his Thriller album in the 1980s, was, quite literally, a walking drug addict. Yet this did not come out until his untimely death in 2009.

The singer even had a song entitled “Morphine,” which has lines such as “Demerol, he is taking Demerol.” One report reveals that in 2004, Jackson “took more than 10 Xanax pills a night, asking his employees to get the prescription medicine under their names and also personally traveling to doctors’ offices in other states to obtain them…

“The document from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department contains confidential interviews conducted with two of Jackson’s former security guards as officials prepared for Jackson’s child molestation trial in 2005. According to the drug’s Web site, Xanax is for the treatment of panic disorder. The 2004 document details a dark picture of Jackson’s attempts to battle his sleeping disorder. One security guard that sheriff’s deputies interviewed said he expressed his concern about Jackson’s use of 10-plus pills a night to another staffer.

“The second staffer replied: ‘Jackson was doing better because he was down from 30 to 40 Xanax pills a night,’ according to the document. One of the guards said he and three other employees would get prescriptions for Jackson under their names. The second guard backed up the claim, saying he had picked up medicine for the singer that were in other people’s names.

“Years later in 2006, Jackson was in Las Vegas trying to jump-start his career. Deal maker Jack Wishna, who was helping the singer land a long-running show in Vegas, told CNN the singer would appear ‘drugged up’ and ‘incoherent’ — often so weak and emaciated he had to use a wheelchair to get around. Sources close to Jackson [said] that the insomniac singer traveled with an anesthesiologist who would ‘take him down’ at night and ‘bring him back up’ during a world tour in the mid-90s.”[28]

One medical doctor, Sanjay Gupta, told CNN, “No matter how you cut it, this is an extremely high dosage of Xanax. It is a huge red flag…This dosage is exceedingly high for any human being.”

Brian Oxman, an attorney for the Jackson family, declared that Jackson had a drug problem for years. Back in 2007, Jackson settled a law suit with a pharmaceutical department that claimed that Jackson owed them more than $100,000.

During a search of his Neverland home in 2003, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s department found syringes and Demerol on the property. And we also know that Jackson was also taking Diprivan, a powerful sedative, before his death.[29] This type of drug is only used by anesthesiologist.

Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson’s personal dermatologist, admitted that Jackson was using Diprivan way back when he was touring in Germany. Jackson’s last tour in Germany was in 1997, which led many to suggest that he might have been taking the drug for at least twelve years.

Blood tests also indicated that Jackson was taking Methadone and even Dilaudid, a narcotic drug. (Methadone is said to be a heroin substitute.) Factually, the self-loathing pop icon was, as one newspaper put it, “a walking drugstore when he died—he never stood a chance. The body can build up extreme tolerance to huge doses of drugs but eventually it overloads and just shuts down. That is what happened to Michael Jackson.”[30]

Jackson added other drugs on his list such as Fentanyl, Vicodin, Valium, Ambien, etc. Two months after his death, other reports began to uncover Jackson’s drug world:

“Marijuana and numerous empty drug bottles were found by police officers at Michael Jackson’s home shortly after he died. Two bags of marijuana, a bottle of temazepam (used to treat sleeplessness), empty bottles of the sedatives lorzaepam and diazepam were discovered during the search. They also found four other empty pill bottles with no indication as to what may have been in them.”

Even on the day of his death, “as investigators were at the house, ‘family members of the decedent notified Los Angeles County Coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter that they had located a quantity of tar heroin in [Jackson's] bedroom on the second floor of the residence. Winter notified LAPD detectives of the found evidence.’”[31]

As previously noted, Jackson followed Crowley’s principle as set forth in Crowley’s Magick: In Theory and Practice, and there is no doubt that Jackson himself had flirted with the occult, despite the fact that he denied it in public.[32] Listen to the “king of pop” here:

“Anyway, I don’t do very many things until a certain force tells me to do them. The force tells me when and then I make my move.”[33]

On another occasion, he also acknowledged, “When I hit the stage it’s all of a sudden a ‘magic’ from somewhere that comes and the spirit just hits you, and you just lose control of yourself.”[34]

Anthropologists who have studied these phenomena for years have called them demonic possession and trance.[35]

