Case has been mishandled and I have been ignored throughout

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Just sent this email to Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland.

Dear Mr. Newman,
Congratulations on your win in the state election. It has been a long time coming and I greatly support a Liberal Cabinet. However, I do have a pressing matter which I am at wit's end about and have been for nearly two years now. I have written to every one I could think of, used appropriate channels and protocols for complaints and yet all my letters have fallen on blind eyes. I am hoping you can arrange for someone of greater standing than the last state government to look into this.
I have written to Phil Reeves, former minister for Child Safety on many occasions and yet I have not been taken seriously. I'm hoping that with a new ministerial cabinet this will change. I wrote to Phil Reeves a number of weeks ago as a final email to ask for help and demand justice in the matter regarding my children, which if you look at it, the case has been mishandled and I have been ignored throughout. Here is my previous email to Mr Reeves:
"Dear Mr. Reeves,
I have sent you numerous
emails in the past with no real outcome or effect, but I am hoping that this one last time may be effective.
In my last letter, I spoke about CSOs from Toowoomba North fabricating evidence (and provided
irrefutable evidence of this happening, but to no avail) about myself to make their case look like a stronger one.
My case has been transferred to Toowoomba South, and in that process I have received just
as poor treatment. I disclosed with CSOs last November about the abuse I
suffered at the hands of the mother of my children, however my
disclosures fell on deaf ears. The mother of my children left Toowoomba
for four (4) months at the beginning of this year and travelled to
Sydney, where she stayed with her domestically and sexually abusive
father (I have seen this man commit certain acts, to which I have then
restrained him and thrown him out of his own house). My ex partner
openly described the abuse and torment that her father put her through
when Toowoomba CSOs made their first visit in 2010, and yet even after I
have begged, pleaded and demanded that this person, this child molester
and wife beating monster, be kept away from my children, CSOs have
allowed him access to my children anyway. Their excuse was that this
person has no criminal record and therefore could not have committed
such atrocities. I have been trying to fight hand over fist for the
safety of my children, and yet CSOs from Toowoomba North and South
offices have completely neglected to focus on such safety, even though
the department they work for has a name that is self explanatory. When
the mother of my children was in Sydney (hanging around with members of
my extended family with whom I do not associate due to extensive history
of drug use and criminal behavior) partying and doing drugs (anyone can
see that when she came back, she had been high as a kite the whole
time, not to mention the extreme amount of phone calls I received from
her while she was down there), I kept myself just on the poverty line so
I could stay in Toowoomba and see my children every week. Yet, when she
comes back (after being threatened to lose parental rights) she is
deemed the primary parent. My ex partner never took part in the day to
day care of the children, I did. I spent 3 years protecting my children
from their mother whilst at the same time I cooked, cleaned and took my
partner to her appointments.
I have also just recently found out that
the mother of my children is seeing our children upwards of 6 hours a
week, and some of that is unsupervised. I was promised unsupervised
contacts "soon" about 12 months ago, and yet I am still stuck on 2
hourly visits once a week. CSOs have changed my contact venue due to the
fact that Mercy Family Services workers Karen White and Perry Bowe have
given me a shining report on my contacts and yet gave my ex partner
negative reports (CSO Sarah Fredericks did admit that the Department is
questioning Karen and Perry's credibility and believe they have become
too "emotionally involved" with the case. I assure you this is not the
case at all.). My children enjoyed themselves at MFS contacts. We had a
house to ourselves, a nice big yard, and no one to bother us. At this
new contact centre that has been forced upon me, we have no room to
move, there are at least 5 or 6 other contacts taking place at the same
time, and I have no time with my children.
On top of everything
else, since my ex partner has come back from Sydney, every contact I
have, my 4 year old son says to me "you're not my daddy anymore" and "I
don't love you. You hit me" and words to that likeness. CSO Sarah
Fredericks denied ever witnessing it up until Wednesday Dec 23 2011
where he said all of those things repeatedly right in front of her. She
still claims his mother has nothing to do with it. This is the same crap
she used to get my son to say when he was still at home.
I have had
my rights ignored due to the fact that I am a man and "men can't raise
children", or at least that's the attitude of your department. Everyone
who knows me, and knows my ex partner, all know that I am a much better
choice for my children and they wonder why I haven't been given the
children back yet. I am sick to death of playing scapegoat for your CSOs
just so they don't have to admit to making a mistake. I will take this
higher if nothing is done about it and my complaint will then involve
the ministerial team for Child Safety and their ineffectiveness to
provide a non-genderbiased department that actually is concerned with
the safety of children.
Please do something about this.
Mark Evans "

I hope that the new Liberal Party will look at this with horror and amend the mistakes made by previous ministers and their entourages, and of course the CSOs who have blundered this case from the beginning. I am willing to undertake any questioning and testing relevant to this case to prove myself.
Thank you for your time. I await your reply.
Mark Evans.