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Bruce Wadell is a social worker who works at Dubbo court

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on Fri, 04/27/2012 - 05:24

Bruce Wadell is a social worker who works at Dubbo court and makes Family reports for the Family court.

He is an outright liar who is quite happy to manipulate the court and wreck peoples lives by usurping the course of justice to get his own prefered outcome.

DO NOT allow this person to make your Family report.

If at all possible got to Westmead childrens hospital and try to get Sue Foley.

She is an objective person who tells it how it is.

Emma Mason is an Independant child lawyer in Orange, and an outright liar also.

She is from MasonMia and associates.

DOCS in Parkes has a lady there called 'Barbera', who is an outright liar, and quite possibly makes false reports (somebody rang them pretending to be me, and went off with swearing and abuse, but it wasn't me).

I don't understand why anyone would do this to children and parents, or how they can live with themselves, but I can totally understand why people take over solicitors offices, or the Harbour bridge, or perhaps just kill the bad parent.

Don't trust any cops from Parkes Police or the local area command.

So far, every one of them are liars.

One has been fabricating evidence against me, but I may yet have enough evidence to finish her career.

Good luck to you all.

If you have enough money, just run away with your kid before they get involved.