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In loving memory of Jonas James Stadden who Died in Social Services Foster Care Aged 4

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on Fri, 12/20/2013 - 07:39
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
In loving memory of Jonas James Stadden who Died in Social Services Foster Care Aged 4

Note: Jonas Died While under children's social care with temporary foster parents.

Just a quick post for those who wish to know ? We now have a date for Jonas's funeral anyone who wishes to go and pay their respects could you please message for details. Thank you to everyone for their support through this miserable & devastating time x x x

This was how he looked the last day my partner saw him..

Not enough cuddles in the world for this little fella x

He so loved his music, here he is listening to songs and clicking his fingers to the sounds xx bless your heart darling, hope you have music wherever you are now. Love you always mummy & daddy x x x x

'One of the last happy times they had together !! They miss him so much and we can't ease their pain x x

This was our darling boy on his 4th and last birthday

He was our perfect little boy. RIP beautiful little angel.

God bless little man, a week ago today we lost you but we will never lose you from our broken hearts, love forever, Daddy xxx

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My heart is aching for you all...I'm so sorry for your loss...dont ever give up for justice is a fight that at times it may seem its a losing battle...all of us at Lukes Army stand together to fight against this corruption ....welcome


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Words can not explain or comfort the pain that these parents/grandparents and other family members would be going through the pain would run deep in their hearts. 

If this happened in Cairns Far north queensland. Josie Riley and Arna Brosnan will do their utmost to cover it up by saying how unfortunate for you.

Yes it really does not cut it when this spineless DOC's in brisbane head office turn a blind eye and the jelly fish of premier of Qld who is well aware that children are dying from the abuse of what the department of child safety does and ignores it.

I guess no state in Australia is any different, this still continues on.

My heart goes to this family who has lost a love one . We need to follow UK principle and have a class action against these monsters but I gather that solicators are too frightened to take these monsters on.

At least in UK a lawyer is making a difference. It is the common people that can make these changes if enough noise is made and it is in the publics eye the government will only then sit up and take notice.

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May the Lord Bless You & Keep You In The Palm Of His Hand & The Angels Of Compassion & Healing Be With You All Until You Are All Together Again!

Even when my good Canadian Mother from Newfoundland, CA. went into 'Hospice Care!' They wouldn't let me into see her!

Taunton Gate where over a Bakers Dirty Dozen of the Dirtiest Atty's. on the Broken Mass Bench including not only two of my classmates Atty. Robt. G. Treano with Judge Gary Nickerson presiding but the man in the insurance industry that sought me out & that I tried to help Wealthy Business man Richard F. Etling who in the end sought out my two best friends from childhood from 2 yrs. old Hilda Unita Grenier Brennan & Taunton High School Claudette Ouelette Cornaglia to turn on me because of how sick he himself was who had boxed himself into a corner & had no clue as to how to get out no matter how much money he had accumulated; stolen from others throughout his lifetime to date.

As John Lennon would say; & so this is Christmas & what have you done? Another year older & a new one just begun! For the near & the dear ones, the old & the young! Let's hope it's a good one without any fear! And so this is Christmas for weak & for strong; for rich & the poor ones the road is so long! And so happy Christmas for Black & for White for the Yellow & Red ones let's stop all the fight!

For five years me & my good Canadian Mother lived in fear & did not have a very merry Christmas with no money or friends & who are to this day trying to seal my Social Security Retirement all covered up by the Most Corrupt Atty. Gen'l. Martha Coakely who cannot become Governor of MASS. under any circumstance! Amen & Blessings ~ G-d's Secret Angel XO

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Foster care indifference and the Agency doesn't care and a precious little boy dies.  This should not be  happening OVER AND OVER!  The immunnity given CPS /DOCS only helps corrupt courst that DO NOT ACT in BEST INTEREST OF ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES>  This is 2014.  WE ARE GETTING SOMEWHERE PEOPLE, Keep reading, keeep posting, keep signing petitions and calling legislators.  WE WILL BE HEARD and things WILL CHANGE>!

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Words will never be enough....I do not suggest a connection, however it's right to ask the question.

In August last year OFSTED produced the most damning report on Somerset County Council's Children and Families Department. 

In any commercial organisation the result of such culpability would mean heads would roll. What happened at SCC? Nothing. The Cabinet Member responsible, Cllr Frances Nicholson remains in position and is clearly unfit to ensure a radical overhaul of the Department. How a Cabinet member can live outside the county is another point of interest.  The leader of SCC should fire this very stupid woman.

Jonas's mother and father have lost their beautiful and adored son. Heads should toll to ensure that no other parent goes through nighmare. There should now be a serious campaign to force out Nicholson.

I speak as an ex member of Somerset CC when it was run by intelligent and caring councillors.