The Marriage Between Drugs and Pop Culture

Two of the famous individuals who had discovered the supernatural powers of drugs were the late Timothy Leary, formerly of Harvard and an ardent follower of Aleister Crowley, and British intellectual Aldous Huxley, known for popular books such as Brave New World and The Doors of Perception. (It is said that it was Crowley who introduced Huxley to mescaline.[36]) After he heavily induced himself with psilocybin, Huxley told Leary in a chilling conversation:

‘Your role is quite simple. Become a cheerleader for evolution. That’s what I did and my grandfather before me. These brain-drugs, mass-produced in the laboratories, will bring about vast changes in society. All we can do is spread the word. The obstacle to this evolution, Timothy, is the Bible.’”[37]  

The late British psychiatrist William Sargant wrote, “Aldous Huxley, in his writings and in talking to me personally, insisted that mescaline had taken him into the presence of God.”[38] Leary declared, “I am a revolutionary, and the faster this system [the culture and the Christian ideals upon which it was built] goes down the happier I’ll be.”[39]

 Yet Leary and Huxley were hardly the only individuals to have these “peak experiences” through drugs. Under the influence of drugs, Paul McCartney admitted that the Beatles’ songs and music would come through in less than an hour. Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s wife, confessed:

“More than anything it was the time and place when the Beatles came up. Something did happen there…It was as if several people gathered around a table and a ghost appeared. It was that kind of communication. So they were like mediums in a way. It was more than four people….As I said, they were like mediums. They weren’t conscious of all they were saying but it was coming through them…”[40]

Perhaps one well-known individual who understood the supernatural power of altered state of consciousness through drugs was the renowned psychiatrist R. D. Laing. Thomas Szasz writes:

R. D. Laing

“Laing began his personal use of LSD in the early 1960s, when it was still legal in the UK. He loved it. Laing hagiographer John Clay writes: ‘LSD opened up new vistas, new fields of experience for him, and he was to use it more and more…’

“With LSD he found he could ‘travel through time in a way that the past wasn’t simply at a distance but co-present.’ The LSD mystique was right up Laing’s alley, and so also was its appeal to his craving to violate boundaries as a therapist: ‘He took it experimentally with patients at Wimpole Street [his office].’

“Clay quotes Laing: ‘I now usually take a small amount of it myself if I give it to anyone, so that I can travel with them.’ In 1964, while lecturing in the United States, Laing sought to meet [Timothy] Leary. They met at Bill Hitchcock’s legendary estate in Milbrook, New York, where Leary was then staying.

“Leary recounted what happened ‘…He said that the only doctor who could heal was the one who understood the shamanic, witchcraft mystery of medicine.’ This, indeed, was the real Laing—the shamanic-mystical, all-powerful ‘doctor…’

“Obeying the law was for other people, not Laing. Laing deceived the Home Office when he applied, as he must have, for special permission to use LSD ‘in the therapeutic context,’ and then used it himself.

“He also deceived all those who believed him when he declared that mental disorders were disturbances in human relationships, not disorders of brain chemistry, and then proceeded to use a chemical with powerful effect on the brain to “treat” his “patients.”[41] 

Laing, of course, did not reveal his drug abuse, and even attempted to stop one of his friends (with whom he took drugs) from publishing a book about their “shamanistic” trip. This friend wrote:

“We began exchanging roles, he the patient and I the therapist, and took LSD together in his office and in my Bayswater apartment….Laing and I had sealed a devil’s bargain. Although we set out to ‘cure’ schizophrenia, we became schizophrenic in our attitudes to ourselves and to the outside world.

“Our personal relationships in the Philadelphia Association became increasingly fraught….That night, after I left Kingsley Hall, several of the doctors, who persuaded themselves that I was suicidal, piled into two cars, sped to my apartment, broke in, and jammed me with needles full of Largactil, a fast-acting sedative used by conventional doctors in mental wards.

