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Commissioner Bob Atkinson Covering Up for Pedophiles

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on Mon, 04/15/2013 - 14:55
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Commissioner Bob Atkinson Covering Up for Pedophiles

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Is Commissioner Bob Atkinson there in the interests of his pedophile mates? Sign the Petition to Remove Bob Atkinson From the Royal Commission.

The Commissioners: (left to right) Mr Bob Atkinson AO APM, Professor Helen Milroy, Justice Peter McClellan AM (Chair), Justice Jennifer Coate, Mr Robert Fitzgerald AM and Mr Andrew Murray.

On the subject of pedophiles I was molested by a RAAF officer now convicted serial pedophile Graham Charles Wickson at age 13 to 17.  He took over my life after my father died and I eventually joined the army to escape.

Now the trouble started when 4 of us blew the whistle in 2000.  The Queensland police investigation was anything but normal.  I was attacked in my workplace by the BLF was receiving prank phone calls in the middle of the night and so on.  The cops tried all sorts of pathetic excuses to get us to go away but we hung in there. The investigation dragged on and on until we eventually jumped up and down to authorities in Brisbane.  6 long years later they finally convicted him but not before they f***ed my health and my marriage.
It all fell apart at the same time as the trial.  Everyone tells me it's a miracle I'm still her but it's no miracle I'm very affected by the whole ordeal.  Compensation is another joke and another whole saga.  Now in 2011 they announced the DLA piper inquiry and I jumped straight in.  Stonewalls again began to appear.  I was off work ill so started spending some time researching the military cadets.  Bingo, discovered that Senator Eric Abetz who at the time was Parliamentary secretary to minister for defence in the Howard Government had gone into a panic when we blew the whistle.  Because he had been sitting on a report known as the 1996 Brewer report and other allegations of child sexual abuse in military cadets and done nothing.
We are convinced now that it was he who held up and interfered with the Wickson investigation while he got his house in order.  He trashed the cadet system and reorganised it under new corporation and ABN etc.  During the investigation a copper let slip that they had discovered RAAF files been shredded and that Wickson was actually denying he was ever in the RAAF.  We also discovered that Wickson had been quietly removed from the RAAF in 1978 after another cadet made complaints and the police were kept out of it. At that time we were concerned about these revaluation but confused. To throw petrol on the fire it was also revealed that Wickson had strong connections inside the ALP and was a campaign manager for now disgraced MP's Gordon Nuttall and Rasy Hollis.  It all fell into place in 2011 after discovering what Senator Abetz had been up to.
I had to jump up and down just to get DLA Piper to accept my submissions.  Now I know why, the fact is the coverup is still ongoing and the catholic church hype is very much designed to take attention away from the Government and military cadet abuse.  The Government controlled media outlets are all playing their part also by pointing to the catholic church and the Navy claiming it all happened to 15yo boys at HMAS Stirling.  Bullshit it happened to 13yo boys in the Army and RAAF at Government run high schools that's what they don't want you to know and they are victimising me now by trying to frame me up with criminal charges obviously hoping it will push me over the edge before this get's to the Royal Commission or escapes into the public.
I'm under attack from every department and in my workplace when I manage to get to work.  Centrelink starving me for funds, phones tapped and hacked constantly.  I'm compelled to change phones several times a year.  They have stacked the Royal Commission with corrupt cop Bob Atkinson and a feminist family court judge.  Atkinson played an integral part in blocking the Wickson investigation and then running the witch hunt against myself.
Here are a couple of files we found. Look in the first paragraph of the terms of reference in the Cadets the future document. The 1996 Brewer report has been hidden away.  I have had some experts trying to obtain it and the trails all go cold.  We know it was written by a Colonel Brewer from ADFA.  Gotta keep battling no matter what.  These freemasons and Illuminati cannot be allowed to succeeed with this. Spread the word please.
**** of the family **** flesh and blood living soul not a legal or corporate fiction.


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1941 - Formed as the ‘Air Training Corps’ (ATC) - provided pre entry training for air and ground crews to the RAAF during WWII.

