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Harassed by Department Of Child And Families, Tampa Police, Hillsborough County Sheriff Department

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on Fri, 03/16/2012 - 19:59

Harassed by Department Of Child And Families, Tampa Police, Hillsborough County Sheriff Department

The Department Of Child And Families and more power then any agency within the United States of America other then the Secret Service or anything related to "Home Land Security" .

With one single anonymous phone call your life and family can and will be turned upside down and inside out. (Which effects your employement, Your entire Family, and most of all.. Your Children.)

Without any cause, proof, or evidence of any type of wrong doing as a parent in the state Florida DCF can remove your children from you, and your household. (For up to 12 months while the investigation is carried out.).

The true damage is taking place on the children in question who are caught in the middle of bitter divorces, separations, or even sadly as simple domestic disputes as an act of retaliation

DCF is by far the worst offender in the State of Florida; hundreds of children have been needlessly ripped from their parent's arms and placed in foster care as a result of poor and often malignant supervision on the part of that offices directors.

There are many resources these days on the internet on how to "work the Florida legal system" or "use the Florida legal system to gain their illegal objective instead of paying for a lawyer or going the correct way through the court system."

Listed is just a few reasons why one would use and abuse the Florida legal system at the cost of every citizen within Florida.

Visitation or access blocking by one parent
False allegations of abuse or unfit parenting against the Target Parent
Deterioration in the relationship with the child and the Target Parent since marital separation
Exaggerated fear reaction on the part of the child at displeasing the Alienating Parent

Coming from a single Father who has had his parental rights removed by DCF based solely on "hear say" plus bringing light to the media for a severe oversight of the Tampa Police Depart (I am being singled out due to bringing their mistakes to the media. and search "James Robertson Tampa") , plus after a court hearing found Innocent of allegations as minor as calling the child "name" and has a seven year old daughter whom is not able to visit or speak to her father due to DCF not content with the circuit judges verdict and scheduling an emergency hearing based again on the allegations I was cleared of just days prior. I wish and hope for the days legal proceedings and due process.

Listed below is some sites of interest:

Tampa Police Let 15 year old who tries to turn himself in drive away because he did not have a warrant and the vehicle was not reported stolen.

Due to being a caring family member (The victims brother) I have been harassed by Tampa Police and the Hillsborough County Sheriff Department.

Which now has directly caused me to loose 100% parental rights to my daughter of 7 years old.

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Hillsborough Kids Inc Child Welfare Caseworker Logged Visits He Didn't Make

TAMPA - A child welfare caseworker was arrested this morning and charged with 33 counts of falsifying records, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Andrew Joseph, 36, of Riverview, said he conducted face-to-face interviews for Youth and Family Alternatives, a subcontractor providing case management services, according Hillsborough Kids Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Rainey.

Hillsborough Kids is a contractor for the state Department of Children & Families. Youth and Family Alternatives is a subcontractor for Hillsborough Kids, Rainey said.

Joseph falsely claimed that he conducted face-to-face interviews with children and foster parents, FDLE spokeswoman Trina Reddick said.

The investigation was sparked after Youth and Family Alternatives noticed some irregularities, Rainey said.

"As soon as it was discovered, Youth and Family Alternatives immediately notified the DCF inspector general's office," Rainey said.

Joseph, he said, had about 20 cases.

Staff and supervisors from Youth and Family Alternatives, with help from Hillsborough Kids, immediately went to see the clients to ensure that safety was not compromised, Rainey said.

There may be other workers arrested soon, Rainey said.

"We can't tolerate putting children at risk," he said. "We took every measure to ensure that would not happen. There are tons of checks-and-balances in place. This was caught, though it did happen."

Officials from Youth and Family Alternatives did not immediately return a phone call for comment.

Joseph was arrested at his 13716 Gentle Woods Ave. home this morning, Geraghty said.

He was being held at Orient Road Jail. Bail was set at $25,000, according to jail records.