Carl Sagan

“Led by Laing, they dragged me back to Kingsley Hall where I really become suicidal. I was enraged: the beating and drugging was such a violation to our code….Before I could fight back—at least four big guys including Laing were pinning me down—the drug took effect. The last thing I remember saying was, “You bastards don’t know what you’re doing…

“I had to figure a way to escape from this bunch of doo-gooders who had lost their nerve as well as their minds….In 1975, 10 year after I broke with Laing, I completed a coming novel, Zone of the Interior, based on my experience with schizophrenia. Published to widespread notice in the US, it was stopped cold in Britain by Laing’s vague threat of a libel action.”[42]

Carl Sagan had similar experiences with cannabis.[43] Sagan, speaking like a shaman, declared after many shamanistic trips,

“I do not consider myself a religious person in the usual sense, but there is a religious aspect to some highs… cannabis has brought me some feelings for what it is like to be crazy, and how we use that word ‘crazy’ to avoid thinking about things that are too painful for us.”[44] Many of Sagan’s essays were written under the influence of cannabis.

And Michel Foucault, the French intellectual who contracted AIDS through homosexuality, took LSD and declared that it was the best moment of his life.[45] Foucault declared,

“Some drugs are really important for me because they are the medications to those incredibly intense joys that I’m looking for.”[46] Noted professor of philosophy Gary Gutting writes that Foucault “spent his life seeking extreme sensations from drugs and sadomasochistic sex…”[47]

Rock star Bob Dylan was a man with virtually no talent when he started his career as a rock musician. But when he started using drugs (he even publicly admitted he made a bargain with “the chief commander”[48]), everything else changed. The man who obviously could not string two musical consonants together became one of the famous figures in Rock history.

It was after taking drugs—in this instance marijuana—that one friend of Dylan declared that Dylan would have “a little pad and he’d write things down…just by a stream of consciousness.”[49] When asked to cut down some of the verses in his songs and writings, Dylan replied, “I can’t…They just keep flowing out of me.”[50] He went so far as to say that “drugs are medicine…I think everybody’s mind should be bent once in a while.”[51]

Heath Ledger as the joker

Heath Ledger, who redefines the meaning of the Joker in The Dark Knight, was heavily under the influence of drugs before and after the filming of The Dark Knight.[52]

Shia Labeouf, who plays in such top grossing films such as Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Krystal Skull, Transformers, among others, grew up in a home where his father would give him marijuana when he was ten years old. It was during the same time that Labeouf “began performing stand-up and ‘talking dirty’ at comedy clubs.”[53]

And both Edward Furlong and Linda Hamilton, known for their roles in movies such as Terminator 2, were drug addicts.

Biographer Christopher Sandford has this to say about Sting: “drink and drugs became his constant companions, his most loyal friends.”[54] At one point, the artist was so heavily on drugs that he became depressed.[55]

Sting himself was influenced by Crowley. He wrote of Crowley’s tarot cards: “These cards were designed in the 1940’s under the supervision of Aleister Crowley. They’re quite stunning…My favorite tarot card is Death. Oh! Here it is! How strange Death should be right on top. Anyhow, I find it extraordinary how strong are the feelings this card inspires me.”[56]

Natalie Portman admitted, “Yeah, I didn’t touch pot till I was in my 20s. I didn’t get flat-out drunk until I went to college. But I think that’s a good thing in many ways.”[57]

The famous Hollywood director Oliver Stone was no stranger to drugs.

“Stone loosely based Scarface on his own addiction to cocaine which he had to kick while writing the screenplay. Stone has been rumored to use drugs while making films. On the DVD of Natural Born Killers: The Director’s Cut, one of the producers, Jane Hamsher, recounts stories of taking psilocybin mushrooms with Stone and some of the cast and crew and almost getting pulled over by a police officer—a situation which Stone later wrote into the film.

Oliver Stone

“In 1999, Stone was arrested and pleaded guilty to drug possession and no contest to driving under the influence. He was ordered into a rehabilitation program. He was arrested again on the night of May 27, 2005, in Los Angeles for possession of a small amount of marijuana.”[58]

Stone admitted, “It was a wild time. I was doing a lot of drugs. Grass and acid. I was into Timothy Leary…”[59]

Stone declared, “I’m seeing someone separately where I work in a trance state…I believe in meditation. I believe in prayer; you should go to deeper levels….I’m trying to reshape the world through movies”[60]

What has Stone learned from all of this drug trips? Stone declared back in 1987:

“I think America has to bleed. I think the corpses have to pile up. I think American boys have to die again. Let the mothers weep and mourn.”[61]

Stone continued, “I believe in [Jim] Morrison’s incantations. Break on through. Kill the pigs. Destroy. Loot. Fuck your mother. All that fuck. Anything goes. Anything”[62]

Brad Pitt, in a rare interview with CNN, declared in his early days in Hollywood, “I liked to smoke a bit of grass at a time, and I became very sheltered.”[63]

Sigmund Freud himself knew that there was a connection between drugs and the occult, and he was addicted to cocaine for most of his life.[64]

 And this is the atmosphere that has colored most of Drew Barrymore’s movie performances. Cocaine was Barrymore’s preference.[65]

In a nutshell, Crowley’s occult doctrine has become one of the main pillars that characterize a large section of the entertainment industry, an issue we shall pursue in the next article.

