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DoCS NSW Foster Jayden in Refuge Home

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on Sun, 05/13/2012 - 17:22

Hi everyone.

We had a meeting with docs St Marys (NSW) today and we found out what is going on with Jayden, our 10yo autistic son, who has since July 2011, had 5 or 6 foster homes and has now been put in a refuge for teens. Originally this was to be a permanent placement, now its temporary. We also found out that Jayden has been put in this 'home' as its more residential. We've been told that not only is he being moved from St Saviours refuge to some refuge place in Marryong NSW. There has also been a notice put in either an Anglicare newspaper or local newspaper for a foster carer willing to take Jayden in, as if he is an unwanted pet. It turns out although my parents were successfully assessed by Life Without Barriers, to have our 13yo in their care in August 2011, docs used this exact same assessment to fail my parents to take Jayden in.
DoCs refuse to have Jayden assessed for autism and are medicating him with ADHD/ ADD medication which he does not need the foster carers he has been with are unable to 'control' him and hand Jayden back yet Jayden was removed from the school his father and I enrolled him in only for DoCs to move him to another school which he has not moved from the whole time he's been in DoCs care.
I am sick to death of the lies these people get away with. We have been told so many times that Jayden is very settled in his new placement. If you were moved to a new home every 6 weeks (on average), would you be settled? Jayden is very lonely, confused, upset, angry and everytime we see him, he's in torn or dirty clothes, looks like he hasn't bathed in awhile and doesn't involve himself with his brothers in the games and things, like he see them as strangers because that is exactly what they are to him.
If anyone in NSW sees an article in any kind of news type paper, involving Anglicare and fostering a particular 10/11yo boy, please please please let me know. My son does not deserve to be treated like an unwanted pet in a 'Free to good home' type add!!!
Thank you

Star Leigh Jameson