Jo Woodburn Toowoomba Docs Lying scum Child abuser

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Jo Woodburn from Toowoomba South makes herself out to be a nice and caring person but will turn anything you tell her into the worse wording and make you look like a terrible person, She wont return calls and is never available to speak to you. She has no experience with children she would be around 50 and has a Pomeranian dog,, NEVER HAD CHILDREN!!! she is cold, heartless and rude,,, she hides behind her office and gets other staff to cancel contact plans,, She does nothing about children being assaulted while in foster care even when brought to her attention, laughs it off as through a death threat was just a joke and bruises and bulging head injuries are just a child being a normal self inflicted child and running into stuff and falling over things, Jo never has paper work done and quite often to get a copy of anything you have to wait weeks and continually ask,,, When any interviews for reports are done she will change all the wording of what you actually said and will even add things that you never said,,,, After dealing with this caseworker she will make you out in the eyes of the law to be THE worst parent to ever walk this planet and she will go out of her way to make sure you never get your kids back, it is a game to her the more she sees you suffer the happier she is

I've had dealings with her. She's a cold person alright.  They all are though arnt they to work in DOCS.  The humilation they put you through, the stress, the heartache, the trauma. 

By the way people,  Heather Mander from Toowoomba Docs is also a liar.  Comes across sympathetic and caring.  Watch out she will hand you a report full of lies.  Be careful,  she will try and steal your kids.  I had my two girls in care only for a month to get some respite.  When a month was up Toowoomba Docs wouldnt give my girls back,  even though they wanted to come home. She then rung me up and wanted to steal my boys too. My boys were crying hugging me , didnt want to go and wanted there sisters back.   I got the chance one day to  steal my girls back.  My girls stood up to them and told them they wanted to stay with me and said they would run away if they went back into care.  Must of sent some alarm bells ringing because they stopped going for custody and try to go for a supervision order which i opposed and won with the help from a solicitor.  Im financially in the shit now.  All because I love my kids and wanted them home with me.  Now they on my doorstep again.  Its true what they say,  you never seem to get rid of them once you are in their radar.   When My girls were in care, the male foster carer asked my then 14 yr old if she had sex with boys yet. He also said to both girls,  the other being 12 yrs old, that men need sex more then women and that is why we have strip clubs.  There was more of this disgusting talk spoken to my girls.  When i brought it to the attention of Heather Mander She said that it was in their guide lines.  You gotta be kidding me right.  Im sure if any father heard another male speak to their daughter in that way he probably knock their block off.