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Lukes Dad's picture

Aleister Crowley was a mountain climber, homoerotic poet, ritual magician, heroin addict,  sleazy womanizer, racist, German collaborator, British secret agent and pedophile.

Ordo Templi Orientis   Crowley was approached by the Ordo Templi Orientis, which invited him to take on a leadership role. The OTO claims to integrate "Freemasonic, Rosicrucian and Illuminist movements of the 18th and 19th centuries, the crusading Knights Templar of the middle ages and early Christian Gnosticism and the Pagan Mystery Schools."

The leader of the OTO was a German named Theodor Reuss, a former Freemason and Illuminatus. He initiated Crowley into the sect in 1910 and in 1912 granted the Beast a charter to launch a British branch of the secret society. Crowley moved to the United States in 1914, at the onset of World War I, setting up shop in New York.

In New York, Crowley continued recruiting students and began rewriting the charters of the O.T.O. to better suit his beliefs. Starting from a base structure very similar to the Freemasons, Crowley added several significant elements to the OTO's repertoire. He legalized the initiation of women into its ranks, wrote modernized English-language rituals for its members, streamlined initiation and degrees to more quickly advance members through the ranks, and integrated Thelema into the OTO's core mission, placing the Book of the Law at the center of its teachings.

In the early 1920s, Crowley took control of the O.T.O. under ambiguous circumstances. Reuss allegedly suffered a stroke in 1920, an assertation which Crowley used to politick his way to the top of the hierarchy. He was the titular head of the OTO until his death in 1947.

One of Crowley's most-lasting (but entirely unintended) contributions to the world of religion came from one of the OTO's American branches, led by self-proclaimed "Antichrist Superstar" Jack Parsons. Parsons ran a California OTO lodge that attracted a young L. Ron Hubbard as an aspirant. According to OTO lore and various biographies, Hubbard allegedly joined the group and engaged in an affair with Parsons' mistress (with Parsons' knowledge).

Lukes Dad's picture

In the case of Aleister Crowley, the truth of that statement is a testament to the magnitude of the legend, since the reality is pretty remarkable.

A study in contradictions, Crowley was a pioneering mountain climber, a pioneering homoerotic poet, a pioneering ritual magician, a heroin addict (not so pioneering), a sleazy womanizer, a closet homosexual, a vocal feminist, a racist, a German collaborator, a British secret agent, a civil rights advocate, a talented amateur artist, a legitimately profound mystic and an infuriating charlatan.

But was he the wickedest man on Earth? Ehhhhh... It's kind of tough to compete with Adolf Hitler or Idi Amin, you know?

Born in England in 1875 with the name "Edward Alexander," Crowley burst into the world with a bad attitude during the most repressed period in the repressed history of the most repressed nation in the world.

For several years, young Crowley grudgingly went along with the program, idolizing his father, a preacher and pamphleteer for an Protestant evangelical sect that made the Victorian era's repression look positively libertine.

But his father died when Crowley was a pre-teen. The trauma of loss combined with a disagreeable stepfather and a surge of pubescent hormones to unleash the "Great Beast" on the world.

Rotting Poetry or Just Rotten?

Crowley was a sickly child, and his stepfather introduced him to the outdoors in an effort to build his health. As a Cambridge undergraduate, this interest expanded to mountaineering. He took part in an early historic, record-breaking attempt to scale K2 in the Himalayas, among other expeditions, where he developed a reputation for sadistically abusing the local help (which he later justified in that patronizing, racist colonial manner that made the British so beloved around the world). He also developed a reputation for unreliability, and his mountain treks were marred by a couple of ugly incidents in which people died.

