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Hemsworth Social Services Stole my Kids on Lies

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on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 07:26

Hemsworth Social Services Stole my Kids on Lies

our fight against the social services. If you can help please contact me on this number... 07789691702 or 07796672187


Hemsworth Social Services Stole my Kids on Lies

There are not the words to say how sorry I am that this has happened to you just watching it is heartbreaking. There is not really anything I can say that would make anyone what you are going through any easier. I send you our support and compassion and my horror that they are doing this to so many people and there is nothing that any of us can do to fight back. It seems sometimes that we loose before we even start to fight and it is devastating. I don't understand how they think they can be better parents to our children and then destroy our children and our families.
What gives them the right to devastate and destroy our children in this manner?

When have they ever acted in the best interest of our children they say they do but they don't even know our children let alone what is best for them. They can say what they like, do what they like and the saddest thing is that no-one seems to be able to stop them.



Everyone has had enough of CPS Bullies legally kidnapping

I tell you what mate, the cruel and unusual way in which you and Tracey have been treated by these bullies is beyond our comprehension..I find it totally and utterly unacceptable that they are allowed to treat you in this way..I hope you take everyone of them and have their backsides put through a shredder and have them thrown in to prison for purgery and lying to the court..If we acted in any way shape or form like these people we would be in prison faster than our feet could touch the ground.

i hate social services, theres a fine line between abuse and dicipline and they appear to be completely ignorant of it. it only goes to tell our children to not to do something, not even a slap, and social services are their to shout abuse abuse, since when was a 13 year old child able to know everythign thats best for them, if they decide to do drugs with their friends are we not allowed to advice them to the best and if needed force them to remain in the house? its not like wer torturing them

this is exactly what happened to me, between 1998 and 2005. its state sponsored kidnapping. get the media involved as much as you can, tv, documentary programmes, local support groups., fathers4justice, anyone and everyone. i did and 6 years later everythings ok and they've gone away and the director of social services gave an apology on the 6 o'clock news and ordered to write a letter of apology to the family, and was on the front pages of the press locally 6 times

you should know this 'system' we are in doesnt care about love. You should have sent them to bording school and church to be abused then everything would have been ok. we live in a sick twisted world.  if ur not sick and twisted then you dont fit in any longer.

thanks everyone for your comments we have not had our children returned they are to be adopted we have had 1 currupt judgew after another

I hope so....

I know.. They also Trawl You Tube and all other social networks..

A friend has a recording in which SS Checked FB as they speak.

Let's face is Not seeing your Children is worse than if they locked you up...

They Need to be taught that Lying in Court will not be tolerated...

I Have already had one Complaint Upheld at stage 2...

They have lied in court,, My recordings were used in Court to prove they lied..

I will Not stop until they are Stopped...
TheCrakkle 2 months ago
TheCrakkle 2 months ago


Hi wayne I am really appalled to hear about what has happened to your kids. Were you given a core assessment? Did the SS specify what kind of assessment is was before taking your children and did an advocate suddenly appear to speak on your behalf?

@TheCrakkle Please be aware the SS use facebook to spy on parents. Please trust me on this. Be very careful who you add and keep your pages strictly private.

CPS we've had enough of legally kidnapping.


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we have the same problem and are fighting them now