In February 1941 the War Cabinet approved the formation of a cadet corps as part of the RAAF Reserve. On this day the name ‘Air Training Corps’ (ATC) was formally adopted and Mr W.A. Robertson was appointed as Director with the rank of Group Captain. The original staff of the Directorate of ATC commenced duty on 11 June and the first ATC Wing came into being on 12 August. Wings had been formed in all States by 1 October. Although staffed by a small nucleus of RAAF personnel, most of the ATC’s instructors were unpaid volunteers. By 31 October 1943, 12 cadets were under training. Although this number declined to 7557 when the Pacific War ended in August 1945, by then just short of 12 former members had gone on to enlist in the RAAF. The Corps would have two objectives, the primary and short term objective was to provide the general education of young men aged between 16 and 18 who desired to eventually join the wartime RAAF. The second, or long-term objective, to come into force after the 1939-45 War, was to encourage young men to increase their knowledge of air matters and in particular the RAAF, instil sense of discipline and provide elementary training in technical matters; thus, even at that stage, a continuing post-war role was seen for the Corps.

1946-1948 - Demobilised and scaled down for post war years - aims changed to peacetime role: Squadrons relegated to Flights.

“Reserve Magazine of December 1949 set out the composition and conditions for the postwar ATC as an ‘air youth movement’, and gave its numbers as ‘at least 3,000’. It stated that cadets were under no obligation to enlist in the RAAF, but preference would be extended to them should they desire to do so.”

1974 - ATC disbanded by Whitlam Labor Government.

1976 - Air Training Corps (AIRTC) raised and reformed by Fraser Coalition Government.

1982 - Girls were admitted.

1989 - The AIRTC’s establishment of both cadets and staff was increased.

1991 - First attempt to create a national organisation on training.

2000 - Topely Review - first sign of enhanced Government support.

2000 - Directorate of Defence Force Cadets (DDFC) formed (Tri Service Policy Support for cadets) $6m Cadet Enhancement Program.

2001 - AIRTC renamed ‘Australian Air Force Cadets’ (AAFC).

Until 2004-2005, eight separate organisations culturally based on state political boundaries.

Identical uniforms, RAAF customs but that’s about all.

No consistency in ground or air training standards or systems.

2005 - AAFC reorganised into operational and functional wings.

April 2005 reorganisation raised three functional wings; Ground Training, Air Training, Logistics Support, with an Office of the Chief of Staff, to provide national policy with command authority.

Traditional operational wings continued Nos. 1-8 Wings based on state boundaries but redirected to provide service delivery and focus,

  • 1 Wing - North Queensland
  • 2 Wing - Queensland
  • 3 Wing - New South Wales
  • 4 Wing - Victoria
  • 5 Wing - Tasmania
  • 6 Wing - South Australia
  • 7 Wing - Western Australia
  • 8 Wing - Northern Territory
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Not surprised, its a effed up world, when the most cruelest act towards children, is swept under the carpet. Bad enough for a child to suffer through this, final insult is when authorites wont even listen. Scumbags!!!!!

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Back in 2004 I told Hetty Johnston about the Amber Alert system and she got it started 6 months later on dec 24, 2004. she had a lot of grief getting it started cuz of Atkinson, he didn't want it, citing it was too costy and too difficult to install, I knew this man was an evil person the moment I laid eyes on his sick evil droopy eyes, the face tells it all.

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George Pell is one of eight cardinals appointed by the new pope on Saturday to reform the Catholic Church. Cardinal Pell will advise the pope on governance and reforms. Pell has told the media that the Church needs better discipline.
really,this man allowed child rape here in Ballarat,he covered it up,moved child raping priests,and for this he gets 'more power',bullshit,he should be burn in hell !'s picture

courtesy of this weeks (16/4/13) Canberra Weekly MAGAZINE (FREE) – Thursday 11 April 2013. - promoting banardos the KIDDIE FACTORY – page 22


Foster carers needed – NOW!

Banardos Australia is calling for more long-term foster carers in Canberra and its surrounding regions, to help care for children in its On Track programa specialised service for children aged 8-14 years requiring long-term care. An information session is being held at the Banardos centre in Downer (2 Atherton Street) on Wednesday 24 April from 6pm to 7pm and Banardos invites anyone who has ever thought about becoming a foster carer to attend.

To become a foster carer through the Banardos On Track Program please call Shannon Bradbury on Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Australia on (02) 6228 9584.