At Cambridge, Crowley also discovered that he was gay. This realization didn't sit well with the Beast, who in a lifetime of hedonism and debauchery never quite managed to shake off the shame that his early upbringing instilled in him. He kept his homosexual adventuring a carefully guarded secret for most of his life, overcompensating with a pattern of continual womanizing that was also shaped in part by his burgeoning philosophical beliefs.

But young Crowley's shame didn't stop him from becoming a prolific author of pioneering homoerotic poetry, cleverly disguised in metaphors and oblique verbiage such as the following excerpt from the cryptically named collection "White Stains" (Subtle!):

Touch me; I shudder and my lips turn back
Over my shoulder if so be that thus
My mouth may find thy mouth, if aught there lack
To thy desire, til love is one with us.

"White Stains," which alone would be enough to distinguish Crowley's name for posterity, was privately published under a pseudonym in 1898 and almost immediately banned. Legend has it that the covers on the original printing of 100 copies were adorned with white stains issued from the loins of the Beast himself. Most copies were eventually destroyed by British authorities, due to its content, which included odes to homosexuality, pedophilia, Bestiality and necrophiliac cannibalism:


When thy warm sweat should leave me cold,
And my worn soul find out no bliss
In the obscenities I kiss,
And the things shameful that I hold.

My nostrils sniff the luxury
Of flesh decaying, bowels torn
Of festive worms, like Venus, born
Of entrails foaming like the sea.

Yea, thou art dead. Thy buttocks now
Are swan-soft, and thou sweatest not;
And hast a strange desire begot
In me, to lick thy bloody brow;

To gnaw thy hollow cheeks, and pull
Thy lustful tongue from out it's sheath;
To wallow in the bowels of death,
And rip thy belly, and fill full

My hands with all putridities;
To chew thy dainty testicles;
To revel with the worms in Hell's
Delight in such obscenities;

To pour within thine heart the seed
Mingled with poisonous discharge
From a swollen gland, inflamed and large
With gonorrhoea's delicious breed;

To probe thy belly, and to drink
The godless fluids, and the pool
Of rank putrescence from the stool
Thy hanged corpse gave, whose luscious stink

Excites these songs sublime. The rod
Gains new desire; dive, howl, cling, suck,
Rave, shreik, and chew; excite the fuck,
Hold me, I come! I'm dead! My God!


When he wasn't busy engaging in adolescent gross-outs, Crowley's less exotic poetry was considered noteworthy, if not inspired.

Having, um, conquered the worlds of mountaineering and literature, Crowley found his attention increasingly turning to matters spiritual. Through his mountaineering contacts, Crowley made contact with members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an occult secret society. The Golden Dawn was an offshoot of the Freemasons, borrowing liberally from that order's initiation practices and layering on a hodge-podge of mysticism and ritual magic borrowed from a wide variety of influences.

Crowley was never known to play well with others, and he didn't play well with his fellow Golden Dawn members. Crowley at first befriended the leader of the Golden Dawn, MacGregor Mathers, then later turned on him, a pattern which would repeat itself endlessly through Crowley's life.

After a series of petty melodramas, Crowley was expelled from the Golden Dawn after about two years. He engaged in a series of "magical battles" with Mathers, who left the order in disgrace after it was discovered (shockingly) that he had forged the "ancient" texts the sect was based on. The magical battles lacked the kind of Hollywood flair you'd like to see, with Crowley and Mathers being the only actual witnesses to the workings of the conflict, which apparently involved a lot of summoning and dispatching of demons and the like.

Over the next several years, Crowley continued his spiritual explorations while traveling the world and engaging in the occasional mountaineering expedition. His ideas about magic and mysticism began to congeal. He married Rose Kelly, the sister of a friend, in 1893, and the two traveled together.

With Rose in tow, the most significant period of Crowley's life was upon him. During a museum visit in Egypt, Rose found herself drawn to an ancient Egyptian artifact with the exhibit number 666, which depicted the Eygptian deities Hadit and Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Shortly after this encounter, Rose was overcome by the spirit of an entity known as Aiwass, who dictated "The Book of the Law" to Crowley over the course of three days.

