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QLD DOCS and regional QLD DOCS (TOOWOOMBA DOCS, IPSWICH DOCS, BRISBANE DOCS) need to be aware that children SUFFER when taken from their parents.  CHILD SAFETY HAVE TO ADMIT ERROR - AT TIMES YOU DO TAKE CHILDREN UNDER DURESS.  IT IS A KNOWN FACT THAT YOUR AFFIDAVITS ARE PEPPERED WITH LIES AND MISTRUTHS (google the words DOCS NAME AND SHAME REGISTER) and ALL THESE PEOPLE ON THE SHAME REGISTER CANNOT BE WRONG!  Children who are taken from their parents and who do not want to leave their parents and their parents do not want them to leave suffer SEPARATION ANXIETY DISORDER.  This is a very hard to treat mental health condition; on average 3 years to treat but the long term effects are disastrous.  Children do not have the coping mechanisms to be snatched from their mother or father; they fall into anxiety and then depression.  Children under the age of 10 have great difficulty in assimilating WHY they have been taken from their parents PARTICULARLY WHEN THE RELATIONSHIP IS GOOD and particularly when DOCS PERSONNEL fabricate things in their affidavit material to REMOVE THE CHILD.  DOCS PERSONNEL can be nasty - let's face it and let's be HONEST ABOUT IT (DOCS - do you actually know what honesty is?!!).  YOU ARE NOT RESPECTED AT ALL IN THE COMMUNITY; YOU ARE FEARED AND SHUNNED.  PERHAPS THAT IS WHY you are all on FACEBOOK as you cannot make friends outside of the office because nobody wants to have a friend as a DOCS WORKER in case you decide to snatch THEIR CHILDREN!! 

YOU DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD.  What I would like to know is why, despite repeated requests by indigenous elders in the greater Brisbane and Ipswich and Toowoomba communities, you REPEATEDLY IGNORE assistance for INDIGENOUS CHILDREN - children who are living in the parks; stealing to buy food; stealing clothing and other necessaries of life.  WHY DO YOU PICK ON PARENTS WHO ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING; - AND YET IGNORE CHILDREN LIVING ON THE STREETS IN BRISBANE, TOOWOOMBA AND IPSWICH?? It just does not make sense to me.  But then again, if I want to twist my mind and start thinking like DOCS personnel think - then there is NO RISK for your personnel knocking on the door of a white collar working parent as you know they will not have a blood filled syringe in your face when they open the door to you.  WHITE COLLAR WORKING PARENTS ARE A SAFE BET - you know you wont get abused; you know you wont get threatened nor assaulted... WE ARE ALL A SAFE BET - AND YOU LOVE THE CHASE OF DESTROYING SOMEONE'S PROFESSIONAL STANDING IN THE COMMUNITY because you - AS DOCS WORKERS - know for a fact that once you start knocking on someone's door all the neighbours get to know about it - WHICH IS CLEARLY WHAT YOU HAVE GREAT DELIGHT IN. 

All I can say is this:  WHAT GOES AROUND.... COMES AROUND.  I have no idea how you (child safety officers and team leaders at DOCS) live with yourselves. 

You are an evil, wicked, corrupt bunch of government workers.