What's the emergency Banardos???

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Former Queensland Attorney general Dean Wells has been called to give evidence at the Carmody inquiry.  The writer stood as a first time independent in the seat of Murrumba against Dean Wells in the February 2001 Qld. General election on a platform of exposing high level coverups of child abuse in Government run institutions garnering almost 20% of the primary vote with preferences going to the Liberal party.  The writer has been the target of an ALP/CFMEU/illuminati sponsored witch hunt ever since. This witch hunt included the 2006 imprisonment of his 8yo daughter who was then subjected to 47 minutes of bullying and torment in a WA police star chamber. 
The failed attempt by corrupt agencies in WA directed by none other than Bob Atkinson to procure criminal charges against the writer culminated in the trashing of the Department of Community Development and Child Protection Squad which were immediately disbanded and morphed into the Department of Child Protection and Child Abuse Squad respectively. A damages action by the writer against the perpetrators for $10,400,000.00 was filed in the WA Supreme Court in 2011 and blocked by a registrar perverting the course of justice.  Recent developments are pointing to what could become the biggest criminal trial/damages action in WA history against not only corrupt police and family services personnel but a number of allegedly corrupt WA judges as well.
The chooks are now coming home to roost.
Click on the link for a Heiner affair update.

Robert Paul of the family Mcjannett
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Go to the story at the link below to read the C.V. of the WAPOL corporation who are presently running another vendetta against myself and my children.  The news story is alarming but still only touches on the extent of the problem which includes (not mentioned in the story) an ingrained culture to pervert the course of justice.
These WAPOL creeps abused my 8yo daughter in a 47 minute terror campaign in May 2006.  Desperate to get some evidence against myself to close down my exposure of among other things, corrupt light rail projects and the ongoing government coverup of sexual abuse offences against State high school miitary cadets in the 1970's , they bullied and harrassed her to the point of a nervous breakdown.  When after 30 minutes of bullying she still refused to tell them what they wanted to hear the lesbian coppers sent her out of the star chamber unsupervised to get more instructions from her vindictive mother.
When they resumed the harrasment for another 17 minutes the terror was only halted after desperate pleas from my daughter to stop and the lesbians realised she was bleeding from the fingers.  First aid was then administered.  Investigations I subsequently carried out discovered serial breaches of the Reciprocal child protection procedures and the Visual recording of interviews with children regulations 2004 by WAPOL and DCD agents. 
Local and international research of child interview procedures also revealed these WAPOL gangsters should have ended the interrogation after no more than 12 minutes. The DCD was subsequently disbanded and morphed into the DCP by the WA Government. That's how they wash away their sins apparently. Complaints to the CCC only ended up with WAPOL conducting their own feeble investigation and issuing an equally feeble apology to myself for their child abuse.
Now 7 years on, the 2006 child interrogation evidence has disappeared from the family court evidence file (breach of section 132 WA Criminal code) and my now 15yo daughter is a psychological disaster and homeless, she is also being drugged by the State apparatus, whilst the WAPOL gangsters are again in cahoots with the vexatious litigant mother attempting to frame me up with criminal allegations in order to cover their own asses and block the multi million dollar Supreme court damages action I instigated against the WAPOL Commissioner and some WA family court officers in 2012.
In 2006 WAPOL officers knowingly assisted the mother whilst manipulating documents to claim a large criminal injuries compensation payout which she was not entitled to after she actually assaulted some aboriginal girls at Whitfords shopping centre.  It appears WAPOL are now holding the compensation carrot in front of the mother again and encouraging more false allegations for their own ends. 
In recent weeks and months WAPOL thugs have openly harrassed my innocent Step son numerous times whom they know would be a central defence witness in any criminal trial they might manage to procure.  Complaints have been flowing to the Corruption and Crime Commission but the gangsters are still at large in our community apparently supported by corrupt judiciary. This latest initiative by WAPOL has also been timed to prevent the writer from giving evidence to the Royal Commission into Child abuse which is tantamount to a breach of section 128 of the WA criminal code attached.  Apparently WAPOL are immune to the criminal code?
Bring on the Judicial Commission of WA it is desperately needed as is a Fitzgerald style inquiry into WAPOL and the DCP.
Click on the link for the media story.

