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Lukey and Daddy Loved Each Other More Than Anything in the World

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on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 05:06
Lukey and Michael


We had so much love for each other

Me and my boy were inseparable. I fussed over him and considered myself to be his servant. The most upset I ever saw him was when the police took him, I was sober and six months drug free. I was never given a chance, I hit Luke's mum when she abused him, never in front of him but. Apparently it is worse to hit a woman than it is to burn cigarettes on your own babies face.


So first off reality check,

Now i SEE the real reason for your young child being taken from your care. Im glad i looked into it as i was starting to feel sorry for you,

If i knew of a child that was living in a home where he was being physically abused by his mother, lived with family violence (yes they can still hear even if not in the room) father is abusing drugs and alcohol and beats his sons mummy..
I would take him in a second because he deserves better than that in fact the united convention of children rights agrees.
In future before you slag off those (docs) who try to do their best. In this shitty society full of people who think they can raise kids as dogs. you had better be the most upstanding moral parent on the block. Which clearly you are not, you should think before you speak. ooopps not a skill of yours.

no im not a docs worker but as one soon to be i would suggest you invest in some valuable parenting and role modeling skills. Instead of blaming those who care on a website that offers no better SOLUTIONS.......


mother / and

Your thoughts and views are

Your thoughts and views are not wanted here Lady! How dare you speak like that on this special site....if DOCS are so good then this little child SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED so you answer that before you speak such nasty words. I am a 19 year old youth worker and I am disgusted with your comments on this special website. RIP LUKE

Honestly, Anonymous DoCS Wannabe give yourself a pat on the back

First off,
Anonymous insinuations from a self proclaimed family expert not even qualified yet advocating as some expert on child safety, hold no creedence in any place. Your lack of social ethic and cruel persona on the memorial site of a baby who died due to the negligence, malpractice and heinous ignorace toward children and parental rights is a disappointment to most, but a pre-requisite for employment by a department whose arrogance and failure to admit any personal or professional fault or responsibiltiy pertaining to their actions.

At least state your name and claim some responsibility before you even begin to pass your expert judgement or have you already instated the privelidge of having no responsibility for your actions, as you will enjoy should you terrifyingly become another hateful, spiteful and disrespectful DoCS staff member.

I am not interested if I am the most hated man in the world. I will speak the truth, and come forward and speak out about the way my son was treated, not by myself, but by DoCS. Numerous DoCS and Non Government staff who pleaded for the return of my son to me, were treated with disrespect, and dismissed by senior DoCS "Experts.

At one visit with my son, the visit supervisor returned to the DoCS office directly after the visit, and demanded my son be returned. When my son died, they were going to quit their job because they are sick and tired of watching this department ruin the lives of many.

I had a meeting three days before my son's skull was smashed in and he was left to die for six hours. I contacted them before the meeting with a list of concerns I wanted to discuss. At the top of that list was,

"Get him out of that house. He is always injured."

I didn't even get a chance to mention this. I was told that I was raising my voice and the meeting was over. The same woman said exactly the same thing in the waiting room at intensive care when I stated I had told her to get him out of that house. I told her there that when I get angry, I raise my voice, when she gets angry she takes people's kids off them.

And that is what it was in every office, a personal agenda. I was a father, and the mother always presumed innocent. I was told by lifeline it was my fault my son was burnt on the face with a cigarette, and fed drugs. DoCS laughed in my face when I told them, and found a house for my son and his mother, where I was not permitted to visit. I was never given a chance with my son.

At the meeting I asked the Reunification team leader for longer visits, the first step in the reunification process. I pointed out that other parents received longer visits after a few days or a couple of weeks. She told me that was other kids, not Luke.

I had travelled for six months four hours from Cairns to Cooktown for a weekly two hour visit, and then the return journey. Never once was I late or did I miss a visit. After every visit I would drop to the ground as he drove off and cry. It didn't matter what I did or how much I loved my son, or how much he loved me, my son's life was under the black cloud of the department of community services, Queensland, back then it was the department of child safety Queensland.

I had a friend who ran a child play centre who asked to foster Luke, she was refused. I was drug free for six months, with a reference from a Senior Seargent, this made no difference. There was nothing I could do, not even with my relentless attempts to point out the obvious to the senior staff at the department of community services, the complaints hotline, the manager of the Cairns North department of community services, the team reunification leader, the visit supervisor, like every person dealing with these untouchables, I had nowhere to turn.

