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Corrupt DHS Geelong Stole our Grandchldren

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on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 11:51

We looked after 2 of our grandchildren for 3.5 years, taught them to talk, toilet trained them and started them at kinder and school, where they got good reparts.

DHS Geelong wanted us to take permanent care of them, which we agreed, they were doing the paperwork.

They started to then say we shouldn't have to look after children, we are both 52 so not old and most parents in the area thought we were their actual parents.

They went on a visit to Hamilton where a carer was looking after another sibling. 15 mins before DHS were to pick them up and return the children the carer claimed the grandson had said the grandfather punched him and it hurt.

This stopped them coming home, a decision was made they were not to be returned. One of the claims was that because we live on a rural property and have a few parrots as pets snakes "could" be a problem.

An appeal was made to an acting regional director who did a thorough investigation and then made the decision they were to be returned home.
That was stopped 1 day before they were to be returned, due to a new allegation.

The acting regional director said the original allegation was not made to any DHS person on his free will but had to be promoted to make an allegation,
a DHS psychologist was and we found out she was in fact not a psychologist, a lie.

We have been refused to see these children since Oct 2010, and as far as DHS are concerned we will never see them again, have no phone contact and are not to send cards or presents to them,.

This is a result of each time we have seen the children they have bruises, marks on face, they stutter, and tell us things about their life with this so called DHS carer.

We have sent complaints to the state premier, the prime minister, and minister who handles DHS about the Geelong DHS, in each occasion the answer comes from the Geelong DHS.

We are considered extended family and have no rights to see the children according to DHS, the legal system and the Federal government.

The present federal government said sorry to the stolen generation yet allow the same thing to go on under their watch, and worse.

The media is scared to take on the governments, and the police have no power over this department.

How this government can ban grandparents who looked after these children for years, wanted us to be permanent cares and then effectively ban any form of contact for life is beyond me,
This government is worse than an third world country, any dictator yet tries to fool, the world they stand on high moral grounds.

Another reason we cannot see the grandchildren ever again is DHS persecute anyone who has the nerve to challenge them, and they can do this because they have the backing of the State and Federal governments.

Alan and Helen Paxton

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Hi, thankyou for posting on the site. I had a look at your site, it is great. How are things going for you at the moment with the courts and stuff? I tried to use the contact from on your site but you havent' finished that part yet. Never give up. We are growing in numbers and there is much support for children and parents whose children have been legally kidnapped. Could you post your story here on the site also, and I would like to put it in the newsletter I am about to send. There is also an awesome Luke's Army group on facebook.

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Hi I can e-mail you my story so you can post it. I haven't finished a lot on my site cause of this court crap. It's not going well but me and my partner are still fighting against them. We aren't giving up. I just need support from anywhere as I am at a loss so many people push us away :-( thanks for your support and I'm sorry bout your angel Luke xxxx

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Please do Laura, if there is something I can do I will. You may want to look through the Australian Help for parents dealing with DoCS.

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Laura, you are doing a fantastic job...I went to your site, its great!...I will be in touch,All the best,

All the best, 


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Alan and Helen Paxton. Thank you so much for writing your story. I too am going through similar as a grandmother that took care of a grandchild for nearly five years. I am going to keep on fighting Geelong DHS. Complaints department and Ombudsman. No wonder our system is in turmoil and grandparents and foster careers are backing away when we are treated with so much disrespect after doing everything we can to keep our family unit together. Our laws are an absolute disgrace and I am fed up with Child Protection in Geelong playing God with my grandson,. I too have had many words with them over their treatment but in the long wrong it is my grandson that has been affected and God knows how he will grow up with no respect fir authority after they have let him down so badly. I hope to find a way to beat this and will continue to fight even as soon as Monday because I was ignored over the past two days and no one had the guts to even call me to talk, light and love to you both. Just believe that somehow you will see your grandchildren again,