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Colin Barnett slashes ex-gratia payments to Forgotten Australians

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on Wed, 04/18/2012 - 14:25

This premier cur, Colin (Colon) Barnett, reneged on the promised ex-gratia payments of $80 000 for victims of institutional child abuse, slashing the compensation to a maximum $45,000.

This premier cur reigns over the richest State government in Australia, and yet the miserable cur saw fit to slash the already miserly ex-gratia payments to an insulting $45 000.

In 2012, Barnett happily donated $400,000 to a lousy cop, because the cop was abused by a mosquito - i.e. bitten by a mosquito! So the message here is if you are a member of the police farce the very same farce which participated in the abuse of Forgotten Australians, then a mosquito bite earns you hundreds of thousands of dollars! What a f***ing massive insult this is to Forgotten Australians in West Australia.

Barnett is a shameless cur - make him accountable for his attack on us. Never forget never forgive - bring him to justice.