Unlike the veiled underbelly of the department of community services, ruling politicians from the prime minister to the premiers to the Ministers for child safety, I will not be turning a blind eye, or more accurately aggressively and dishonestly be trying to hide the scale of this atrocity.

The last time I spoke to my son as he lay in his coffin, I rang the department of community services hotline, I rang the Townsville department of community services, and I rang another office I hold responsible for his death, the Cairns North Department of community services. I also believe the minister is ultimately responsible for his failing and corrupt department.

My son died with scratches on his face which I reported to the visit supervisor three days before he suffered a fractured skull while having his nappy changed by one of the three older foster children who also inhabited this highly dangerous residence.

These three children all had severe behavioral problems. They were in charge of changing my two year old son's nappies because the seventy four year old foster carer, refused to change nappies. She refused to take children under the age of four. She had already had children removed because of abuse and neglect.

A week after a DoCS officer stated a sick child poisoned from a spider bite needed medical attention, she had still not taken him to the doctor. Children were removed because they were being fed off the floor, without plates. She had physically abused them.

She was also addicted to poker machines and fueled her habit with her over abundance of foster children. This was all known by the seniour staff at DoCS., and my desperate pleas were tragically ignored.

Two days before my son's fatal injuries, his mother found severe wounds on his penis, which only due to her discovery were given the medical attention he was cruelly denied.

When these terrorists invaded my home and abducted my son under the false pretense of offering improved surroundings, they lied, and my son padi for it with his life. I never stopped trying and did more than asked to make these henious angels of death realise the love existing between my son and I.

I have seen all to often now that love and parental rights don't get a mention. Twenty five DoCS workers acting corruptly, including a private psychiatrist willing to give false reports in court to help the corrupt department of community services operate unhindered, desecrating the families in their path.

I promised Luke I would do something about what was done to him, and about the way these people treat people, and if it makes me the most hated man in the world, so be it.

I may not be perfect, but my son knows how much his daddy loved him, and I know more than any of these disgusting predators who falsely pose as the saviour of children, how much my son loved me.

You are cruel, arrogant, and narcistically place yourself above others already. I can only pray that you don't ever make it to a position of authority where a disadvantaged and disfortunate family is at your mercy. There are already enough of your kind in these departments, all too willing to judge and pass execution, with no consequences for their decisions relaying back to them.

They are in a win-lose environment. The department always wins, the family invariably suffer and lose from the presence of this abomination, the department of community services, world wide.


Hi Michael I just read about what happened to Luke and am so sadened they all new that he was being abused they aided the abuse which can only make you draw the conclusion that they were in on it. All the other children that are under the care of that dispicable evil woman are being abused as well thats why they have so amny problems. I know you will not want to hear what I think but I have to tell you anyway. I think she is allwoing paedophiles to sexually abuse the foster children that she has she is probably getting paid for this service, and if Luke was signed over for government mind control programming like most of these children are as young as Luke as well they are all protected by the national security act laws do not apply. The people working in govenment departments like DOCS that had Luke's file would have known exactly what was happening if he had been signed for mind control programming its trauma based its a possiblity. I read that his mother found that his penis was excoriated like there had been sexual abuse. I also know that jon bone Ramsey died during a satanic ritual the last baulb on the tree, and her skull was smashed during this ceremony and that is what killed her. That womans house needs to be watched 24/7 covertly to see who is comming and going she should not have children at all why are they allowing any of the children to remain ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS they are in on it. There are alot of very evil people working in DOCS that are involved in satanic cults they are encouraged by the cult. This govenment sponsered mind control is a cover for a paedophile ring operation. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE A CHILD AWAY FROM THEIR PARENTS its a god given right to be able to protect your own child, these people are making rules up that dont exists and getting away with it it unbelievable its satanic they are cold blooded lizards not like warm blooded humans at all they almost seem alien and if I found out this was the truth it would make sense.

I threw a brick threw a window

"No one is blinder than he who will not see" -- John 9:40-41 "And some of the Pharisees who were with Jesus heard these words, and said to him, Are we blind also? Jesus said to them, If you were blind, you would have no sin: but now that you claim to see, your sin remains."