Bill the Bibbulmun Whistleblower
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At the Victorian Parliamentary inquiry into child sex abuse today Cardinal George Pell was asked "Where is the morality in paying the victims of Clerical sex abuse a MERE $75000."
Response 1
Where is the morality in the Queensland Government paying the victims of RAAF serial child sexual abuse a pathetic $12000 and claiming it is the maximum possible payout even when (as was recently discovered) the cadet units themselves were supposed to cease operation between 1972 and 1974 but did not cease, leaving the State Government and Department of Defence demonstrably liable for allowing child sexual abuse to continue unabated?!
Response 2
Where is the morality in a past and sitting Senator covering up for the rape and sexual abuse of State school military cadets whilst with the assistance of corrupt police officers, stalled the police investigation for almost 6 years, shredded RAAF records and frantically rearranged and trashed the military cadet units before morphing them into a new organisation under a different corporate structure?!
Response 3
Where is the morality in a former Queensland police Commissioner orchestrating the victimisation of the central whistleblower, reaching accross State borders in prolonged attempts to destroy him and his family whilst at the same time attempting to shake off and close down the 5 victims/plaintiffs and rescue the RAAF officer who just happened to be connected to high profile ALP ministers?!
Response 4
Where is the morality in the Queensland Police Service and Queensland Government allowing the RAAF serial paedophile at the centre of the complaints to continue to deal with children in the face of the 4 plaintiffs throughout the most part of the prolonged 6 year farcicle investigation and prosecution?!
Response 5
Where is the morality in the Federal Government now insultingly appointing the same former Queensland Police Commissioner to the Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse for obvious purposes of expedience and continuing the historic coverups?!
Response 6
Where is the morality in arranging the further victimisation of the central whistleblower on the eve of submissions to the Royal Commission in order further destroy his health and well being in the hope of preventing submissions to the Royal Commssion exposing the Government coverup of the rape and abuse of 13yo boys in school cadet units?!
The answers are clear?  The criminals are not just in the Catholic Church they are hiding on the benches of parliament in Canberra and in high offices of the State police forces and education departments!!  Shame on politicians and the media for creating the Catholic Church smoke screen to hide the biggest Government coverup of child abuse in Australian history!  Shame on Bravehearts organisation for their deafening silence on the issue throughout the entire 13 year scandal and supporting the offensive appointment of Bob Atkinson to the Royal Commission!
Shame on the CEO of the Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse for recently sending an insulting letter to one of the RAAF child abuse victims.
Stephen Smith!! Stop the whistleblower victimisations and release volume 2 of the DLA Piper report!  Let's finally get to the tuth and some closure for the victims of this festering cess pit of corruption after 13 years of agonising wait since the complaints were first made in 2000!!  Can you see red Mr Smith and Mr Atkinson?  We certainly can. Shame on you both and your corrupt henchmen in the WA police force!!
Robert Paul of the family Mcjannett  
“Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:

- I shall not fear anyone on Earth.
- I shall fear only God.
- I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.
- I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.
- I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.”
---- Mahatma Gandhi

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I feel so raped all over again by the whole lot of them the churches and the government .

Vatican’s representative seeks diplomatic immunity from inquiry

These documents is the Government Lawyer yet this is the same law firm who they protected the abusers of the government institutions. So they want letters from the churches about abuse that happened within the churches, but when taking the department of community welfare through the court system these are the same law firm that defended the state of new south wales Government who protected the childrens home where rape and abuse took place, and stated in a court case of which was mine, the records or log books were either destroyed by fire, flood or misplaced, and thats crap.

The state government won't even hand over records because its too damning for the the state of new south wales government and their childrens homes , just like the catholic church covering up about the paedophile ring that was working out of newcastle and where they were meeting at a certain place in Gateshead of which the house was owned by a priest of which i gave documents of to the royal commission, as i lived at the house when i was a child and was continually made to do sexual acts for these paedophiles that came to the house regularly every weekend, so who f,,,,, is going to make all these paedophiles get charged , cause the church are protecting the paedophiles of the churches and the government are protecting the paedophiles of the government childrens homes.


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Royal Commission should start with NSW Department Attorney General & Justice.

This is the organisation that controls the police in family court matters and practices abuses of power. Nothing will change until they change