Whether mystically transmitted or an act of creative excess, the Book of the Law is a remarkable document. In cryptic and poetic terms, the book lays out a kind of scriptural framework for a spiritual path called Thelema, the Greek word for "will." The most famous line in the book, while derivative of previous spiritual writings, would forever be associated with Crowley:

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

With these 11 words, the course of Crowley's life was set.

Complex Messiah

The Book of the Law is heavy on poetry, but light on theology. It generally encourages a libertine approach to life, the use of "strange drugs" and various obscure adjurations like "Let my servants be few & secret" and "Choose ye an island!"

Crowley would maintain throughout his life that "Do what thou wilt" was not intended as a blanket permission for all sorts of depraved behavior (yeah, right), but rather an instruction that people should learn and discover their "true wills," the important works and desires of their lives, and follow through on them.

Despite a mile-wide streak of self-aggrandizement, Crowley never attempted to claim authorship of the Book of the Law. He steadfastly maintained it had come from beyond and that his role was strictly that of interpreter. However, he did go so far as to designate himself as the only person worthy of interpreting the book, and he expected his followers (such as they were) to treat his views as seriously as Catholics treat a load of papal bull.

Crowley believed the transmission of the Book of the Law signaled the imminent arrival of the Aeon of Horus, basically a new era in the evolution of humanity and religion in which the law of Thelema ("do what thou wilt") would be the prevailing system of belief.

A few years later, Crowley formed a new magical order, his first effort to put the teachings of Thelema before the public. The Astrum Argentium (Silver Star) attracted some interest in its early stages, but never really caught on as broadly as, say, Mormonism. The A.A.'s primary claim to fame was the publication of Crowley's Equinox.

The Equinox was a book-length periodical, published irregularly over the years, in which Crowley and affiliated individuals wrote an exhaustive and often brilliant updating of traditional magical and occult practices.

The Equinox debuted with a bang by publishing several secret texts of the Golden Dawn, which he had sworn a solemn and reprisal-laden oath to protect. The move finalized his rancorous split with the group, infuriating its remaining members (who already hated him), such as the poet William Butler Yeats and Arthur Edward Waite (who achieved widespread fame for his Tarot studies).

The A.A. enjoyed some modest success, and continues to this day, but Crowley's attention span wasn't exactly renowned as heroic. He moved on, leaving his wife, the A.A. and the Equinox behind.

Crowley spent years traveling the world and studying esoteric systems, creating a body work which has never really gotten the credit it deserved. He wrote landmark analyses and translations of ancient texts about yoga, mediation and the I-Ching.

Crowley also studied the interrelation of magical and spiritual systems around the world, borrowing liberally from extremely diverse sources and he continued to build Thelema in an almost coherent religion.

Thelema evolved along the lines of the ceremonial magic traditions which had first shaped Crowley's thinking, namely rituals and procedures designed to elevate spiritual aspirants in both power and wisdom via astral projection, the casting of spells to advance the caster's true will, and the invocation of various spirits, angels, demons, entities, and/or whatever.

Ordo Templi Orientis

Crowley was approached by the Ordo Templi Orientis, which invited him to take on a leadership role. The OTO claims to integrate "Freemasonic, Rosicrucian and Illuminist movements of the 18th and 19th centuries, the crusading Knights Templar of the middle ages and early Christian Gnosticism and the Pagan Mystery Schools."

The leader of the OTO was a German named Theodor Reuss, a former Freemason and Illuminatus. He initiated Crowley into the sect in 1910 and in 1912 granted the Beast a charter to launch a British branch of the secret society. Crowley moved to the United States in 1914, at the onset of World War I, setting up shop in New York.

In New York, Crowley continued recruiting students and began rewriting the charters of the O.T.O. to better suit his beliefs. Starting from a base structure very similar to the Freemasons, Crowley added several significant elements to the OTO's repetoire. He legalized the initiation of women into its ranks, wrote modernized English-language rituals for its members, streamlined initiation and degrees to more quickly advance members through the ranks, and integrated Thelema into the OTO's core mission, placing the Book of the Law at the center of its teachings.

In the early 1920s, Crowley took control of the O.T.O. under ambiguous circumstances. Reuss allegedly suffered a stroke in 1920, an assertation which Crowley used to politick his way to the top of the hierarchy. He was the titular head of the OTO until his death in 1947.

One of Crowley's most-lasting (but entirely unintended) contributions to the world of religion came from one of the OTO's American branches, led by self-proclaimed "Antichrist Superstar" Jack Parsons. Parsons ran a California OTO lodge that attracted a young L. Ron Hubbard as an aspirant. According to OTO lore and various biographies, Hubbard allegedly joined the group and engaged in an affair with Parsons' mistress (with Parsons' knowledge).

Knowing a good thing when he saw it, Hubbard made off with the girl, a substantial amount of Parsons' cash (allegedly), and several major tenets of Thelema, which he re-metaphorized into the big-budget, George-Lucas-on-crack, metaphysical framework of Scientology (allegedly), a religious enterprise (allegedly) renowned for its (alleged) litigiousness (allegedly, allegedly, allegedly).

In later years, Hubbard would (allegedly) claim Crowley was a "good friend" but Crowley's biographers do not record a meeting between the two.

House of Horrors

Crowley's world travels are too voluminous to detail here; he managed to wear out his welcome in country after country. But a notable stop on his itinerary was the small Sicilian island town of Cefalu, one of the more colorful periods of Crowley's life.

With his mistress of the moment, Crowley set up shop in a house in Cefalu which he dubbed the "Abbey of Thelema." He imagined it as a headquarters from which the doctrines of Thelema would be spread throughout the world. In practice, it was somewhat less impressive.

For three years, Crowley and a motley assortment of followers set up shop in the Abbey, which visitors described as a hygienic nightmare, rife with the stink of shit. Crowley adorned the walls with often grotesque murals and paintings of various occult subjects. Several accounts described the sacrifice of small animals in magic rituals, and Crowley often set out to systematically degrade visiting pupils (not least with his sexual attentions).

The truth was bad enough, but once the British tabloids caught wind of these tales, they decided the stories some embellishment. The "wickedest man in the world" appellation which made Crowley famous came from the headlines on these stories of murder, black magic, the live sacrifice of babies, bestiality and wanton seduction. Crowley somehow managed to revel in the tales while at the same time suing for libel in the hopes of scoring some easy cash.

Aleister Crowley, Secret Agent

It was in New York that Crowley really began to cement his reputation as an evil guy. In what he would later claim was an act of sabotage, Crowley wrote pro-German propaganda for a New York publisher which, he explained, was intended to hurt the Germans by making them look ridiculous for having such bad propaganda written for them. In one stroke, he turned his bad prose and treasonous leanings into a victory for freedom and democracy.

There is no proof as to whether Crowley was a) sincerely trying to sabotage the Germans and b) working for British intelligence in this effort, as he claimed. Crowley counted some fairly significant British military figures among his students. "It could have happened" is about as far as you can reasonably go.

Crowley's flirtation with Aryan supremacy didn't end with WW I, however. During World War II, a member of the OTO wrote to Adolf Hitler on behalf on Crowley, suggesting that Thelema would be a dandy choice as the national religion of the Third Reich. His German disciple tried to give Hitler a copy of the Book of the Law. It has never been proved that such a thing happened. We must resort once more to "It could have happened."

Conspiracy lovers enjoy few things more than a good Crowley-Nazi story, and there are plenty of them in circulation, but little evidence any of them actually ever happened. Claims of meetings between der Furher and der Beast and of Nazi black magic rituals appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

Decline and Fall

After squandering his considerable inheritance on sex, drugs and vanity publishing (mostly the latter), Crowley took to supporting himself through an innovative pattern of publishing and relationships.

Firmly ensconced in his role as the most evil man in the world, Crowley published a few tell-all autobiographical tale such as his notorious "Confessions" and "Diary of a Drug Fiend." The problem with this method of self-sufficiency was that his books were banned almost as quickly as they could be printed, which made royalties somewhat problematic, even though the advances were nice.

Given his chronic failure to make it in publishing, the Beast had to find other sources of incomes. He took to seducing women of moderate to substantial means, while recruiting male students who could do the actual work of promoting the Beast's religious and literary aspirations. The male students were as likely to become the object of Crowley's amorous attentions as the mistresses.

Invariably, Crowley tired of the women and the men tired of him, but rinse, lather and repeat enough times, and pretty soon you've managed to support yourself for a lifetime.

Crowley's health declined into the 1930s and '40s, in no small part due to a lifelong heroin habit. After his homosexuality, the only other thing that ever really shamed Crowley was his inability to quit the drug, despite repeated attempts. His health declining, the Beast shambled off to spend his final days mostly alone, at a boarding house in his native England.

On December 1, 1947, with a parting curse on the doctor who refused to prescribe him any more heroin, Crowley passed on to the great unknown. Depending on how many of the extravagant claims made about the Beast (by himself and others) you want to believe, feel free to make your own calculations about where his karma deposited him on December 2.

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Since David Bottrill first threatened me for legal action even though he or the OTO were nowhere to be seen on the site except for a short blog exposing an OTO member who was caught and convicted for having child porn on his computer, I have done a fair bit of research into the OTO and one of it's founders that they base their "religion" on, Alistair Crowley who was nothing more than a sexual deviant and a chronic drug addict. They all seem to be right into getting right out of it on drugs as apparantly this gets them in the right state of mind to do the things they need to do in secret.
Some questions for you David Bottrill
1. Seeing as you are the highly esteemed "treasurer" of the OTO in Australia, is it your job to supply OTO members with the drugs they need to be a part of your group? Let's face it, being high up in the immigration office in Australia would make you a likely candidate as how much easier could it be to organise immigrants to smuggle drugs into the country.
2. Not knowing what you do in secret I ask you, do you sacrifice babies? Are you in charge of bringing them into the country too, utilising your position as "Outreach officer" in the ministry of Australian immigration?
3. How does being in a cult that promotes drug use affect your work? Obviously they don't drug test the workers at the immigration office in Canberra, Do they?
4. Would you be willing to supply a sample of hair to undergo a hair folicle drug test to prove you have not taken any drugs in the last six months.
5. Can you get drugs for a friend of mine or is it only OTO members you supply, if that's what's happening?
6. Do OTO members get free drugs or do they have to pay? (My friend is thinking about joining).

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Since David Bottrill first threatened me for legal action even though he or the OTO were nowhere to be seen on the site except for a short blog exposing an OTO member who was caught and convicted for having child porn on his computer, I have done a fair bit of research into the OTO and one of it's founders that they base their "religion" on, Alistair Crowley who was nothing more than a sexual deviant and a chronic drug addict. They all seem to be right into getting right out of it on drugs as apparantly this gets them in the right state of mind to do the things they need to do in secret.
Some questions for you David Bottrill
1. Seeing as you are the highly esteemed "treasurer" of the OTO in Australia, is it your job to supply OTO members with the drugs they need to be a part of your group? Let's face it, being high up in the immigration office in Australia would make you a likely candidate as how much easier could it be to organise immigrants to smuggle drugs into the country.
2. Not knowing what you do in secret I ask you, do you sacrifice babies? Are you in charge of bringing them into the country too, utilising your position as "Outreach officer" in the ministry of Australian immigration?
3. How does being in a cult that promotes drug use affect your work? Obviously they don't drug test the workers at the immigration office in Canberra, Do they?
4. Would you be willing to supply a sample of hair to undergo a hair folicle drug test to prove you have not taken any drugs in the last six months.
5. Can you get drugs for a friend of mine or is it only OTO members you supply, if that's what's happening?
6. Do OTO members get free drugs or do they have to pay? (My friend is thinking about joining).

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August 12th 1920 - "Her breasts itch with lust of Incest. She hath given Her two-year bastard boy to Her lewd lover's whim of sodomy, hath taught him speech and act, things infinitely abhorred, with Her own beastly carcass. She hath tongued Her five-month girl, and asked its father to deflower it." This is a quote from Crowley's diaries which seem to imply that both Crowley and Leah Hirsig not only molested her son Hansi Carter aka ‘Dionysus’ [whose father was Edward Carter] but that Crowley also ‘deflowered’ his own daughter who was only five months old. The daughter Anne Leah, nicknamed Poupee, had been born in late February 1920. Of course, if this molestation is true then Crowley might have been directly responsible for causing her death less than two months later on October 14th, 1920 because, unlike his childhood experiment with his cat Mrs Hagar to see if it really did have nine lives, Poupee had only one life to mess with ... we also know that Poupee’s death was so traumatic to Hirsig that six days later she, who was three months pregnant with another child by Aleister Crowley, miscarried and lost this child too.